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    I am thankful for bloodless inquisitions ....

    Genghis wins: Full questions in comment section ...

    1) I am thankful for pleasant memories?

    2) I am thankful my mom knew she couldn't cook and we mostly went out to eat?

    3) I am thankful for innocent childhood diversions?

    4) I am thankful for innocent adult diversions?

    5) I am thankful for working at home (and for the fairer, less hirsute sex)?

    6) I am thankful for moral consistency?

    7) I am thankful that I won't be seeing any more new banks in my neighborhood?

    8) I am thankful for free but fair trade?

    9) I am thankful for good wine, not that I really know what good wine is?

    10) I am thankful for being thankful and recognizing my blessings?

    And i am thankful for dagblog ... Happy Thanksgiving all!




    1) Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Focus on the sound of my typing. OK, now we’re going to go back, way back in time, all the way to your teenage years. That’s right. Relax. Don’t be scared. They can’t hurt you now. OK, now that we’re a teenager again, I’m going to give you a pop culture medium and I want you to tell me the first thing that pops into your mind, perhaps the example that best defines that period in your life or perhaps just something you remember vividly for whatever reason. OK, ready? (Please, just ignore the acne for a moment)

    (My choices in parentheses)

    TV show? (Seinfeld) …

    Movie? (Field of Dreams) …

    Album? (Rattle and Hum) …

    Video game? Toy? (Super Mario Bros.) …

    Book? (The Great Gatsby) …

    Ok, great. Next week, we’ll go back even further.

    TV show: Facts of Life

    Movie: The Breakfast Club

    Album: Go-Gos "Vacation"

    Video game: I'm a girl

    Book: Mists of Avalon

    tv show: gossip girl! Kiss yay!!!!

    movie: TWILIGHT!!!!! CoolCoolCool

    album: justin - futuresex Innocent

    video game: guitar hero Surprised

    book: mean girls KissLaughing

    2) Wait, before we bring you back to the present, one more question: What homemade dish did your mom or dad make that you remember the best??


    3) Speaking of childhood pleasures, do you still play with bubble wrap and are you as pissed as I am that most packages now come with this way un-fun air-filled bag wrapping or even worse, imposter bubble wrap whose bubbles you can’t pop?? What the Ef is that?

    Yes. It's especially fun to walk on. I don't mind the imposter bubble wrap. But I fucking hate the peanuts.

    4) Crossword puzzles or Sudoku? Assuming you’re cool like me and say crosswords, what day for NYT puzzles can you normally complete without Googling? Despite years of practice, I’m sadly just a Wed. guy myself, tho I can usually do 80-plus percent of Thursday’s and actually usually get close on the Sunday magazine one, which is easily my favorite …

    Crosswords, although I have gotten out of the habit. I never did the NYT's, but I could usually get through Friday in the Chicago Tribune and sometimes half of Saturday.

    P.S. Sudoku is pointless.


    5) As you can tell from my pic, I don’t like shaving and avoid it whenever possible. I also find the razor blade arms race to be annoying; I believe the innovation worked for a while, but then it just became overkill. I stopped at the battery-powered three-blade gizmo. What do you use: b) two-blades c) three blades d) four blades e) five blades f) electric razor g) cheap disposable razor h) other (please describe)?

    For our female daggers, from which body parts do you wax/bleach/trim hair on a regular basis (choose all that apply): a) Arms b) armpits c) legs d) upper lip e) butt f) genital region??

    Butt? Really? For me, it depends on the season and the level of company, but in general, legs and underarms and, unfortunately, chin (just tweezing, no shaving).

    Oh yes, sadly, butt hair isn't just a man problem (and yes, i am calling it a problem) ... you'd be surprised at what you find when you look real close and (ahem) deep ... i really blame constant exposure to Playboy at a young age for my hair mortification issue

    I blame Top Gun for mine. Specifically, the beach volleyball scene. Even more specifically, Val Kilmer in the beach volleyball scene.

    Swiss Army Knife

    Butt & genitals. Oh wait, was that question for me?

    I'm a Norelco man--three blades. As for innovations, I did notice a big improvement when they introduced flexible blades that conform to your face.

    6) Do you think that somebody who has sex or gets involved with someone who they know is in another relationship and having an illicit affair has a right to expect fidelity from their own partners? I believe that even if you aren’t the cheating one, by enabling an affair, you are on some level condoning the behavior.

    Well, everybody makes mistakes, right? So, if a single someone has sex with a non-single someone, but then stops the illicit affair and gets non-single and doesn't cheat, then yes, they have the right to expect fidelity.

    7) I believe I’ve found the key to spotting market bubbles: Track which industries are suddenly able to afford outrageous rent costs. When I was in San Francisco in the late nineties, every new office space was being gobbled up by dot-coms. In New York, every time a store or restaurant closed in my neighborhood the last couple of years, a bank took its place. By that measure, what do you think the next bubble will be? (I say either pawn shops or sushi joints.)

    I don't know what it will be, but I can tell you what I want it to be: Day spas. Then, when the bubble bursts, their prices will fall and I will be able to afford regular massages and pedicures.

    oooh, good one o. i love me some massages. never had a pedicure, tho i surely need one.  Laughing

    Easy one: wine bars.

    PS Pawn shops? What's going on in your hood? Besides, with the recession, pawn shops have a lot of growth ahead of them.

    8) I love to play a couple of Facebook games, like Who Has the Biggest Brain or Geo Challenge, which keep track of everybody’s scores. Yet while I can beat many if not all of my friends (mostly because i get obsessive), it seems like ALL of the top scores are filled by foreign users (many with Middle Eastern/Israeli-sounding names), and the scores are not even close to the ones I’m getting. Many in the message boards accuse the foreigners of cheating … Are foreigners less honest than Americans or just way smarter?

    Sometimes both.

    I played Geo Tracker today, because I have always loved geography. Now I'm hooked. And just when I was shopping around for another way to procrastinate. Thanks.

    You must try Geo Challenge, by playfish, on facebook. It is seriously addictive (like all of playfish's other games). but it's also seriously effective in imparting geographic information - I now think I can recgonize the flag of almost every single country in this nation, which is admittedly a skill of limited use.

    but still, after my experiences with who has the biggest brain and now geo challenge, i am utterly convinced that games are the best way to teach children things, at least with certain types of knowledge (tho i think the potential subjects where games could be helpful probably is quite large).

    I meant Geo Challenge. I just got the name wrong. The flag thing is cool. Those are hard to remember. Now I know forever that Lebanon has a tree!

    9) I enjoy wine, but the whole wine fetish crowd tends to annoy me. The seemingly arbitrary pricing, the detailed etiquette of choosing which wine with what food, of using the right glass with the right wine, the elaborate process of tasting the wine and holding the glass correctly, the goofy adjectives they use to describe the wine. Do you believe there’s a real science to wine connoisseurship or it’s just a bunch of pretentious hokum?

    Again, both. I've never taken the time to learn much about wine, but when I've had the opportunity to taste a really good one, I can tell. That said, all that sniffing and swirling and spitting seems a bit much. Just drink the damn stuff.

    I usually choose the quirkiest label.

    Ha! I've definitely done that. I also tend to choose the wine (at restaurants, especially) that's one above the lowest-cost one.

    10) What are you most thankful for this year?

    BARACK OBAMA! (That was easy.)

    Orlando swinging Indiana. Wink

    Just as long as it's not Orlando swinging in Indiana.

    Don't they have lethal injection?

    TV show? (Star Trek)

    Movie? (The Graduate)

    Album? (Switched-On Bach)

    Video game? (Too early)

    Book? (Tom Jones)

    switched on bach. that's an interesting one.

    so the graduate was in the sixities, so i guess arcade game wouldn't work either? I'm trying to think a better subject - how about toy? you know what, i'm going to change the question to say toy - its more inclusive for women and our more experienced readers!

    Nice Geico reference. We had arcade games, but they generally had little steel balls bouncing off flippers and bumpers, and pictures of cowboys, pool hustlers and saloon girls. Lego is all the rage now, but I enjoyed Tinkertoy.

    My wife

    TV show? (Leave It To Beaver)

    Movie? (Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice)

    Album? (Sgt Pepper)

    Game? (Pickup Sticks)

    Book? (Nancy Drew)

    Tom Jones? How old are you?

    PS One of my favs, but I didn't read it until college.


    I was a fan of Tom Jones (the Welsh Elvis), but I'm not sure if that's why I started the book. In any case, I couldn't put it down.

    TV show: Cosby Show

    Movie: The Breakfast Club

    Album: Talking Heads - Little Creatures

    Video game: Leisure Suit Larry

    Book: John Irving - The World According To Garp

    Hah, I used to play LSL with my stepson - the one where he takes the cruise and gets smushed by Big Mama.

    I loved leisure suit larry (it was the grand theft auto of the day) with that explorable universe and M-rated content. i loved all the sierra quest games - king's quest, police quest, i think there were one or two more im forgetting ... but LSL was great because it was raunchy!!

    My mom loved Garp, so I tried to read it when I grew up. I couldn't get into it before it was due back at the library. I tried the read Hotel New Hampshire too and had the same problem. The only Irving book I've made it all the way through was Widow for One Year. But it was amazing.

    Try Garp again. It's easily his best imo. Its treatment of militant feminism is also interesting, if dated and highly critical.

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