Provocative questions for the dagblog audience

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    Deadman: A quick reintroduction and quicker lament

    Wow. This is dagblog, huh? I don't even recognize the place. Readership is flourishing, the pace of posts is snowballing. Frightening dagger logo be damned, it even looks like an official bloggy thingy now.

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    Questions: The Wedding Edition

    Oh man. I used to love weddings. I really did. I thought they were fun affairs where you got to see family and friends, drink and dance, and just have a good ole time. Plus, when I was single, I almost always got lucky at weddings - something in the air lends itself to sex and romance I guess.

    So i always thought I wanted a big wedding because then it's all the good things about weddings but you're the center of attention and getting all the gifts!! What's not to love?

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    Questions: The Regrets Edition (Part I)

    In a post long ago, I talked about regrets and how I view them as a natural part of the examined life, something to be embraced, not feared. A person who claims he has no regrets is either a magnificent liar or an unreflective fool.

    You can learn a lot from your regrets, and the only goal should be to minimize their occurrence as you grow older.

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    Questions: The Concert Edition (Encore!! Encore!!)

    A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Regina Spektor perform at the Beacon Theater in NYC's Upper West Side, courtesy of a gift from the soon-to-be-Mrs. Deadman.

    What a disappointment.

    I really like Ms. Spektor, could listen to her breakthrough album 'Begin to Hope' over and over again. But her live performance was uninspired and pretty boring, to be frank. Spektor just wasn't connecting to the audience and it really put a damper on the evening.

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    Questions: The Michael Jackson Edition

    Michael Jackson dead?? That's what the LA Times and AP are reporting, anyway (CNN hasn't yet confirmed). Unbelievable.

    Earlier today, my brother was bemoaning Farrah Fawcett's death, trying to come to grips with the loss of his most common inspiration for those special, intimate teenage moments. (I kind of remember Charlie's Angels and thinking of Farrah as a sexy broad, but she was a bit before my prime mastubatory years).

    Michael Jackson, however, was kind of like my Beatles. So I'm in shock, and surprisingly sad to learn of his premature death.

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    Questions: The Cosmo Compatibility Edition

    It's been a long time since I've written a Questions column, but now that we have so many new contributors and commenters, I think it's about time we get to know each other a bit better.

    Alas, now that online poker has sapped my soul and absconded with my muse to a faraway island, I am forced to look to Cosmo magazine for inspiration.

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    Questions: Stimulate Me

    OK, so Obama's tough talking apparently worked.

    The administration got three moderate Republican senators to agree to support the stimulus package and prevent a filibuster. In return, some $100 billion in spending from the package was removed while some Republican proposals for tax cuts and credits were adopted (most notably a $15,000 credit for homebuyers).

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    Questions: The Inaugural Edition

    OK, so I didnt find a way to scrounge up an Inauguration ticket. I'm certainly not going to spend one of the most beautiful and meaningful weeks in recent memory being bitter. At least A-man and the Big O are making me feel like I'm there with their insanely comprehensive coverage (although how about a little more multimedia please!). In the meantime, as my own little contribution to the week's festivities, I hereby offer up a special Inauguration version of my Questions column. Now these are no fun without reader participation, so you need to contribute by answering!

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    Questions: Bringing the Funny

    So earlier this week, we discovered that several daggers - perhaps even a majority - do not believe Curb Your Enthusiasm is funny. One of my co-bloggers was perhaps the most strident of the Curb-haters, calling the show 'an atrocity' and Larry David the 'least funny on-screen performer ever given a screen on which to perform.' This made Mortimus mad, and trust me, you won't like Mortimus when he's angry (I've put the big green guy on tilt at poker several times and barely survived to tell the tale).

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    Questions: The Happening Edition

    Just got done watching The Happening, written, directed and produced by M. Night Shyamalan, and felt the need to do a question column on it. Yes, they are mostly rhetorical.

    1) The

    2) Absolute

    3) Worst

    4) Major

    5) Motion

    6) Picture

    7) In the

    8) History of

    9) American

    10) Filmmaking

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    Questions roasting on an open-source blog...

    Questions: The Happy Holidays Edition

    1) Christmas Songs

    2) Christmas Lights

    3) Best gift

    4) Come, Sit on My Lap

    5) No, really, come sit on my lap

    6) The Ball or The Parade

    7) New Year's Resolution

    8) Prediction Time

    And because I'm out of holiday questions, a couple lingering non-thematic questions

    9) Tipping

    10) Pigeons

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    Questions: The Ipod Shuffle Edition ...

    Partly inspired by Prophet and his ongoing top 10 albums of 2008 series, and partly because I'm otherwise uninspired, I've decided to take a different tact for this week's questions: I am going to press shuffle on my IPod Nano and create a question somehow related to each of the first 10 songs that come up. I will also be giving some very quick commentary on the songs.

    I am uncertain how well this process will lend itself to thought-provoking questions, and I will certainly be risking great personal embarrassment by exposing my music collection to the dagworld at large.

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    Questions: The Home Edition

    Since I'm home for the Thanksgiving weekend, I figured I'd compose a bunch of questions relating to childhood and hometowns. Many of these assume you have parents who are still alive and a 'normal' upbringing (you know, nuclear family and all), so please accept my apologies if this isn't the case and feel free to adjust the question if at all possible (by going back in time or thinking about your own children perhaps) to fit your situation.

    1. You are getting sleepy?

    2. First crush?

    3. Regress much?

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    Burning Questions

    Not to steal any of the Dead One's thunder, but I'm going to do my own thing here with some questions that are on my mind.  There won't be ten of them, but rather the exact number that are on my mind at the time.  I also don't expect any answers.  Consider them rhetorical if you wish or offer your thoughts.  It's up to you.  Here goes.

    Why can't Barack Obama close the deal?

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    I am thankful for bloodless inquisitions ....

    Genghis wins: Full questions in comment section ...

    1) I am thankful for pleasant memories?

    2) I am thankful my mom knew she couldn't cook and we mostly went out to eat?

    3) I am thankful for innocent childhood diversions?

    4) I am thankful for innocent adult diversions?

    5) I am thankful for working at home (and for the fairer, less hirsute sex)?

    6) I am thankful for moral consistency?

    7) I am thankful that I won't be seeing any more new banks in my neighborhood?

    8) I am thankful for free but fair trade?

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    Why is this question column different than all other question columns ...

    Because on this question column, we try out Genghis's proposed suggestion to write the full questions in the comments section to make it even easier for you to answer them ... Also, I was eating bitter herbs while I wrote this ... Man-eesh Ta-Na ...

    1) NHL Hockey?

    2) Bobbleheads?

    3) New Music?

    4) Tivo additions?

    5) Laundromats?

    6) Shopping?

    7) Avant-garde parenting?

    8) Corporal punishment?

    9) Sterilization?

    10) Liberal arts education?

    Bonus Qs) Column? New Format?

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    Some quick questions ...

    Do conservatives read liberal blogs (I suppose this one qualifies) with as much disdain and condescension as I feel when I read right-wing blogs ( makes me wanna throw things every time I read it). For some reason, I feel like even the most liberal of blogs at least acknowledge the other side may have something of value to offer.

    What is Genghis (not to mention SarahPalinGrrrrl) going to talk about after Nov. 4 (OK, I'll give them a week of post-game analysis posts, but what then)??


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