African Diaspora series?

    A group is doing a Kickstarter for a crime series on the African Diaspora. I'm curious how folks think, whether an exploitive piece on Africans, a voyeuristic fearmongering piece on violence, refugee porn that takes off where Syrian & Libyan refugees stop, or a needed sociology study/angle on an interesting demographic. Benghazi moves to Ferguson or your weekly "The Good Lie"  movie spinoff?

    Anyone have thoughts on this?


    My gut reaction is along the exploitive line but it might have societal value as a worthy subject. But isn't there enough True Crime material around?

    In any case, the process is fascinating.  

    Peracles, just wondering how you came across this project and if you have participated in any kickstart campaigns. Is this something you're thinking about contributing to?

    I *almost* met someone thru a cancelled Airbnb rental. My Kick-starts are all techie geekie stuff, not films and such. There was an interesting film the Good Lie about Sudanese refugees who escape the war to end up in America, but this effort seems a bizarre twist, or maybe it's an important insight into stories we don't notice. With refugees pouring into Europe it's a time to not be naive but not be too harsh and cold-hearted.

    Is this to be a series about relocated Africans committing crimes and what leads them to it? If so, and if the focus is on their heritage, why does that make a specific difference? Perhaps that's the point. I don't get the point beyond perhaps a weak attempt to show a demographic relevance. Why Africans?

    Too many questions. If you're involved, good luck. Otherwise, move on.

    I'm not involved, happened to get an announcement

    I should have made clear this is for the Investigation Discovery Channel, where everything's a horrid murder to be solved & analyzed, so it'd be something like "just one more" in the lineup but with a slightly different M.O./demographic to break up the monotony.

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