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    AOC, Omar Vote with GOP to Protect Trump Powers

    The Democrat Purity Angels who joined with the unanimous Republican rejection of the Bill which passed, on the votes of Democrats alone.

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    • McAdams
    • Ocasio-Cortez
    • Omar
    • Peterson
    • Pressley
    • Tlaib


    The Bill which passed the House would repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) which the Trump administration could use to start a war with Iran.

    It blocks funding to leave the Paris Climate Accords.

    It blocks the sale or transfer of nuclear technology and advanced weapons to Saudi Arabia and it funds many federal programs the Trump administration seeks to end.

    The Bill also has a provision that would extend the Community Mental Health Services demonstration through 2021. The program, which expands access to treatment of mental illnesses and substance use disorders through community-based clinics, the funding is set to expire this month. It would also preserve asset protections for the spouses of Medicaid beneficiaries who receive long term care benefits



    Have you seen anything explaining WTF those Dem nays were even about? I haven't yet!

    I found this on the bill itself, with a few more goodies listed than yours:

    Democrats take aim at Trump policies by passing $1T spending package @

    I'm not passing judgment one way or another until I see more on it. It's a known trick that sometimes when the a Whip knows they got enough votes,especially on a big complex one like this, they let a few quietly vote against party line if there's something in it that causes trouble for them. As in: just to keep a campaign promise to constituents about something in the bill that they said they would never vote for.

    $50 million for CDC research on gun violence, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence pleased:

    Dem Rep Ami Bera, M.D.,  of Sacramento County, CA, crowing about his vote to constituents (wikipedia says he had tough races in 2014 and 2016):

    AOC voted not to reopen the government in 1/2019, with the GOP,  because she felt ICE should be eliminated:

    from link:

    "We didn’t vote with the party because one of the spending bills included ICE funding, and our community felt strongly about not funding that.”

    Don't know if that is still her position, it plays right into Trump's "Democrats want open borders to let rapists and muderers into your neighborhood to kill you". She makes Bernie seem like a practical middle of the road politician.

    Well that sorta does sound like a deal to let her vote that way because they knew they had the votes. Though I don't really buy that her district is all up in arms about ICE (and it is right next to mine) but it's entirely possible she might have promised that to some crucial new support, such as people that normally don't vote in primaries....which is basically how she got in-GOTV of those that don't normally vote--normally the Dem machine guy gets reelected no problemo...

    don't know enough about the rest

    Edit to add: I guess one does have to keep in mind that this bill in the end is a symbolic vote for all lof them, given the Senate situation...Don't misunderstand, I hate the ravages of purity police just as much as you do. Just trying to figure out what's going on here. If you hadn't pointed this out, we wouldn't have noticed!

    Maybe her community cares greatly about pulling immigrant/refugee kids from their parents and putting them in concentration camps.

    I don't doubt the value of police, but as long as they keep attacking civilians - largely black - in atrocious ways, I'd back a bill to disband them and start some new approach - perhaps one not based on leftover Iraq War weapons and accessories this time. And they'd call me weak on crime, I guess for not seeing the necessity of banging a black guy's head into the ground with other cops looking on, or tasing a 13-year-old for acting scared.

    There are over 15,000 separate and distinct police departments in the US. Obama had a DOJ program to work with departments across the nation with civil rights violation issues. Trump ended it.

    Purity posturing (disband border enforcement, get rid of police) gets nothing done but helps the GOP enrage and fire up low information and racist voters.

    It was pretty goddam quiet under No Drama Obama - #TakeAKnee started under him. Purity towards police says if you can't do your motherfucking jobs without a weekly scandal terrorizing and torturing normal people, we're coming for your fucking jobs and will find a real way to "serve and protect". Goons with guns is a PR disaster the police have created, and they're always fucking defending themselves no matter how badly they fuck up. Hard to name another field where you can show up at the wrong apartment, kill an unarmed person, and have your boss defend you.

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