[COVID & Vaccines] it ain't over til it's over


    Thinking that what ails many "supply chain" issues will be over soon? Think some more:


    — Eric Yeung (@KingKong9888) March 13, 2022

    Isn't Shenzhen a big electronics manufacturing city or am I incorrect in thinking that?

    — yc23 (@yc238) March 13, 2022

    “Due to the city being a leading global technology hub, Shenzhen has been dubbed by media China's Silicon Valley. The city's entrepreneurial, innovative, and competitive-based culture has resulted in the city being home to numerous small-time manufacturers or software companies.”

    — Eric Yeung (@KingKong9888) March 13, 2022

    Axios' chief Economics correspondent says the above is not hyperbole > the Shenzhen covid lockdown is going to have very bad economic effects on us:

    We're currently living in the brief moment between when Finance/Econ Twitter has realized that the new Covid lockdowns in Shenzhen are going to have hugely bad consequences for US inflation, but that has not yet become a widely-reported conventional wisdom.

    — Neil Irwin (@Neil_Irwin) March 14, 2022

    (To be clear, I agree with the finance/econ Twitter consensus that this is very bad news and at the worst possible time).

    — Neil Irwin (@Neil_Irwin) March 14, 2022

    best to get em now, they may be getting real expensive soon -

    Yglesias retweeting new U.S. info.:



    AGAIN, WARNING FROM THE WHITE HOUSE: soon you will have to pay because Congress would not fund us:

    Opinion on that problem from Eric Boehm at Reason:

    On Polio in Ukraine:

    Could be Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse time, you never know....

    they have Long Covid anecdotals in Kenya, indeed they do:

    the senior demographer at Pew Research:


    Speaking of women's health (oh wait...)

    Thread continues...

    Could new COVID BA.2 variant ignite another wave as cases jump 36% in New York? What to know

    David RobinsonMike Stucka  New York State Team at lohud.com, March 21, 12:34 pm

    New COVID-19 cases leaped 36% in New York in the week ending Sunday amid rising concerns about a new COVID variant spreading more quickly in the Northeast and West than other parts of the U.S.

    In New York, a total of 15,412 new COVID cases were reported last week, up from 11,323 new cases the prior week. A growing share of the infections are being caused by the new BA.2 variant, which is expected to soon become the dominant COVID strain across the country. 

    In New York, BA.2 made up nearly 39% of cases the week ending March 12, up from about 13% on Feb. 26, the latest state data show. It is a different version of the omicron strain responsible for the most recent winter surge. 

    While the tally of COVID cases in New York remained well below its winter-surge peak — which hit 90,000 cases in one day in early January — authorities are closely watching the recent uptick in infections after BA.2 triggered new surges in some European countries [....]

    So the White House kept screaming that Congress hasn't funded them for this and nobody did anything and now we are going to have this situation:

    Hah, M.D.'s finally learn what it was like to be their patients all those years when they would lie to us, supposedly for "our own good":

    In 25 years of medical practice, I've never heard so many physicians casually mention in conversation how they no longer trust NIH, CDC, or FDA.

    If that's not a wake up call, I don't know what is.

    — Steven Phillips, MD (@StevePhillipsMD) March 27, 2022


    suggestion for Americans to not only to get your second booster now but ALSO to use one of the other vaccines than your original shots for this second booster!



     this tweet is currently getting like a thousand likes every 30 seconds

    Someone in gov we can still trust. I have most of my money in T-bonds as well 

    A 45-year-old Kansas mayor needs a pacemaker after a long-haul covid fight: ‘I thought I was going to beat it’, after 3 hospitalizations in 8 months. #LongCovid is real. #CovidIsNotOver https://t.co/60m0d5Ri2s

    — Eric Feigl-Ding (@DrEricDing) April 19, 2022

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