Democrats try to shed 'defund the police' label (in time for mid-terms), let's track how they do

    Long article basically summing up my last thread on topic (started 12/18/21, only 1 3/4 months ago)

    Biden turns his focus to gun violence as Democrats try to shed 'defund the police' label

    By Maegan Vazquez, Peter Nickeas, Evan Perez and Priya Krishnakumar @, Updated 6:16 PM ET, Thu February 3, 2022

    And here's Joe's own words (of course with speechwriter input. Note especially how he leaves out the words "black lives matter" and doesn't mention Geo. Floyd, but mentions dead police officers first.

    In Opinion: President Biden writes on gun violence amid new U.S. anti-crime plan, announced during NYC visit

    By JOE BIDEN @ NEW YORK DAILY NEWS | FEB 03, 2022 AT 8:23 PM

    In the past week, New York City has paid tribute to two of its Finest, Detectives Wilbert Mora and Jason Rivera. They represented who and what we want law enforcement to be: brave, idealistic and deeply committed to service. Their bright futures were cut short by a man with a stolen gun and a 40-round drum magazine.

    Six NYPD officers have been victims of gun violence so far this year. Nationally, 64 children have been injured by gun violence already this year; 26 children killed. Every day in this country, 316 people are shot; 106 killed.

    It’s time for all of us to say: enough. There are steps we can take to turn pain into purpose, and that is what I was in New York Thursday to announce.

    Mayor Adams and I agree: The solution is not to defund our police, it’s to give them the tools, training and funding to be the partners and protectors our communities need. The answer is not to abandon our streets. It’s for police and the community to come together to make them safer through policing that treats everyone with dignity and respect.

    That’s why I’ve called on Congress to pass a budget later this month that provides cities an additional $300 million for community policing. We need more police on the street, walking the beat and making communities safer.

    I’ve also asked Congress to provide $200 million for community violence intervention programs like the one I visited in Queens, where trusted community members work directly with the people most likely to commit or become victims of gun crimes. These programs can reduce violence by up to 60%.

    That’s a half-billion dollars for proven strategies we know will reduce violent crime. That, along with the increased funding I’ve requested for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the U.S. Marshals, is essential to my comprehensive, nationwide strategy to prevent gun crime.

    First, we’re cracking down on the flow of firearms used to commit violence. That means going after rogue gun dealers who illegally sell to criminals. We’re also sending additional prosecutorial resources to shut down the so-called “iron pipeline” that brings guns from other states into New York City. Gov. Hochul has created an interstate, interagency task force to stem the flow of illegal guns. Efforts like this will make a big difference.

    We’re also going after people who use “ghost guns” to commit crimes. These are the guns that can be assembled from a kit, but can’t be traced when they’re used in a crime because they don’t have serial numbers. So we’re launching an intensified national ghost guns enforcement initiative to deter criminals from using those weapons to cover their tracks. If someone commits a crime with a ghost gun, not only will state and local prosecutors come after them, they should expect federal charges and prosecution.

     Second, we’re funding smart law enforcement and gun crime prevention efforts. New York City has identified a few hundred individuals in a city of 8.8 million who are repeatedly involved in gun violence. Every weekday, the city brings together federal, state and local law enforcement sharing intelligence so that we can get these shooters off the street. I visited a meeting of this “Gun Violence Strategic Partnership” during my trip and saw how effective it is when everyone is working together against gun violence. The U.S. Department of Justice is going to help more cities adopt the same model.

    Third, we’re investing in community violence intervention and prevention strategies that work, like violence interrupters, summer and after-school programs for teens, jobs for young adults (as the saying goes, “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”), school counselors and nurses, and mental health and substance abuse treatment.

    Fourth, when someone finishes their time in prison, we can’t just hand them $25 and a bus ticket. We need to ensure they can access job training, stable housing and a second chance at a better life.

    I will keep doing everything in my power to make our communities safer, but Congress also needs to do its part. Pass universal background checks. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Close loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, and repeal the liability shield for gun manufacturers, because there’s no reason that they should be the only industry in America that’s exempt from being sued. These are all common-sense steps that will save lives.

    We can never bring back those we’ve lost. But we can come together to fulfill the first responsibility of our government and our democracy: to keep each other safe. I am committed to working with the people and leaders of New York to do just that.

    Biden is president of the United States.

    Left unsaid but I bet in the back of his mind: someone has to tell Cori Bush and her like-thinking friends to STFU. (Maybe Kamala can do it?) 


      Cori Bush, 2 hrs. ago, not going to shut up. Biden's meme: 316 people are shot every day, 106 of them to death; this year so far 24 kids have been killed and 64 injured due to gun violence. It's of highest import to Cori, though, that Congress address two deaths, one in 2020 and one in 2022, because to her loony logic those two deaths are not outliers but implicate the whole system! Furthermore she thinks a Senate bill would in the interim would have saved the second life:

      2020: Breonna Taylor was murdered by police during a no-knock warrant.

      2022: Amir Locke was murdered by police during a no-knock warrant.

      In the two years in between? The Senate didn’t even bring the bill to ban no-knock warrants to a vote.

      The whole system is guilty.

      — Cori Bush (@CoriBush) February 4, 2022

      Black lives really don't matter to her, what matters is a loony, distorted narrative about justice based on outlier incidents.

      This is probably going off on a tangent, artappraiser, but I thought of you when I saw this.

      Any national Dems got the guts to do the Sister Souljah thing?

      I thought Democrats didn’t believe in this yet Rep. Cori Bush isn't backing down on "defund the police" slogan.

      — Tim Burchett (@timburchett) February 9, 2022


      I see Josh Hawley for one is betting no national Dems have the guts to publicly disavow her:

      Democrats continue their disastrous campaign to defund the police even as violent crime skyrockets. This is the most pro-crime, pro-criminal administration in American history

      — Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) February 9, 2022

      and Fox News:

      This account's Twitter page self-describes as "Excessively Black. No time for your bullshit." Some of the 10,000+ followers: Joy Reid, Bill Scher, Driftglass, Richard W. Painter

      He pegs it:


      OK, I'm seeing schizophrenic reactions to L.A. getting ready to host the Superbowl. 

      There's lots of this kind of defund-police-style bitchin'

      And then there's the supposedly evil neo-lib school of thought where the LAPD is making sure it's all safe and cleaned up for all the tourists to spend at minority-owned mom-and-pops which will help to make up for all the recent bad times

      Can you say "capitalize" boys and girls?

      Or should they send everyone home with stories about what a hellhole L.A. has become?


      With Dems like this who needs frenemies?


      This young woman is my State Senator. She won that job in 2019 basically being an AOC imitator, at 32 she primaried and upseated a powerful incumbent of 14 years. She calls herself a "progressive" and has supported the "Defund" movement and bashed police in the past. 

      She apparently is bored with that job already and wants to be a member of The Squad in the U.S. House? So she is now running for the House seat being vacated by a guy running for governor. But that district is gerrymandered to include a middle class balance of Dems, not elite wealthy "progressives" + Spanish-speaking working class like AOC's.

       He says it well

      One of her Democratic primary opponents claimed Biaggi is too far-left for the district.

      “Long Island Democrats don’t have the appetite for a Defund the Police extremist like Senator Biaggi,” said Max Kramer, a spokesman for candidate Joshua Lafazan, a Nassau County legislator.

      “We need a nominee who can hold this seat and help keep the Democratic majority in the House to deliver on Democratic proposals, like finally removing the cap on SALT, delivering quality affordable health care, and addressing the climate crisis. Senator Biaggi is too extreme to be that candidate.”

      If she somehow wins the primary, by lack of voting or whatever, she will lose the seat to the GOP, nearly guaranteed, no matter what she says now to erase her past, the oppo will dig it up and throw it in her face. Long Island and Westchester people want police, are pro-police, to curb urban crime lest it start infiltrating their suburban areas more and more.

      I've said it before - AOC is unique among the Squad - she understands hard work, being clever, backing down as needed and compromise. She may make mistakes, but she seems to push useful things with some strategy. (Maybe not "refund", not sure how she's approached, tho prolly not good)

      Meanwhile, some conservative GOP continue to pretend they fund police actions when they really aren't doing anything of the kind:

      Thom Ricks spent a whole career learning who really does "support the troops" and who doesn't.

      They Wanted to Roll Back Tough-on-Crime Policies. Then Violent Crime Surged.

      With violent crime rates rising and elections looming, progressive prosecutors are facing resistance to their plans to roll back stricter crime policies of the 1990s.

      By Astead W. Herndon @ NYTimes. com, Feb. 18


      In his tweet of the article, he says:


      the tweets go on and on, it's very viral...

      Black Lives Matter's last 3 tweets were

      this pinned to the top

      and these two retweets:

      (when things aren't looking so good in your neck of the woods as far as making villains, you can always count on Israel?)

      So far the meme is not getting through to these two people:

      Will has 20K+ followers, Jess 5,700+

      (Black-skinned) D.C. Council member Kenyan R. McDuffie (D-Ward 5), saying “we must double down on our efforts” to find violent criminals “and keep them off our streets" and that “The entirety of our government, not just the police, must work together to ensure public safety and address the root causes of violent crime” and that “no family and no community should ever witness this type of horrific violence.” The letter also says he knows what crime like this can do to black families, as he grew up in D.C. during its most violent period. He represents the area where this shooting occurred but is relinquishing his seat and is running for D.C. attorney general. If successful, he would take over prosecuting juvenile crimes and some gun offenses

      A tragic shooting occurred earlier today involving an adult male victim who was accompanied by two children. The victim has been pronounced dead. The two children were not physically injured.

      — CM McDuffie's Office (@CM_McDuffie) March 4, 2022

      Info. on McDuffie from March 4 article on the shooting at Obviously, he is a Democrat from a city with a minority population who really believes black lives matter, and that what should be prioritized along those lines is not about hunting for abusive police officers, nor about hating police, but fighting crime.

      Don't know where to put this. The "death on the beach in Florida" lawyer is running for Atty. General of Florida, should be interesting:

      Social work, already been doing it, included in their budget:

      their Twitter account was started in 2015 btw

      ^ Are there 240,000 shootings per year in NYC involving domestic abuse and police officers? NOPE.

      Also: who invented phone #311 so that NYC residents could at least attempt to access the full bureaucracy for which they pay? why, it was Michael Bloomberg, not part of the Democratic machine...

      The miracle was real, I lived it and so did lots of other New Yorkers

      “Miserably failed to keep us safe”

      — Rafael A. Mangual (@Rafa_Mangual) March 30, 2022

      Eventually became the safest big city in the country, safer than lots of small cities as well.

       I care out outcomes and Tiffany Caban is the one that doesn't, she is either a straight-out liar or incredibly stupid

      New York City and Chicago haven't had the highest murder rate for years. Their population is huge so it numerically large but by population it's lower than many others.

      not the meme you want going around as a replacement, either:

      Republicans love this:

      And she's like 100 years old, still mixing it up with the people out on the streets. Sure, play gotchal as she's trying to get things done. I guess Ted Cruz didn't make no embarrassing soundbites in Cancun 


      Another pressing symbolic change (see actual bill)

      Clearly, NYC not buying the Progressive ideology on crime. (More bluntly - come up with one good reason you can't start all your 'root causes' experiments AFTER you lock them up.)

      I do highly suspect California is in for a red wave, it's not like it's never happened before

      Too late for Kenosha - they just elected their first Republican mayor in decades

      'The Red Wave Has Started': #Kenosha Elects Republican Leader for First Time in Decades

      Folks are fed up with violence. The biggest victims of all this violence are poor folks. They watched helplessly as their businesses and communities were burned.

      — judy morris (@judymorris3) April 8, 2022

      I am not at all surprised, I actually would have been very surprised by any other result. If all of Wisconsin doesn't vote GOP in Nov., that is when I will be surprised.

      What "BLM" has wrought on this nation isn't finished. People in small cities won't forget what those leftist elites encouraged in 2020 during one of the most stressful pandemics the world has ever seen. Heck, many of them went out and bought the first guns of their don't forget that kind of fear.

      He's got a great point about a conundrum for the Democratic party:

      The #1 issue for Black American voters in Eric Adams' New York City was public safety. But you can't have public safety and also equity, because Black Americans commit 36 percent of serious violent crimes. In order to prosecute "equitably," you make cities more unsafe for all.

      — Kenny Xu (@kennymxu) April 13, 2022

      1.) violent crime by race of perpetrator:

      2.) Public safety as a top issue for Black Americans:

      — Kenny Xu (@kennymxu) April 13, 2022

      Picture of how virtually all of the working class, poor and immigrant neighborhoods of all skin colors voted for Adams (excepting in a few heavily Asian-American immigrant nabes in Queens and Brooklyn, which went for Yang) And how the upper class "elite" educated neighborhoods went for one of the others:

      I love this map. Just as visual presentation. If you know New York, it really tells you so much about New York.

      — Peter Moskos (@PeterMoskos) April 18, 2022

      Andrew Yang has gentrified Brooklyn?

      No those are asian immigrant areas of Brooklyn.And Gentrified Brooklyn is only really a small part of Brooklyn, those neighborhoods nearest Manhattan. When we are derisive of "Brooklyn" that's the hipster Brooklyn we're talking about, the little area closest to Manhattan.

      But real Brooklyn is huge, and all the outer reaches of Brooklyn are mostly poor and minority, lots of black ghetto still, those are all Adams purple. (a few select other minority neighborhoods like Hasidic Jewish-also quite poor BTW. Actually like a decade ago, that bigger Brooklyn was worse crime-wise than the South Bronx. And Hurricane Sandy did a lot of damage to "projects" there, with typical terrible city response.)

      It really is a quite accurate class map! The elites went against Adams and everybody else was for him, including white working class on Staten Island.

      BTW, he really continues to come across very working class every day, even the way he talks. More so than any mayor since I've been here (since Koch), almost shockingly so. You're not going to hear any elite kinda talk from that man, it's starting to become very clear.

      GOP mayor of Sandy, Oregon and GOP candidate for governor of Oregon:

      EXCELLENT POINT and don't think midterm voter types don't realize it

      to wit

      and Black Lives Matter is working on changing the subject:

      tho for now they still have this of Maxine pinned at the top of their Twitter feed:

      NY Gov Hochl basically directing to keep the violently mentally ill off the streets (I got other questions tho: why isn't this a hate crime by an Asian-American against a Latino-American?)

      "That was a horrific situation on all fronts," said Gov. Kathy Hochul. "Our team has been in contact with the Bronx District Attorney's office to talk about the actual charges that were filed, because under the laws that we've strengthened to support keeping people off the street who are dangerous are being supported. But I took action in my own hands. I directed the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision to immediately examine whether or not this parole violation occurred - yes it did, you could see it occurred - this is a person on lifetime parole. And as of minutes ago, that person is now in custody. That is at my direction."


      JUST IN: The suspect who had been released without bail after a brutal, unprovoked attack in the Bronx has been taken back into custody.

      — CBS New York (@CBSNewYork) August 19, 2022

      (in case you were wondering: yes, she's up for election in Nov.)

      BLM and the George Floyd protests, the gift to the GOP that keeps on giving

      Dems can run on being tough on crime but they can't erase this photo-op

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      res ipsa loquitor. when you've got little else, you still have this (thanks, BLM!)


      here's the rest of his thread

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