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    DNC Convention - Open Thread - Watch and Post

    "A good first day of speeches and videos, right?"

    Will day 2 match yesterday?

    Time will tell.

    With Bill wrapping it up, whatever it is said will get little coverage in the day after. But if the right zinger (or blunder) could break through.



    The second day and only a couple hours until Warren and Clinton take the stage.

    On CNN, sadly, it's begun with David G. touting Hillary and about how her staff, much like Colin Powell's during Bush WH years, feels the WH is 'wary' of Clinton, etc. DG worked for Clinton WH and always does this and the rest just join in. What's the point? Stirring the pot for what purpose? CNN definitely needs some new pundits - new faces/attitudes.

    They were supposed to go to Crowley about some disturbance on floor during the vote to put God and Jerusalem, et al back into the platform statements. But, they cut away and hasn't happened yet. But here's the link for web report on this:


    Sister Simone Campbell and the Nuns on the Bus are true Americans.  Wow!


    Terrific speech by one of 'Nuns on the bus' against Ryan's budget and GOP women's healthcare stances.  Really good.

    I have been watching this Sister of Mercy for sometime; but tonight she was soooo very marvelous.

    I did a blog about Nuns awhile ago; and there she is! Gave her life to Humanity thru Christ.

    How can you attack her for that?

    And the Convention just loved her.

    Another example of how the dems are coming together with cause; more than just to cast aspersions upon the enemy!

    Ryan was staying away hoping to avoid marathon questions, now he has to avoid the nun questions.

    President Obama is there and will be in arena for Clinton's speech and nomination.  Talk is they be on stage together afterwards.

    Huff post reports;

     Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, went off-script and fired up the crowd at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, using his oratorical skills as a United Methodist pastor to urge the crowd to help reelect President Barack Obama.

    "Look, if being liberal and progressive means that I care for children and whether they go hungry, color me! Color me a Democrat!" exhorted Cleaver in one of many deviations from his prepared remarks. "If being a Democrat means I'm concerned about our seniors in the sunset of their life, color me Democrat! Color me liberal! After all, we are the ones who protected Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, who fought for fair wages and who ended 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.' We are Democrats! And don't you ever forget it!"

    Cleaver also invoked hope, a theme that was central to Obama's 2008 campaign.

    "There is something essential in the human spirit that searches for hope. We are driven by hope," said Cleaver. "President Barack Obama has been lampooned for speaking of hope; hope for a better America. I want to encourage our president and all of us to continue to hope for an America that remembers, recognizes, and fervently protects its greatness."

    HOPE ON OBAMA AND AMERICA!!  -Rep Cleaver.

    The best speech yet at the DNC, Republicans don't have a guy like him, a must see, link here.

    Would like to hear the Dems/Liberals/Progressives for Romney explain their vote after listening to Sandra Fluke.

    So proud of her.  When you think of the intense pile-on of hate against her, making her a ridiculed public figure, she has not lost her poise and her grace.  That was a great speech and she delivered it like a pro.

    FLUKE is no fluke!

    They love her!

    In our future there is a President that either has our backs or turns his back.

    Sandra Fluke went on to finish with, 'Now is the time we choose which one.'

    Sandra Fluke was wonderful.  Lots of juicy quotes for tomorrow's pundits.  Hope they take advantage of them.

    Because it relates to Rush, they will.  Not because of Rush's politics. It is the same if one of Kardashians had called her a slut.

    SRO in arena and fire marshals have blocked any more from entering.

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!

    On a down note - Elizabeth Warren is struggling in MA.  For those who think Obama just had to be a hard core against Wall Street to ensure re-election take note.

    I don't get MA.  They loved Teddy Kennedy. Why wouldn't they love Elizabeth?

    On Morning Joe, they commented that MA is the only state in the country not to have sent a woman to national office.  Go figure.  And Scott Brown is like, you know, totally like a Red Sox dude.

    After this speech, they sure should vote for and 'love' her!  Terrific lady and one smart, savvy go getter.

    Then there is fact that Brown refers to her as "Professor Warren."  Which of course means that there polls and focus groups show that if they show her to be one of the intelligentsia this is a major strike against her.  Another sign of just how much the anti-intellectualism thread has woven into our cultural fabric.

    Its not only anti-intellectualism. Its also how anti-intellectualism plays out in the political process. For example the native american ancestry issue Warren had to deal with. Warren spent most of her life in academia. In academia it would have been simply seen as bullshit.  Even if seen as a valid issue simply proving that Warren got no preferences because of her "minority status" would have diffused it. In an academic debate obvious fraudulent claims are quickly discounted.

    In the political world emotions play as large or a larger role than facts or truth. Lies stick and facts often don't contain them. Brown is good at identifying those issues that stir the emotions that give lies traction. He's good at playing a regular joe and getting people to like him without referring to policy issues. He's a good politician.

    Warren is an academic, all she's got is her policy positions. She's a pleasant person but that's not what she's running on. She's just not a good politician. When a significant minority doesn't pay much attention to policy and vote on emotion that's a deficit for her. The race is close and she's gotten better at the political game. She still has a chance.

    She gave an excellent speech.  This will give her a boost in MA for sure.

    If not, they certainly have gone backwards.

    Or maybe their love of the Kennedys covered up where they always were.  I'm thinking that maybe Goodwill Hunting reflects just what Warren is up against.

    I hope you're right.  She's given great speeches before, but it's like preaching to the choir.  Don't know if she got many converts.  Yes, it should give her a boost, but these are crazy times.  I would love to see her win.

    BUBBA has arrived.

    And he begins by bowing down to Michelle!


    He is hot tonight.

    Loving the Bubba Arithmetic.

    WOWSA!  Another incredibly moving, energizing night. 

    Bill Clinton was dy-no-mite!  Absolutely everything we wanted and needed.

    And so much more........

    When Obama came out and they 'hugged', I cried. 

    Terrific, fantastic and wonderful.

    He was terrific.  Someone said Clinton is the only person who could get a standing ovation talking about arithmetic.  WooHoo!

    (I don't know if I can take another night of such exhilaration!)

    indeed indeed

    This speech, this speech by President Clinton has got to be the best speech Bubba ever gave.

    I am astounded.

    All these essays we have written here over the last four years; Bill Clinton covered every salient issue.

    This man shot down Tampa like nothing I could ever have predicted.

    I have nothing and I mean nothing to add to this speech!


    Oh, and the convention went nuts; the networks went almost 1/2 hour overtime into prime time; people cried; people laughed; people prayed right there on the floor of the convention.

    God bless Clinton and God bless America!

    I knew it would be good.  I didn't dream it would be THAT good.

    Yowser! Bill Clinton ... Dear God, what a speech!!

    compare this to the RNC in Tampa. 

    Now remember Romney will outraise Obama 5 to 1 (when the PACs are included).  The enthusiastic ground game is critical. 

    The choice is clear.  Are we going to do our part?







    A-man called it, I think. Clinton made the distinction between what it means to support republicans and democrats. 

    Absolutely.  Proud to be on the D side.

    Well, after that you wouldn't want to be on the r side! Which was exactly what Clinton wanted to get at, and what A-man mentioned Truman had done.

    Not every politician can deliver "if you're a real ass who hates America, feel free to vote for my opponent, but if you're a person who can see reason I'll give you a ride to the polls" and make it work. But Clinton did.

    I'm proud too!

    Now I have egg on my face. I read back and I think it was oxy who made the Truman connection. Doggone phones. Not good for reading.....

    So is this the real transcript or the one he was supposed to give?  lol

    the latter, he went off script and kept on goin' - but oh, what a great ride.

    Bill Clinton’s Top 10 Best Ad Libs From His D.N.C. Speech
    by Juli Weiner @ Vanity Fair

    [...] For media members with copies of the prepared remarks, the address was something epic fight between the former president and the TelePrompTer, which, per design, stop rolling text whenever Clinton went off script. [...] Below are man’s top ten triumphs over machine: Clinton’s most daring ad libs—phrases he inserted completely out of the blue.[...]


    There's more on same from David Weigel @ Slate

    Thank you for this because I will be referring to it over the next two months.


    But it is such an experience to experience it in real time switching from CBS, ABC and MSNBC (and even FOX NEWS) over the 48 minute speech.

    You know, sometimes I just wish I could hear and see the arguments that swell up in my brain from day to day.

    And here it was!

    Barack will come up with other points tomorrow and succeed famously.

    But, again, I need to go back to this speech time and time again over the next two months and probably over the next four years!

    You know, sometimes I just wish I could hear and see the arguments that swell up in my brain from day to day.

    And here it was!"

    Exactly.  He even explained what the shit heads would do to Medicaid which nobody else has had the wit to address.   He didn't miss a single thing.  Sheer genius.  There's nobody like him.  

    And nice to see you Mr. Day.



    dd, Here is actual Clinton speech verbatim.  I'm keeping it to refer to also.



    For all his personal and political faults, Bill's still the best at this stuff, by a long yard. Sure, he was talking out his arse for half of it, but even when he does, he makes more sense - and is more pleasant to be around - than any Republican in the country. 

    he he he, for a sec I thought you had a compliment floating around in there.

    "More pleasant to be around - than

    a) a bucket full of venomous snakes and scorpions

    b) half a sty full of pig excrement

    c) a motel room in Ft. Lauderdale on spring break

    d) Beach Boys karaoke night at the old folks' home

    e) golfers comparing putting techniques"

    Naw, I love Bill. Disagree with him on NAFTA and the role of Big Money and Big Corps, but still... he's alive, has a mind of his own, and has enough to him that he can change course if required. And no better speaker - or politician - in the States. 

    "And no better speaker - in the States"

    I fear an Oxbridge reference coming forth...


    Ever seen Pasolini's "Porcile"? Tra-la-la...

    Was trying to give him high praise, but without being parochial. Britain often has really great speakers amongst their pols, people like Robin Cook. Canada, meh. Not so many. Trudeau was good. But better off the cuff. I donno if Australia has any good ones or not. Being Australia, I doubt it. Because they're complete boors and bastards, right? Anyway. Don't want to generalize too much.

    P.S. New Zealanders don't actually have elected politicians. They've got shepherds. 

    That was awesome. There were so many one-liners in that speech, I'm gonna need a bumper sticker, a couple t-shirts AND a hat. I don't understand how he can manage to be smart, but not condescending; funny, but deadly serious; and kinda mean (to republicans) but completely endearing. And he still feels our pain. What did you think about the hands across the chest, "But I believe it" moment? Genius. I have supreme confidence in the president as an unbelievably talented speaker, but Christ, after his wife and President Clinton, he must be sweating it a little.

    Ha ha, Orlando, it was awesome, wasn't it?  I pictured Obama spending a sleepless night, revising, revising, revising, reading his speech to the mirror, practicing hand motions, wondering whether he should drop the Gs, sing a little or go with his Harvard self?

    But I'm kidding.  I can't wait to hear him.  And Joe Biden, as always, will be entertainingly wacky.  Should be fun.

    One of the (surely quite intentional) subtexts in Clinton's speech was: "Look, if I am not so embittered by what happened 4 years ago as to be unable to move forward and embrace this President with genuine conviction and enthusiasm, why should you be?"

    It seems there are very few Hillary '08 supporters, if any, at dag who did not move forward, and long ago.  My wife is one Hillary '08 supporter who has not so far warmed up to Obama, even a little.  She did not get to see Bill's speech live last night--she really responds positively to him, though.  When we are having a political discussion I try to find the occasion when Bill Clinton said what I want to say.  And then I usually don't need to say anything else because the discussion at that point is basically over.  Something about that guy...      

    No one knows whether Obama will get a bounce, and even if so whether it will last long.  But if this convention accomplishes nothing else it has so far been a success from the standpoint of injecting needed energy, passion, and confidence into this campaign.  That will not necessarily show up in a bounce, but should not be dismissed on that account. 

    I'd be surprised if all over the country, there weren't Latino and Latina children watching Castro the other night who were thinking about what their lives might hold in store for them just a little bit differently than they did the night before.  This is another long-term development largely attributable to the civil rights movement--that gift some of our most courageous and determined citizens gave to all of us and one that keeps on giving--and the anguished and extremely costly short-term decision by two Democratic party presidents to do the right thing on civil rights half a century ago.*

    (*with essential support from the moderate and liberal Republicans who were permitted in that party at that time; a higher percentage of Republicans than Democrats in both the House and Senate voted for the Civil Rights Act of 1964, though for better and for worse its legacy has been tied to the Democratic party ever since)

    Watching the TV cameras scan the convention crowd I was moved by the wide range of skin color hues in evidence, in a world where skin color differences so often contribute to violence and hatred.  Jesse Jackson spoke awhile back about his dream of a Rainbow Coalition.  Well, there is a Rainbow coalition in our country.  It's called the Democratic party.  For the Democratic party does not need to come up with gimmicks to show itself as an institution that welcomes participation by people with any and all shades of skin color.  This should be cause for great national pride.  It is a living testament and monument to all those whose insistence that we must do better and whose sacrifices, in many cases constituting the ultimate sacrifice, alone have made this progress possible. 

    It makes me damned proud of my party and what it has done to make this country better and one that continues to creep closer, however haltingly and never linearly, to its most worthy ideals.  No matter how exasperated being a Democrat leaves me feeling sometimes. 

    They are underlining Representative Emanuel Cleaver and his speech last night that came outside of prime time.

    What a speech!

    And this underlines your point.

    Rep Cleaver was saying:

    Color me as a liberal.

    Color me as a progressive.

    Color me as a Democrat!

    So many different styles were represented on that stage the last two days.

    I mean this convention is real entertainment.

    Not a bad way to get out 'the message'  and except for that Israel plank controversy every body seems to be on the same side and the same page!

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