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    Donald Trump:"Sure, I paid $50 for each cheering extra. It was cheap. I rent people all the ime."

    -- There'll be another 50 for 'em when they upload a video that shows them voting for me in the primary, It's called disintermediation, and it's the sharing economy, pal.

    Why should I spend a fortune on PR when I can just go straight to the target demographic and cut a deal with each individual? It's the American way.

    I buy, sorry, rent people all the time.

    I'm rich. I can afford it.

    You gotta problem with that? You're fired!. No vote bonus for you.

    Thus will Trump reiterate one of his most infuriating characteristics, the willingness to be seen as the pig he is, no shame in his game. He is, in the vernacular, an "upgalezener haza" (Sp?)

    He will own this incident proudly, which should in a sane world doom a campaign to crash and burn status.


    I cannot find the link right now but I understand under union rules you get $250 to show up on some set and walk around without saying anything.

    If you get one goddamn line you get other 'tips'. hahahahaha

    This guy aint worth 8 billion, he is a liar and a scam.

    Years ago trump claimed he was a billionaire and some researcher demonstrated the donald was worth -250 million. hahahahahah

    I was thinking though, Jolly. Shakespeare's troupe, when they were not on stage would go into the audience and laugh and cry on cue.

    And even in the old Greek days, the troupe would do the same thing.

    I just love this idea.



    Pablo Picasso:

    We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize truth at least the truth that is given us to understand. The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies.

    The key part to this quote at this moment is the part in which he say " least the truth that is given to us to understand." I don't have to hammer home the idea (or least I would hope I don't have to) that each individual's truth is not only unique as they are, their perceptions, and their understanding and response to experiences. The short of it is "the truth" in this context is a person's truth and not some absolutely true notion about the way the world really is.

    Most people know or have encountered Shakespeare's line:

    All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players;...

    Shakespeare meant this to be metaphor (a lie that tells the truth) and not lto be taken literally; the theater being the theater and the world being the world. (Professor Cleveland can correct me if I'm wrong about that.).

    Politics has been said to be the art of the possible. And for most of what we see, pretty much all politics is political theater, and all the politicians merely players.

    Of course, the politics and the governance of our communities around the world is not a play performed in some off-off-Broadway theater. I don't have to belabor the point and just say: from global warming to military conflicts to the treatment of the poor.

    Nothing is more theater than Trump. And like Rush Limbaugh, Trump theatrical performance, or performance art, is a lie that makes us realize a truth, at least the truth that is given us to understand, a truth which is unhealthy and knowingly false in order to manipulate people for the good of the rich and other interests.


    I think Shakespeare had more levels of interpretation than that.

    I never interpreted "all the world's a stage" as "all is Maya" - 

    more like "each has his/her role, his/her time, different phases or stages with their own entrances-and-exits".

    From cradle to grave, not from lie to lie.

    but in theater a role is "a lie," even if one is portraying oneself because it is happening on a theatrical stage.

    moreover as one person put it, a metaphor is pregnant with meaning. "Juilet is the sun.' has endless interpretations, many which conflict with others.

    I always assumed Romeo was commenting on her immense mass.

    I always interpreted as him saying basically this


    (most people don't know Romeo was also a kind of scientific Grigori Rasputin)

    Hi Dick!


    A late Happy Birthday, and late reply--my free wifi is only worth what I am paying...anyway,, on the "all is false" front, it cannot be long before there aries a crowd sourced bountyfor actors to come forward who were paid to show up for previous Trump extravaganzs--he was supposedly once mortified when he had a sparsley atttended speech and (I guess0 vowed in the scarlett o'hara manner, As god is jy witness I'll paper the hall next time!"

    Oh you kill me.

    I mean mentally ill folks still count,  hahahahahah

    Do not get help I mean stay the way you are. hahahahah

    Here is another song. What the hell! hhahahahaha\




    Not as bad as Cruz's captive audience. At least in Trump's case the actors were not only paid, they had a choice.

    Ted Cruz is obviously a fugitive from an alternative universe where Joe McCarthy is bitten by a zombie only the deal there is that instead of rotting, you get better hair and a clear complexion, plus a new hispanic identity....

    Donald Trump is running second to Bush in recent polls. The fact that Trump is taken seriously explains why you cannot have real discussions with Republicans/Conservatives. Trump is a racist. He condemned Mexicans as worthless human beings. Racism is not a bug in the GOP ,it is a feature.

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