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    Forrest Gump Today?

    I rewatched Forrest Gump, the classic 1990s Tom Hanks movie. It made me cry and broke my heart even more than when I first saw it.

    Gump starts off overcome by emotion. He has already been through everything which he has already detailed in full. The people on the park bench give him.a wide range of responses. Some just flat out don't believe what he is saying, while others whel up.

    In our modern world, Gump would have had to tell his story online, in a blog or in a YouTube video, but his own personal story would more than likely have fallen on deaf ears. You hardly see people talking in public, let alone to someone on a park bench.

    Surely there are men like Forrest Gump today. There is no military draft by which they would be compelled to become brothers. A modern day Forrest may never have met Bubba, or if he did, it'd be under much different circumstances.

    There is deep empathy in the portrayal of Bubba and the battle leading up to his death. Modern movies are far more gratuitous, with violence that is somewhere in between cartoonish and pornographic.

    A roommate I had in Oregon once asked if, after the Pulse nightclub shooting, we were in "some kind of a social war." Mass shootings, cancel culture, police shootings - the war actually seems to be here at home now, instead of abroad.

    There were initially plans in the late 1990s for a Forrest Gump sequel, which would portray him as witness of the Oklahoma City bombing and with his son having obtained AIDS from Jenny. That comes frighteningly close to our modern situation.

    Unfortunately, women like Jenny still do very much exist, with all the same persistent challenges. #metoo was their moment. Singing naked with a guitar seems like child's play compared to the brutality of high speed internet pornography. How many of the lives of those nameless women end up like Jenny's? How many men involved in that trade end up beat up, threatened or in jail like Jenny's many awful boyfriends?

    The news today might not even cover Forrest Gump's run. We have complained quite a bit here on Dagblog about how actual policy of the Biden administration isn't reported. It's all cultural conflict all the time. I actually met a black gentleman a few years ago who biked the whole country. He didn't have a news team swirling around him.

    If anyone did report it, it would be some specialty publication on the Internet somewhere. Jenny may have caught that story but it'd be a whole lot less likely than a story broadcast on network TV.

    Gump would likely have become one of the many anti social men which we hear about and meet. The world certainly gave Forrest Gump a hard time, asking if he was "stupid or something" his entire life, but there was a place for him in that world nonetheless.

    We have a lonely society now in which he likely would not have had a place. It's questionable if there's a place in it for any of us, hince why so many of us seemed to accept being locked down and wearing masks so enthusiastically. Maybe we are all stupid or something.


    this >

    there is no help to be had if you think you have a right to misery--in the first place, you cannot be helped; in the second, you will not be helped

    — pyres (@nonchalantly_) February 19, 2022

    The Victimhood Olympics for which culture wars are played is the main problem.

    Most immigrants still see the U.S. as the land of opportunity, why don't citizens?

    Yes, it started with right-wing Christians bitching about how they were victims of  "Hollywood". But now left wingers fight to dominate the meme. And its a zero sum game. People like Ibram X. Kendi are extremely toxic to the culture, pushing the situation to ruination, and Russian internet trolls are happy to help. People like John Mc Whorter see that clearly and are trying to rectify it, but "my tribe, we have it the worst" still wins on social media. Even billionaires complain they are picked on as lefties set up guillotines outside Bezos' house.

    Divisiveness all around in a country with the motto "E Pluribus Unum".

    Somehow got to get back to Bill Clinton and Obama: a rising tide lifts all boats, especially in periods when the pandemic is easing.

    Thoughts on tribal Grievance Restoration Projects becoming Victimhood Olympics:


    well here's a great little message for the tribalist world right now; all those Afro-racialists out there especially need to take note:


    Liberia isn't mentioned enough in US racial politics. African Americans were given their own chance at self-governance and used it to enslave native Africans. That was actually what the villain Killmonger in Black Panther was based on but I guess that flew over everyone's head.

    the old divide and conquer trick:

    Stoke them old tribal grievances and direct them. Rwanda's another example, but without much direction, just death.

    Back to Forrest Gump the movie. I wasn't nearly as big a fan about the Gump character, and the plot, perhaps because I have a mentally disabled brother (thru 50+ years) so I like to see a more sophisticated approach with such characters. But Lt. Dan played by Gary Sinise is one of my favorite movie characters of all time!

    Gump was also an insult to the South - Gomer Pyle updated to basically say all the South was idiot retards. (and yeah, it's terribly funny to have the mother of a special needs kid banging the doctor because she can't afford treatment, while the kid hears the sounds outside on the swing - hilarious).
    And so a generation of Americans since think Vietnam was some kind of retarded joke, don't understand the seriousness of the situation or the people involved.
    Except for Lt. Dan. Who's a lot like these people. (note: I haven't finished, but I found my reactions to Jane Fonda changed in 30 seconds - not that that's a complete picture either, but put in context of *soldiers* it's pretty incredible). [strange I was looking for a place to post this, maybe Creative, & you popped in the perfect Vietnam lead-in. Notice how serious the movement was, not the joky self-absorbed BLM crap. People knowing they were up against getting shot up in Vietnam or doing long prison time or exile in Canada for 20 years.]
    Long trailer:


    Full movie (I think, may be a few minutes short):




    I actually wondered to myself if Donald Trump got the idea for the red hats from Forrest Gump.

    this has some of that Forrest Gump meme to it, but better, mho:

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