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    I Am Still Working for Freedom!

    Just to let you guys know what I am up to, I thought I would blog a blog about my new initiative, "The Bush Center Freedom Collection." This week, I hosted China founder Bob Fu who said, “President Bush is a compassionate and unwavering advocate for freedom, especially in China."

    These days I tend to fly under the radar because I do what I do for the good of all humans and not for publicity (I told turd blossom to take a hike), but I wanted my buddies here at Dagblog and my friends at RedState to know what the little woman and I were doing with this new freedom emphasis. I plan to bring other freedom marchers to town as well.

    After the ceremony, I invited Bob to break some boards with his karate (he said he wasn't into that so I was disappointed) and we all went to Asia kitchen for lunch (they have a great buffet). As you can see from the picture, Bob eats pretty good.


    I went to the web site and it provides some good information about dissidents around the world. 

    As the article states:

    The Freedom Collection provides inspiration and insight to the current generation of freedom advocates. It helps to combat the feeling of isolation that can be common among dissidents by sharing the stories of those who have gone before in the fight to be free. The Freedom Collection currently contains the interviews of 56 dissidents including former Czech President Vaclav Havel, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Her Excellency Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and many other dissidents from countries including Burma, China, Iran, Syria, East Timor, Cuba and Egypt. Fu’s interview is part of the collection. New content will be uploaded to the site weekly.

    The transcript from the Charm Tong who

    co-founded the Shan Women’s Action Network, when she was only 17. The organization is dedicated to stopping the exploitation of and violence against women and children in 1999.

    The interview with her is here.

    The transcript of the video:

    Burma military will continue to oppress and try to control the information or any action, especially the crimes that they have committed against the people, so that no other people in other international community will know what is really happening inside Burma committed by the Burmese military regime. So, any actions, you know, inside Burma or anywhere, the military regime will continue trying to intimidate in various forms.

    For our organization [the Shan Women’s Action Network], after we released the report, "License to Rape," which documented how the rape has been used systematically against women inside Shan State in 2002, when we exposed how the military committed all these crimes against women, the military regime, after the report triggered international outcry and international attention, the regime had the press conference every week in Rangoon saying that our organization is telling the world, that all the accounts are not true. And the troops never ever commit crimes or rape against any women.

    But we know that that is happening. So, some friends said that, “Oh, you have to be very careful.” And also to some of the members in our organization, including myself, villagers and our friends told us that, "Oh, your price has been put on our head by a Burma army," and that you know, we should be careful when we travel or when we go here and there; but I think this is the normal intimidation that the regime will commit anyway.

    But because we are speaking the truth, and because we are speaking what is really happening, and even though the regime will try to stop any information to come out, we still have to speak and break the silence of what is happening to our people.

    So regardless of some of the things you may have done before Mr. Decider, I have to applaud you for this.

    If George W. Bush was President when General Douglas MacArthur was gonna free China by nuking it during the Korean War, there would be no need to spread freedom or kill commies there now. Eisenhower was just a yeller bellied coward compared to you, Decider, he had no idea about wars. or how they help with re-election like you did.

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