[Media] Tribute vs Obit - what's its role?

    Marketing by any other name?

    Partisan swag?

    A public service?

    Kinda depends who's holding.


    "The Fluffing of the President 2016" - a political tradition continues, kind of... [thread]

    RX: media, pathology as politics

    A German doctor noted pharma spending used to be 17% of healthcares costs - now it's 70%. What could go wrong?


    sometimes you just feel the need to quit the pretense of objectivity:

    Ignoring that 30% is a helluva lot, and creates a vast amount of social disorder when you contemplate 30% of say 250 million, i.e. 75 million largely of shit disturbers & malcontents & people with agendas & often confabulated needs and wishes, many with tenuous grasps on reality and happy to seize an easier way to threaten and harass those who offend their sensibilities?

    Yes, I agree. But here I just ran across an excellent example of a media figure (Toobin) stoking political divisiveness and a geek type (Silver) pointing out that majority feelings on the issue are really bi-partisan:

    The Senate voted 57-40 to repeal the mask mandate. https://t.co/q13cNyAFN0 https://t.co/HCAtIEuva3

    — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) April 19, 2022

    I.E., Toobin's going: everthing is all about Trump's Republican party vs. Democrats and Silver is going: no this is about requiring masks.

    Political pundits have a vested interest in stoking political diviseness over everything, that political affiliation is the main thing that divides society, is the main denominator....And here's arta's regular monthly reminder that actually, political Independents are basically the majority of the population.

    "Libs of Tiktok" is a focus today as regards social media.One important question to ask: is this a pro pushing memes and trying to manipulate people, or is this just someone acting as the voice of a segment of the people from the bottom up, saying what they feel?

    Meet the woman behind Libs of TikTok, secretly fueling the right’s outrage machine https://t.co/VwNc9sB0NO

    — Post Business (@washpostbiz) April 19, 2022

    beginning excerpt:

    On March 8, a Twitter account called Libs of TikTok posted a video of a woman teaching sex education to children in Kentucky, calling the woman in the video a “predator.” The next evening, the same clip was featured on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News program, prompting the host to ask, “When did our public schools, any schools, become what are essentially grooming centers for gender identity radicals?”

    Libs of TikTok reposts a steady stream of TikTok videos and social media posts, primarily from LGBTQ+ people, often including incendiary framing designed to generate outrage. Videos shared from the account quickly find their way to the most influential names in right-wing media. The account has emerged as a powerful force on the Internet, shaping right-wing media, impacting anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and influencing millions by posting viral videos aimed at inciting outrage among the right.

    The anonymous account’s impact is deep and far-reaching. Its content is amplified by high-profile media figures, politicians and right-wing influencers. Its tweets reach millions, with influence spreading far beyond its more than 648,000 Twitter followers. Libs of TikTok has become an agenda-setter in right-wing online discourse, and the content it surfaces shows a direct correlation with the recent push in legislation and rhetoric directly targeting the LGBTQ+ community [.....]

    I also note this emphasized blurb

    An account in search of a voice — and a big break from Joe Rogan

    two tweets on the article I found interesting:

    The Bezos Post’s internet hall monitor is so excited to “expose” @libsoftiktok. Here is my comment: pic.twitter.com/SodXls9NV7

    — Christina Pushaw (@ChristinaPushaw) April 19, 2022

    all the info in the Libs of TikTok piece was already publicly available online. but Taylor had one thing that no one else had which made the report possible…Glenn Greenwald accidentally confirming their identity lol https://t.co/SAsSGNIs0y pic.twitter.com/jE9sVwDh06

    — Matt Binder (@MattBinder) April 19, 2022

    and here's what centrist Carl sees in the WaPo article:


    Ok, so, Steve Bannon goes with Putin -

    if true, yay!

    a few minutes ago

    then there's this cheeky

    p.s. contrary to what I read from a lot of upset liberals at Twitter, I see evidence that Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk are recently friendly with each other:

    Your new title at Block is

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 23, 2022

    <—- you drop that Techno?

    — jack⚡️ (@jack) April 24, 2022

    that's regarding this

    Jack Dorsey’s new title: Block Head https://t.co/k2hNNiYI7N

    — CNBC International (@CNBCi) April 22, 2022

    not just recently:

    Jack Dorsey just tweeted that he is totally on board:

    Elon Musk isn’t imagining things

    This post has been very platform-centric because platforms are a convenient index.

    But the ideological movement — not an overthrow of the party establishment by leftists, but the establishment leaders themselves taking on new ideas — is clearly visible in other forms. In June of 2016, Dylan Matthews wrote for Vox that “President Obama’s huge reversal on Social Security is a big win for liberals.” In July of that year, Victoria Massie wrote “Hillary Clinton said ‘systemic racism’ in tonight's speech. That's major.” On May 27 of 2020, David Roberts described a new consensus approach to climate policy on the left, and on May 28 he published a piece arguing that Joe Biden should embrace this consensus even though Biden “just won without them.”

    You can see that both of those articles have July 2020 updates at the top noting that Biden had basically done what Roberts recommended and adopted the new progressive consensus. Pivoting left after winning a primary is a little odd, but it’s what Biden did, and progressives acknowledged it at the time.

    There’s lots of room for debate about whether this was a good idea. But the people who yelled at Elon Musk that he was imagining this leftward transformation are being silly. The fact that DW-NOMINATE scores don’t pick up on it is a limitation of that metric — not to say that it’s wrong, but just that analysis of roll call votes only tells you so much.

    Among Democrats, self-identified liberals started to outnumber self-identified moderates only in Obama’s second term. And at around that same time, mainstream Democrats started to embrace ideas that they would previously have shied away from.

    That’s not a commentary on the wisdom of the ideas or of adopting them, but the shift pretty clearly happened. It’s very hard to reason clearly about the world if you don’t start by acknowledging the reality.

    the ending of

    Democrats have changed a lot since 2012

    Moving left on economics — but also on climate, race, and a bunch of other things

    by Matthew Yglesias and Milan Singh @ Slow Boring, 11 hr ago

    and just an interesting BTW that a lot of people are quoting

    going for the record of most cancelled man?

    replacing dupe with this one that's proof they even still let Qanon fans on -

    just no Mikey....

    beyond the marketing, why do "good" professional reporters end up exacerbating the problem? After reading this, I would say look to college students getting straight a's right now, it's pretty much the same thing, they practice within a bubble of believers in whatever the big picture narrative is -

    this tweet from 4:38 pm ET just hit a million "likes"

    "Hi, we do a shitty job on both sides, so we must be fair & balanced!"
    How about the media needs to fucking get its house in order and report news accurately,
    robustly, competently, timely, debunking as much of the fake news bullshit as possible in real time,
    but also leading us towards intellectual debates & needed discussions, not kids throwing spitballs.
    Elon goes between genius and 2-year-old/kindergartner, but we've had this stupid
    "offend both sides equally" for a while, which I posted something on a week ago I think.
    And yes, the management of Twitter pre-Elon hasn't been able to keep up, though they
    do try to adjust - it's a huge messy system of conflicted humans, so not trivial - unlike this tweet.

    Every time a "both sides do it" appears, there should be a reference to relative magnitude and egregiousness.

    You shouldn't post mean w/o std deviation and other germane statistical references - e.g. how much are outliers, how much mainstream?

    The bright side of Elon Musk's Twitter takeover - sharing the whole thing because it's so well reasoned -

    by Hope King, author of Axios Closer, 4 hrs. ago

    Some Twitter power users, including journalists and politicians, are apoplectic about Elon Musk’s planned takeover of the platform. But there are plenty of optimists, in tech and among the general public, who believe Musk could make Twitter better.

    Why it matters: With the deal expected to close later this year, what happens on the platform and to the platform will likely shape both the 2022 midterms and the next presidential election.

    State of play: Twitter has struggled as a public company. By taking it private, Musk could experiment more boldly because Twitter wouldn't have to live up to quarterly pressures to show results.

    • Musk also has a huge following on the platform. He tweets a lot about product ideas and engages with feedback. And the people who support his takeover believe a leader who isn’t a “buttoned-up suit” could bring new energy and creativity.
    • “I almost think of it as — imagine if MrBeast bought YouTube,” said Galileo Russell, HyperChange TV founder, referring to one of YouTube’s most popular creators. (Russell is also an investor in Tesla.)

    The big picture: Musk's stance on "free speech" is driving a lot of the consternation. He says he wants less content moderation, and people are worried he may reinstate former President Trump's account.

    • A lot of people — especially people who are already subject to a lot of online harassment — are worried about the prospect of Twitter loosening its moderation policies.
    • "I'm not saying I have all the answers here, but I do think we want to be very reluctant to delete things, and just be very cautious with permanent bans," he said at the TED2022 conference two weeks ago.

    What they're saying: "There is definitely a partisan divide," when it comes to who is happy or not about the deal, said Courtney Radsch, a fellow at the UCLA Institute for Technology, Law and Policy and a senior fellow at the Center for International Governance Innovation.

    • "A lot of the people who are [very] concerned about Twitter are the people who are very invested in Twitter" and have spent many years building up their presence on the platform, she added.

    Reality check: It will likely be impossible for Musk to apply a blanket policy about what can be said or shared. He'll certainly also fail at making everyone happy because what is considered acceptable free speech depends on who's in power.

    • As high stakes as things are in the U.S., Twitter is a global platform. He'll realize pretty quickly that he'll have to moderate some content in order to stay available in many countries, Radsch said. 
    • On the other hand, if he decides to be the free speech absolutist he says he is, he could completely resist complying with national laws that try to restrict speech (like in RussiaNigeriaIndia and Pakistan) or force him to moderate content (like in the EU).
    • "Wouldn't that be an interesting experiment?"Radsch said.

    Our thought bubble: Skepticism about how Musk will handle Twitter is warranted.

    • Musk’s unpredictability makes it hard to trust him. And that unpredictability, from someone so wealthy and popular, also inspires fear. 
    • And while he has built multiple consequential companies, in fields that aren’t easy, the means through which he built them, as well as his personal behavior, have also warranted a yearning for him to be more responsible and "act like an adult."
    • But social media as we know it is less than two decades old and it has a long list of problems. In about the same amount of time, Musk’s companies have helped electric cars become mainstream and gotten space rockets to land themselves back on Earth. The fact that he actually put together the financing to buy Twitter was a surprise to many observers too.
    • So are we sure he can’t make Twitter better?

    she links to this - among other things, and I think everyone should consider its political implications, that many people are not opposed to billionaires using their money this way!  So all the sturm and drang attacks on billionaires that is favored by many liberals does not play that well with lots of people

    More than half of voters approve of Musk buying Twitter: poll

    BY JULIA MANCHESTER - @ TheHill.com, 04/25/22 6:01 PM ET

    that said, I see now Axios has done their own poll -

    Exclusive poll: Americans support removing troubling tweets, 23 hrs. ago, CHART AT LINK

    Elon Musk is likely to find out that there's not a big market for his campaign for more free speech on Twitter, according to an Ipsos poll shared exclusively with Axios.

    The big picture: Most Americans don't have a problem with Twitter or other social media companies removing posts that include misinformation, promote violence or pose a risk to the public, according to the poll.

    • They're more likely to oppose the removal of posts that promote political action or contain heated political rhetoric.

    By the numbers: 73% of all respondents said they support removing posts that probably have false information, with just 20% saying they oppose removing those posts.

    Elon Musk is likely to find out that there's not a big market for his campaign for more free speech on Twitter, according to an Ipsos poll shared exclusively with Axios.

    The big picture: Most Americans don't have a problem with Twitter or other social media companies removing posts that include misinformation, promote violence or pose a risk to the public, according to the poll.

    • They're more likely to oppose the removal of posts that promote political action or contain heated political rhetoric.

    By the numbers: 73% of all respondents said they support removing posts that probably have false information, with just 20% saying they oppose removing those posts. [.....]

    Peter Thiel worries me much more than Elon, as does Sheldon, the Mercers, the Koch Brothers, Zuck, the Pillow Guy, ...

    Elon makes a few dumb jokes on Twitter and people act like he's a big deal. He actually made electric vehicles and private sector space supply/travel a thing, his support for neural implants is cool even if a bit hype, underground metro capsule  replacements are cool if they work. Supplying Ukrainians with space internet was very useful & needed (tho his blurring the night sky with low orbit satellites is pretty crappy).

    Bam! What Mehdi Hasan said! pic.twitter.com/hkWMCEjiYQ

    — Aunt Crabby Calls Bullshit (@DearAuntCrabby) April 30, 2022

    I disagree. There are a lot of plenty far lefty propagandists out there that do a lot of damage because they aren't honest debaters, but out for #1, celebrity-style, not unlike what Trump does. Nikole Hannah-Jones, for one example

    We asked FAIR Advisor @Rhetors_of_York about the idea that there is a distinction between being "black" and "politically black."

    Here's what he said: pic.twitter.com/K9T3W1vNJO

    — Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR) (@fairforall_org) May 1, 2022


    Actually, I follow Mehdi Hasan, and I'm starting to think he might be another one just like that.

    "Plenty", but not major candidates for President. Who the fuck is Nikole Hannah-Jones? she couldn't even get a tenure slot at UNC. AOC is a newbie representative - the rest of the Squad has much less of an actual following.
    The mainstream Democratic candidates with the most following have been calling for improving healthcare and work conditions as basic platform, but Biden, Clinton, Obama, even Bernie have been fairly consistently none-too-radical on foreign policy, including keeping the border safe and immigration within legal limits, etc.
    Yet the media always has to pull out the woke motherfuckers to compare with Trump & pull the "both sides do it" bullshit.
    AOC got 153K votes in Bronx/Queens in 2020. Pressley 267k in Boston. Tlaib 165K in Detroit. Bush 249K in St. Louis. Omar 256k in Minneapolis. 1 million votes between them. 
    Here you can see the seniority & committee positions of Dems in the House - how much front page space is given them, vs the Squad with no chairmanships & not really that much national pull, much of it from news orgs wanting to catch the "trend". Similar in fact to when Bernie ran, when the press liked the horserace thing so ignored the near impossible odds Bernie had to try to make it a tight contest.
    Culture wars gets the same tilted field - the Republicans seem to like all their top reps being crazy Fox-fed lunatics. Where's the equivalent by Democratic leaders?


    Put Trevor Noah in charge of Twitter - if Elon wants to see both the left & right complaining equally, Noah's his man.

    Seriously, have never been a big fan, but the material & delivery were pretty awesome - even up to closing zinger.

    very interesting tweet of strong support for all the major tv news networks!

    Here's Elon:

    She's quoting NY Post

    hah yeah I saw, but actually the one I saw said it wasn't a real NY Post story either, but a fake one. I didn't feel it worth time checking out, ( know what, comes to mind now, if he was my kid I would be checking out all the news on him too, nothing more important then laugh)

    She doesn't *look* like a space alien, nor anyhing like Elvis, so not sure where the Post's news angle is.

    How to do presidential administration press secretary: #1 rule to start with - they are not the enemy:


    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 11, 2022

    on a later thread, Elon and Jack have a quick chat:

    Chronological tweets seem much better than what “the algorithm” suggests

    — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 12, 2022


    Tech billionaire trying to improve on 15 years of user moderation before his 1st day of work

    Durham runs over journalist privilege because because...

    (but I'm sure he'd give more obeisance to James O'Keefe and Project Veritas)

    & Russiagate (& NYT crappy handling) rears its ugly head again

    Durham fighting thru press

    Aside from the article, read the comments - Durham has continually violated legal requirements, but continues to paint his "Russiagate was a hoax" fantasy for the frothers. And any loss will be "the conspiracy against Durham". Sadly brilliant.

    A Phyrric victory for Dems - the right has already wished away any negatives for Jan 6. We really are in la-la land now.

    christ almighty, the racial identitarians just won't let go, (one white supremacist mass shooter isn't enough for them, they have to create more, is that what's going on here?)


    I know the answer to this one:

    they tried that all during the Geo. Floyd protests and riots in summer/fall 2020, they offered the Defund crew's narrative ad nauseum.  Turns out only a tiny minority liked to hear that wacky narrative, especially by the time of Kenosha (prolly mostly elite white liberals?) Even liberal people ended up shutting off those channels and looked for alternates that offered real experts on policing and not those pushing a faux narrative emphasizing relatively small amount of police abuse. Most viewers were interested in information that might actually reduce crime and increase quality of policing and life in general, capiche? CNN and MSNBC learned their lesson and switched to real experts on policing and crime and stopped pandering to a tiny minority of grievance grifters selling a faux narrative

    a British electorate bamboozled by the way Brexit was presented in the media and advertising is sorry and has changed its mind

    How current media, including many on social media, plays a role in the diviseness thing. Similar is done with the Democratic party by emphazing the far left minority as its brand. The extremists rule, when they are a minority.

    'a tweet from YouTuber Cam Harless, who joked, "Every girl is bi. You just have to figure out if it's polar or sexual."'

    Pronouns called - they want their front page for absurdity back.

    PS - I'm now pretty sure this one was bi-polar.

    Female superreporter notes major change in Yemen that we've prolly missed cuz we've been paying attention to stupid shit.

    Supermom who defied lame police

    (rescue at 1:15)

    (note, coming after lame FBI disinterest pointed out at Sussmann trial, hasn't been a good week for "respecting the work of authorities in keeping us safe", though still the majority -at least cops - doing their jobs)

    from two who have had it up to here with woke cancel culture, knowing it up close and personal:

    Yglesias added how it's worse now:

    sad  to say, but we do need a replacement for the ACLU:

    check out the replies here, he gets an incredible mix of followers politically:

    probably ratings gold, worth the lawyers fees?

    Just for everyone's information


    Lex Fridman @lexfridman is Host of Lex Fridman Podcast. Research Scientist at MIT. Interested in robots and humans, 1.5M Followers

    You know who Elon Musk is.

    Multiple viral screenshots of headlines attributed to The Atlantic are digitally altered with articles not existing, fact-checkers say

    Fact-checkers say multiple screenshots circulating with headlines attributed to The Atlantic have been digitally altered. The same image stencil has appeared on social media alongside different fabricated titles, none of which have been published by the outlet, Reuters, AFP and AP report

    A digitally altered image circulating online purports to show a racist headline published by The Atlantic about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas following the Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade. No such headline was published by the outlet https://t.co/sC0bEYSj0P pic.twitter.com/Kqiw25y2qf

    — Reuters Fact Check (@ReutersFacts) June 27, 2022

    Despite a fabricated screenshot circulating online, The Atlantic hasn't published an article with a headline describing President Joe Biden's bike fall as "heroism." https://t.co/EyQyRiUe0M

    — AP Fact Check (@APFactCheck) June 19, 2022

    @TheAtlantic did not publish an article describing US President Joe Biden's bike fall as "heroism" https://t.co/JivpfCWOaZ pic.twitter.com/rxq7WvKAAG

    — AFP Fact Check (@AFPFactCheck) June 23, 2022


    Trump hires former 9th Circuit judge Kozinski for Twitter court fight

    By  and  @ Reuters.com, July 1

    A former California appeals court judge who retired in 2017 following allegations of sexual harassment is now representing former U.S. President Donald Trump in his legal battle with Twitter.

    Ex-9th Circuit Appeals Court Judge Alex Kozinski on Friday filed to appear in Trump's appeal of a trial court order dismissing a lawsuit against Twitter (TWTR.N) over the former president's ban from the social media platform following the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

    Kozinski declined to comment. John Coale, the lead lawyer on the Trump case, said Kozinski was brought on to help due to his experience with the 9th Circuit, and that no other changes are expected for the legal team.

    Kozinski in 2017 retired from the 9th Circuit, the federal appeals court that covers much of the western United States, after the court initiated an investigation into him following allegations of misconduct from former law clerks and other junior staffers [....]

     He's gonna remind us of the Constitutional amendment which insured the right of presidents to lie and incite violence on social media...

    Clever. At the same time makes clear that he is an extreme free speecher, that he doesn't like Twitter intervening when a leader or state media entity is publishing propaganda

    see whole thread for more

    Good thread on why media's so bad (at least a few of many reasons) - platforming the Proud Boys as "nice families" just one.

    Citizen reporters

    Continues, as you can imagine

    been meaning to post this, that Bellingcat received a sort of prestigious award the other day:

    Hello, this is your judicial system speaking:

    More important is which communications with other J6 conspirators 10/01/2020-01/20/2021 erased elsewhere were/are on his phone

    just a couple more of the assorted other jeopardy thingies in the Alex Jones trial coming to the surface (besides the 1/6 info. which I put mention of on that thread)

    just for fun

    Tucker Carlson claims Hungary has a “more balanced, freer press than we have”

    Carlson: “It’s a very moderate place”


    Maggie NYT both-sides-it, hardly the needed paper of record (longer thread),
    more the 1st stab at obfuscation & deflection sticks.

    Is paywalled but the first couple paragraphs you can see give the gist. Nice work if you can get it for hundreds of thousands of dollars until you get caught that is (or someone you pointed to gets arrested or kidnapped...) Makes Putin's social media trolls look like chumps?

    How not to enable Trump (reporting vs "reporting")
    Trump is a master at playing the press, however much it feels good to call him a moron.
    (he's also a master at playing the courts)
    So when faced with a master...

    these were following one another on my Twitter timeline :

    Replaced the fake edited version with explanation of the original Rebekah Jones interview from DeSantis


    Well that splains it


    whatever this means, I believe it's a thing:

    yeah, a lot of reverse engineering & psychoticanalysis going on
    News?!? Entertainment?!?

    Not a bug, it's a feature - Yang Gang / Bernie Bro mashup - now for some Cardi B cardio

    is a new academic study,report published Aug. 3, is 68 pages (free access link) but there is an abstract

    Coulter - tribute *and* obit

    Yeah, her core value actually was always elite white WASP privilege and her initial flirtation with Trump was all about closing the borders. Ironically proved her not to be elite at all, too stoopid and clueless to realize populism was antithetical to her being. She shouldn't have even been flirting with Pat Buchanan pitchforks much less falling for Trump b.s.

    But why is this "racist" vs "woman with a bitch attitude/off her meds"?
    (and under what circumstances are we sympathetic towards those with psychological issues, and when do we condemn, hate & post online to go viral?)

    Categories getting messed up, hard to follow.

    We have no information about what happened before she began shouting. Maybe nothing or maybe something that justified her anger. Store clerks aren't automatically right. Some of them are shitty people with shitty attitudes that act like we should meekly accept how ever they decide to treat us. I'm 65 years old and there has been two times I went off on a store employee same as this women. If there was a video I'd look just like this women. I don't apologize for it, they deserved it.  I'd have to know what happened before she got angry before I make any decision about who is right or wrong.

    MSM huge part of prob

    (CNN gave Trump tons of free air time even to peddle misleading bullshit, but now Joe's too boring even while growing jobs, defending Ukraine, passing major health and student loan legislation. As Maureen Died said, " what do you want me to do, write about policy?" Uh, like yeah, duh.



    All my degrees and their Nobels and i can't quite figure out what they're asking for.

    Meanwhile out in the news world you've got this shit:

    Don't know if there's an algorithm making NYT & WaPo journos write shitty bothsiderism articles, but they're doing it anyway. Bring back the electric cattle prod? I know it's kind of a low tech solution, but...

    As a Gen Xer and early blogger, he sees that the 'blogosphere' not just continued but promoted the politicization of the news that they claimed to decry when they saw it in cable tv news talk and talk radio. Boomers who grew up with Cronkite et. al., pre-Murdoch, see it as one long trajectory towards increasing politicization of the news, cumulating in social media. "Citizen reporting" - not at all the answer it was cracked up to be, but more of the problem. The elite professionalization of journalism in the middle of the 20th century was going in the right direction. But it got derailed by 'democracy". Did it have abuses and mistakes? Sure, like with any profession! But the baby was thrown out with the bathwater.

    p.s. everybody's a "spinner" now; here's one of the rare few who try to "deconstruct" the spinning and actually communicate, which has come down to use of individual words:


    By wonks for wonks (& tankies)

    dupe deleted and replaced with the parent tweet, which has a lot of interesting stuff as replies, of which the video is just one

    of course I don't get all the in jokes (does anyone?) but my favorite line is "don't worry, Tulsi, he doesn't mean it"

    buh bye InfoWars!

    after FBI raided for classified info. on his computer, ABC News producer resigned and disappeared?! very strange! can't access story on RS, but there's this tweet thread

    Meek has been charged with no crime. But independent observers believe the raid is among the first — and quite possibly, the first — to be carried out on a journalist by the Biden administration. https://t.co/JUFHulFFxZ

    — Rolling Stone (@RollingStone) October 19, 2022

    Not true. Read a couple days ago that it wasn't true, but I waited too long to counter this and now I can't find that. In any case, link now is he has said directly to employees that it isn't true.

    Hard to tell with new gadfly Elon- he can flip positions or whatever. Or maybe he didn't. Hard to know what.

    On Wednesday

    With so much uncertainty swirling over the deal, some of Twitter’s 7,500 employees have been jittery. Last week, the company sought to quell employee concerns after reports that Mr. Musk planned to lay off as many as 75 percent of them. Twitter told workers that the current management had no plans for layoffs but could make no promises about what Mr. Musk might do.

    Except "current management", at least the CEO + CFO & 1 other high-up, were let go, so it appears that that 75% anecdote is back in Elon's lap, true or false.


    she's throwing in the towel, sees no role anymore for 'journalism' as far as politics is concerned:

    One thing I learned from Twitter is that lots of liberal activists despise Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell; one or the other, or both of them trend as regular as rain via trending bitchfests. Must be good for their ratings, keeps them on the broadcast screen.

    Reality bites: NOBODY wants to pay for reporting it seems - not the readers, not corporate and charity sponsors, not advertisers, not taxpayers -


    NPR freezes hiring, expecting a $20 million budget shortfall : NPR https://t.co/gBqNV04HXn

    — Kai Ryssdal (@kairyssdal) November 30, 2022



    [....] Other media outlets have announced cuts that include layoffs.

    On Wednesday, CNN Chairman Chris Licht told the network's staff that long-planned cuts are starting. On-air contributors and full-time employees will be among those who will lose their jobs, he confirmed.

    The Washington Post also said today it would cease publishing its Sunday magazine on Dec. 25, affecting a staff of 10. Executive Editor Sally Buzbee told staffers in a memo that it would shift some of the most popular content to its Style section. She pointed to the paper's efforts at digital transformation, though the Post reported that she also invoked "economic headwinds" in speaking to the magazine's staff about the decision.

    Shani George, the Post's vice president for communications, said the paper eliminated one position outside the magazine and ended contracts for several people working there [....]

    NPR needs to cut $10 million due to a sharp decline in projected revenue in sponsorship — at least $20 million. Some of those losses were offset by new revenues from new agreements to license NPR content on Facebook, YouTube and Amazon and from fund-raising efforts. [....]

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