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    When I was younger, I thought it was when we elected Washington to replace King George, or maybe it was when the Sith got elected to head the council in Star Wars III.

    Then, when I ran against that weirdo that fought to help the North Vietnamese defeat America back in the 50's (not AlGore but the other dude) I knew that was the most important election ever because if the liberal had won we wouldn't have stayed the course. But now, it has become clear that THIS is the most important election ever. The fate of everything we hold dear: our rights, our constitution, our banking system, and all the other stuff is hanging in the balance. Obama hates America. I know that some people say you can't prove that, but when this many good Christians FEEL it then you know that it's true. We will have a whole army of Islamaphobicjihadistliberalites coming into this country if we don't turn the tide.

    I know many of you. I've blogged blogs and posted posts and chatted with you for years. I beg you to come to your census. Mitt may flip flop some but it is necessary to get elected. Once in office, he will SAVE AMERICA! Think about it.



    since i'm a deconstructionist (among other things) (i also take some solace in the fact that the spell check does not recognize deconstructionist as a real word) since i follow Obama to dark side, i am actually affirming the light. And this election is about:

    Do not go gentle into that good night,
    Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    yes it is the most important election...

    But if the Supreme Court had not decided to put you in instead of Al Gore then you wouldn't even have had a chance to be The Decider, right?  Am I thinking about that right, Decider?  So wasn't that actually the most important election in the history of our lifetimes?

    Speaking of decisions.  If you were The Decider today what would you do about Iran?  I was thinking that maybe since you decided to invade Iraq when they didn't have the weapons of mass deconstruction (as it turned out.  who could have known?), that since Iran does have them or is building them, you might decide to invade them.  Or bomb them.  You get the idea.  If you were The Decider today, that is.  

    What do you think Mitt Romney would decide if he becomes our next president?  

    Iraq, Iran, what's the difference?  I was only one letter off, anyway.

    Jesus, wont you ever go away?

    I was watching your old partner speak the other day and immediately ran to the throne so I could flush my vomit rather than have to clean it up.

    And why the hell, I mean you should know, does Dicky C always speak out of the side of his mouth?

    Anyway, go back to your brush cutting or whatever the hell else you do down there in Truckbrains, Texas. Voltaire advised us all to till our own garden so I guess it would be okay for you to feign the rancher's life.

    We shall rely upon Clinton and Carter to help tens of millions of hopeless earthlings find a glimmer of hope in this earthly sub-paradise.

    The best you can do for all of us is to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    the end.


    [DD: Remember, dagblog's very own treasure oxy is from Texas.  He might even drive a truck.wink]

    Oxy just lives in Texas, I am pretty sure he is from New England.

    Just like The Decider!

    Hahaha, yeah that's true, except Oxy admits it!

    And why the hell, I mean you should know, does Dicky C always speak out of the side of his mouth?

    Yes, good point.  Unlike individuals who speak out of both sides of their mouth.  Dicky C has been pretty consistent, I give him that.  Still makes him look like some bitter four-time divorcee bitching about his exes to his bar buddy.    

    He is one nasty bugger isn't he? hahaha

    Might be time to check that blood pressure med, Dick. I should have known knot to blog a political blog and upset you.  I'm just here for the fun, anyhow.

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