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    My Election Diary: Week 1

    The next two to four weeks will be busy! Scratch that, the next two years are going to be busy. I am lucky enough to be advised by a former HRC Staff member in Georgia. I think I can make social media work to my advantage. And there is a dagger or two with special skills who have also offered to advise me.

    I haven't run for any office since Student Council, and that was a really long time ago. And I am out of practice. I've been raising children and going to work, and doing all the mundane things families do. I have no more excuses; our youngest is almost 26, and my oldest is almost 31.  So I do hate that Trump won.  I only know one way to deal with my disappointment, which means I have to do something, and I can't just sit around and bitch and moan about what went wrong.  So much has gone wrong and to assess all that went wrong in the last election and recover from it is going to take some planning and openness.

    The Democratic Party is drowning in internecine backlash. Oh and we thought it would Republicans having the issues. We were so wrong about that! However, we need to nip that in the bud.  We need to bring together the Bernie wing of the Democratic Party and the rest of us. We can no longer afford to alienate those people we need desperately to take the country back. 

    My friend in Georgia tells me young people have been flooding Democratic Party meetings and running for precinct officers.  I'm so proud of the young people who are stepping up! This is what the Democratic Party needs. We need the party to be younger, and we need to incorporate ideas and begin to formulate policies of these very smart young people into our platform. So this week my campaign has begun. I have a meeting on Thursday back in Kitsap County with the Democratic Women of Kitsap County.  I spend my weeks in Seattle where we have a small condo.  Our oldest son is now living at our house in Kitsap County while he and his partner save money to buy their own house.  He and I are currently talking about his role in taking over the local party with me. He is shy but brilliant. He supported Bernie in the primaries/caucus. No we never fought about it, everyone makes their choice, and he voted HRC in the election, just like I would have voted for Bernie had he won. 

    December first is the day my oldest and I go to the LD 26 monthly meeting where they will be selecting precinct officers. Well, we are going to take positions, and I will introduce myself again to people I haven't seen in a few years. I am taking as many young people as I can with me.

    Many old white people hold the positions of leadership in our local party.  But we need to move to the next generation because they will take over whatever is left of the party. If we do not, we will not have a party left.  We need young people to participate and help us bring our party into the future.  

     I am hoping that there are individuals who read Dag who live in Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania who are going to decide to do that same as I have and run for local office. We must take over at the state level first and then the national level elections will be much easier, and we will be more competitive.   Let's do this, let's change America by infiltrating. I have a regular job too, so don't tell me you work and can't participate. I work too, and I'm still going to do this. 


    Good for you!  And congratulations!  We need more grass roots, on-the-ground efforts by people who work to understand what went wrong and how we can fix it.  I have faith in you, Teri!

    I won't be running for office, but I'm working at lifting up my weary bones to do something.  I don't know what yet, but obviously my opinion counts for shit, so there goes eight years of a whole bunch of words that have no value and aren't worth hanging on to.  (Yes, I'm bitter.) angry

    I was a precinct delegate for several years and was encouraged many times to run for local office, but to be honest, I hate the gamesmanship that goes with the territory.  Even the people I liked oozed insincerity while they were pressing the flesh, ringing doorbells, or begging for campaign money.  I think that's what keeps a lot of people out of those races. There shouldn't be, but there is a kind of soullessness that goes along with campaigning. That and the vitriol from the other side.  But when someone like you says they're going for it, I say hooray!

    Don't discount those of us who can no longer get out there and do the groundwork, though.  We all will do what we can in our own ways.  Not everyone is cut out for public office and not all of us are as young as we used to be.

    We have one mission Mona, we need to get young people involved. I keep encouraging Bernie's supporters to get to their party meetings and take over so we can change America. We just have to quit arguing with each other and get to work. We don't have much time to take the state legislatures back. That is our mission. 

    No offense, but I'd expand to a wider mission than "young people". There are a lot of older folks with passion, staying power, and needs that might be simpler to recruit.

    Yes but they seem much  more active than young people are, and I think we need to build that coalition. They need to help take over the party and feel like they have a say in it, old folks have had their say and this is where it got us. We need to learn from that and build the largest coalition we can, that includes young people who voted for Bernie or even Stein.

    Except if an old geezer like Bernie can inspire, than other old geezers can too, no? Old folks have had their say *and will keep on having it*, just like white folks haven't suddenly dug themselves graves and hopped in quite yet despite shifting demographics. And while I'm happy to build a coalition with young people, I'd sure hate to have them dominating the party agenda with the fodder that Jill Stein thinks is passable. A little bit of democracy goes a long way sometimes. The compromise with Bernie before the convention was fine - though would have been nice if after being given the opportunity to help write the Democratic platform, half his committee members didn't skip off to 3rd party candidates or simply adopt a hostile opposition stance - kind of runs against the spirit of compromise.

    Great post. Great idea. As a (relatively) young person, 31, I fully support this. I have always wanted to run for office. But I am not sure I have what it takes. But I do intend to get more involved in the local parties. I also intend to get involved in volunteering for as many groups as I can to make a difference in the lives of those that will be most affected by this election. Hopefully I can finally put my law degree to use for something other than lining the pockets of insurance companies.

    Thank you! And thank you for dropping by here ProE. I am not sure if I have what it takes to run either, but I am just going to do it. I am hoping that more people like you and my children will join me. It is the only way we can take our country back. I want to use that slogan, taking our country back, because it is our country too!


    Together let's shake this place up. I think volunteering is a great place to make a big difference!

    How about:

    I Want My Country Forward

    Seems like the "taking my country BACK" has become a metaphor for regressive policies.  And it would make your slogan stand out from the TeaBaggers.





    I like it that is a great slogan.

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