#NoFlyList videos

    Hot new entertainment for liberals on Twitter. Many attendees at the Trump fest have, to their surprise, been placed on the TSA No Fly List:

    Just as the pandemic exhausted my entire Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime streaming lists, trumps insurrectionists are like “hold my beer.” I can watch these #NoFlyList videos all day. pic.twitter.com/46gGTVB6rl

    — Joseph Frusci (@JFrusci) January 11, 2021


    couple more

    There's no crying in terrorism #NoFlyList https://t.co/u0msle0SgR

    — Mendeedee (@Mendeedee1) January 11, 2021

    They don’t even need your face. If you were in the Capitol

    They have your number. #NoFlyList pic.twitter.com/n6n4nmabkq

    — CoolBreeze (@BreezeMountains) January 11, 2021

    Constitutional issues re: no-fly list (thanks EW - think Muslims who find themselves on them with no legal recourse, often no knowledge they're on or why, could be just a misspelling of a common name...)
    But once you land, the gravity of the situation takes over.

    Actually I'm a bit uncomfortable with the schadenfreude here. But it's nonetheless a pop culture thing worth noting. As far as the legal, I don't know, but I see that it's happening by request of the flight attendants' union?


    also 17 members of the Hawaii legislature:

    And what problem was there letting him fly back to be arrested on more convenient home turf? Over 10,000 showed up at the Capitol - are they all to be treated as criminals with no due process? How do you get home to Hawaii if not by plane?

    US law enforcement has detained "suspicious" dark-skinned people or other nom-conventionals with loads of inconvenience for decades/centuries. Transferring this Injustice onto a mass class of people is not a positive solution. Legal rules and procedures, not arbitrary detention & banning by gov/private biz coalition with uncontastable fiats.

    Some people took a bomb to the 2004 Olympics, so all sports fans can be kicked off their flights? Richard Jewell can be falsely accused? I'm sure the Stewardess union would be happy to deny Richard too. It's tough upholding rights for a mass service in the face of possible dangersm But it's worth being aware of people's rights in the middle of this, and what each missed flight means. The couple who filmed the proceedings are possibly on a no flight list or 2 by mistake. Just spoilage, gotta break a few eggs? And much of this is about zeal and Schadenfreude, not about danger (ppl will be screened well getting into flights, though obviously physical violence can still happen). Warrant, legal procedures to follow to detain and arrest those who do pose a threat. I'm pretty sure there's no podium to carry off the plane, nor computer to read emails and take selfies by.

    Ohio 2004 was documented voter repression - Ken Blackwell(?) explicitly removed voting machines in black districts. The issue should not be questioning election results - it's continuing to do it with 0 or misleading evidence (e.g. as shown by losing 60 court cases and winning only 1 irrelevant minor ruling).

    Audits and recounts *should* happen, whether demanded or not. Blanket votes against certifying several states *should never happen* *unless* there's reasonably strong evidence of foul play and the actual contesting is doable and proportional - i.e. not throwing out all votes and starting again or leaving in the incumbent or staging a Civil War.

    5000 votes stolen 2016 by GOP, proven

    That's much more than any proven theft in 2020, ignoring obvious vote repression - minority voting places that don't work/have slowdowns, taking out mail sorters...

    So to complain about a guy who misled 5000 voters, spoiling their votes, is valid to complain about. If the martin's 100k, it doesn't much matter. If the margin's 18k and there are other possible thefts, it does. But again, it relies on reasonable proof or grounds for suspicion justifying further investigation, not just spurious claims pulled out of one's butt, which should be sanctioned.

    Then there's postal disruption by the Trump-aligned - this year's events would seem to imply interference is happening more.

    But I took it that Jilani's only point was: punish the miscreants by putting them on the "No Fly List"?!

    Edit to add a reminder from way back when: the original intent of the "No Fly List" was actually to keep potential hijackers and suicide bomber types off airplanes. Not even all terrorists, just hijacking terrorists. So that everyone who paid for a ticket on the plane had a better chance to get where they are going in one piece.

    Yeah, sorry, overloading your no-flight thread w unrelated stuff.

    that's okay if you're just looking for a place to store it under keywords you can find easy,  memnomic style. I was just wondering whether I was missing some point from him, a bit confusing. He did include the votes, so....that part's related

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