Obama Unjumps Shark?

    Perhaps like Katrina was a turning point for Bush's presidency, Sandy will be a turning point for Obama's.

    After 4 years of 11-dimensional chess, this one's curiously a no-brainer - get help to people quick, get the power back on, get the payments in, streamline response.

    I was ready to write a column about how we could get resources in *before* the storm, since we knew they'd lose power, subways would be flooded - and there's Brownie criticizing Obama for acting too quickly. Well that's a good side of the fence to be on.

    And Obama's found a bipartisan partner in Christie, earnestly it seems this time. Considering the number of Republicans in office, it's been a needle in a haystack attempt.

    Maybe after the Jim Lehrer event and the current relief, Obama will find his note to sound stronger, that this *is* the purpose of government, to pool resources, to take the lead when times are bad, to make sure home education is there for those neglected, that supplies are in place for emergencies.

    After a month of being pummeled for saying the obvious on Libya, Obama has run face first into the obvious - these morons will never cut him a break. 

    So maybe he'll return to his friends, his base - I had a moment of hope going into New Years 2009 that wasn't quite realized. I have one again today - maybe the President's found his groove - maybe the 2nd term will be the right track. Fingers crossed, Semper Fi.


    One of the hallmarks of the Bush years was the systematic staffing of all kinds of agencies with people who had no interest in seeing them run properly.  Another way to put it is that they didn't believe government works and aimed to prove it.  Despite any of the problems I could name with the Obama administration, believing in the basic mission of government is a significant contrast.  It would be nice, since we're apparently stuck with a two-party system, if we could have a loyal opposition party that believes government should do things differently while still believing that there ought to be a government and that the mission of said government goes beyond protecting basic property rights for the property-laden.

    The area where I probably have the greatest agreement with Obama is that he really seems to see government as having a role in creating fundamental advances in technology.  The government shouldn't make iPads, but it should make Internets, global positioning systems and space stations.  Of course, it could also borrow at zero interest and employ out of work laborers to repair our crumbling domestic infrastructure, but Obama wants to do that, too.  Actually, if the dude would back off of Alan Simpson's jock and shitcan terminally bad ideas like the disposition matrix, I wouldn't have many problems with his governance.

    Of course, that still leaves the issue of Congress.  Anyhow, glad to hear you've finally learned to stop worrying and love the Obama.

    Anyhow, glad to hear you've finally learned to stop worrying and love the Obama.

    Does that make Obama 'da bomblaugh

    Enjoyed reading this.

    A little more upbeat, huh?

    Good for you!

    Seems like Obama is doing a good job.  He was prepared.  He's good at this stuff.

    Con-Ed and AT&T are really ticking me off, though.  Obviously, they're not adequately staffed to get resources, for which they charge New Yorkers a premium, back online in a timely manner.  And yet both companies somehow have money to pay quarterly dividends to shareholders.

    That's one of the many downsides of private monopolies.

    Agree with the points made.

    However, if Romney loses, isn't it true that one of the nation's basic freedoms, enshrined by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution as boldly proclaimed by the Roberts court in Citizens United, would be dashed on the shoals of countless ballot boxes?

    The American ideal would be set adrift that all things have a price, that dollars are speech, that God smiles on the wealthy, that the rich can silently and anonymously hold forth loudly and in triumph over the less chosen in selecting one of their own as the occupant of the highest office in the land. That principle cast asunder?  Like a Romney tax return, a Newt spouse or a Bain outsourced American job? I prefer not to believe that, until official results are in.

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