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    Prez:Sigint says Al-Q to slam dollar on default day;Cantor, Boehner, McConnell in custody for material aid to terrorists; State of Emergency

    Prez says, "We  have learned that Al Quaeda plans coordinated attacks on oil facilities around the world on the day of debt limit related default, with the intention of re-pricing oil in euros a long-standing goal they share  with Hugo Chavez.  By continuing politically motivated behavior which violates their oaths of office, these men are guilty of  furnishing material support to designated terrorist organizations.  Intent to provide such benefit is not an element of the crime.  It is a "strict liability" offense"

    Because I am the last poor deluded unfortunate who believes Rush Limbaugh when he says that Prez is the manchurian candidate, the secret socialist sleeper who plots and schemes daily to subvert capitalism, I am confident in expecting the following:

    Prez will let the repugnants dance their traitorous asses out on a long limb, then make the accusation, ship the entire house and senate repugnant caucus off to Diego Garcia for interrogation, declare a fiscal state of siege suspending the debt ceiling limit law, and go back to work.

    The following week, he can announce that Cantor and McConnell died while being questioned, but not before admitting (Cantor held out for 47 waterboards) they had been in touch with Awlaki, speaking on behalf of Zawahiri.  They are believed to have guaranteed that there would be no last minure deal, assuring Al Quaeda central that they could go ahead with their plans,

    I believe this will happen, because what's the point of Prez accumulating dictatorial powers if  he won't use them to save the Constitution?

    Call it an "auto-coup".  The traitorous Repugnants have been doing slo-mo Mossadegh deposal style disruption for decades.

    Class war, y'all

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