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    Random Thoughts On The World Part 2: The Alt Right, Terrorism and White Supremacy

    Back when I was in a movement conservatism, I met a few people who gave off a warning of the Alt Right. I wrote a few articles trying to warn of it and people told me I was crazy. At the time I tried writing about it, a man was arrested near Spokane with enough explosives to cause serious destruction during a Martin Luther King Day celebration. That along with other factors made me essentially throw in the towel. It seemed like no one cared to heed warnings.

    Given that, that movement has taken on lethal characteristics. I think Trump cynically flirted with this movement - he has greatly disappointed most of them and boasts of freeing black prisoners incarcerated during the "war on d rugs "and" record black unemployment, "which stirs responses from" What about the people who actually voted for you? "from people like Richard Spencer. He winked at them along with just about anyone else he could wink at in order to become president .

    This is not completely new. We had Timothy McVeigh in the 1990s, the Ku Klux Klan, the IRA, and Al Qaeda / ISIS / Boko Haram are essentially privilege-protecting reactionary groups in their own context. It deserves a swift condemnation the way we did Islamic terrorism. Politics gets people thinking concern over one type of terrorism is for conservatives and the other is for liberal but they are both phenomenon spurred by similar fears - Osama bin Laden famously opined about the invasion of western presence in Muslim holy lands.

    White supremacist terrorism is highly analogous to Islamist terror, with a similar mentality and motivation. Donald Trump can be seen similarly to Saddam Hussein, someone whose direct ties to terrorism are tenuous but who encouraged to achieve his own goals.

    Ted Cruz used the word "white supremacy" every bit as briskly as he did "radical Islamic terrorism," and he is a Hispanic man with a big profile in Texas. He has also been taking it to Google for monopoly practices and Boeing for safety neglect. As a senator of Texas, a very much Hispanic man, and an opponent of Islamic terrorism, I expect Ted Cruz to keep the rhetoric he had against "white supremacy" he displayed after what happened in El Paso. There is a direct line between Trump's rhetoric and what occurred.

    El Paso is not called "Step, Texas." The gringos are the invaders.

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