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    The Terrible Tabula Rasa


    me too! I am not going to bother even trying to interact with people if they can't see my facial expressions for maybe a whole year, I have quickly learned what a handicap wearing a mask is.

    One could add a mask in crowds, keep it hanging around neck. But with a group of just a few people at safe distance you can drop the mask so you can communicate like humans used to.

    Twitter cracking down on QAnon:

    Tammy Duckworth just askin':

    what you said about immigrants on another thread someplace recently here

    Yes, for many this America now Is still a better choice. 

    Also, Gladwell speaks to the "best college" mirage with a story about a girl who loved science -animal biology specifically - from early on, who got into Brown as a Dream come true, and failed miserably competing with the best and the brightest - especially in organic chemistry (what my roommate's ať the "best" pre-med school in the country called "an easy C"). If she'd picked a school where she'd easily be among the best, "I'd still be in science", even if not Ivy League. If you have to take care of a relative, you pick the options that work best with that reality. Those Koreans and Indians running shops for 30 years see their kids grow up to opportunity (if not burned down). They compare themselves to the other immigrants, not Bill Gates. Maybe their kid could run Microsoft one day like CEO Satya Nadella - that's a good dream to hold onto. But daily life is daily life.

    Story attracted me because I have heard this exact same thing from my sister-in-law:

    “No matter who is in the White House, you just have to work really hard. I kept working hard and eventually I got myself promoted. That couldn’t happen in Kenya.”

    except she has a twist: that that especially couldn't happen in Kenya to a woman. Heck, she basically thought former Yugoslavia offered better opportunity than Kenya, she ran away from home with an NGO she met to there first. To this day she goes on and on how awful her life would have been in Kenya, and she was from middle class there, her parents could afford to send her to a parochial school (which she describes as horrible too for women, like in 1940's Ireland or something.)

    and here ya go, just ran across it-2nd gen:

    And with thw "Doctor" title, almost no one will ever pay attention to what school she went to, what grades she got, etc. All our status-fucking in choosing schools Is a waste of time and a bonanza for unscrupulous grifters the whole industry round. Sure, at some level researching vaccines and cures it makes a difference. And Diploma Mills Are dangerous in this realm. But for the normal treatment most doctors do, more years familiarizing and continuously updating on the standard suites of ills and treatments is more useful than deepdives into arcane medicine.

    Holy shit. I am starting to think the plan is to push everyone over 50 into home imprisonment until death, preferably sooner rather than later from coronavirus as that will eat up less Social Security.

    Boris is still trying to compete with the Donald: who be the bestest?

    did someone mention property damage on another thread?

    Seems I recall an Indian immigrant who'd lost 30 years of her life's work in someone woke's momentary fit of destruction, plus a Vietnamese mother-daughter team's loss of their pawn shop, but hey, take it to the man.

    I'm normally loathe for Winnie Quotes, but "Democracy's the worst system except for all the others" kind of comes to mind. At least it generally evolves. Not sure where Mao's Great Leap Forward led.

    Some memes certainly do stand out here as evergreen for The Donald:

    She's prepared, she's concise, she's to the point. If only more journalists were this spot on.

    THE WALL, OH THE HUMANITY! (or anti-humanity?) I read somewhere that people had already warned that a hurricane might cause this to happen to the privately funded section, and it is happening!

    if it fell on the Mexico side they should charge Trump a storage fee

    — Matt Oswalt (@MattOswaltVA) July 26, 2020

    It was money better spent than buying more guns, or sending it in to the RNC or affiliates for plandemic ads or "Vote Trump! What Do You Have Left to Lose?"

    legislators and lobbyists gone wild, race to insert claim for free money for everyone's pet project, you just gotta know the legislation drafters to get yours in there at the last minute:

    oh what a surprise NOT. Jared was that you?

    Maggie Haberman retweeted & she knows his wants and desires.

    If you're looking for some laughs, check out the replies to this,. where Never Trumpers react to Trumpies going to level Douche-Con One and they venture guesses about "Brent Strongballs":

    You mentioned 3-dimensional chess elsewhere. I think Yglesis is not being facetious here, especially as he has had his own troubles with "libs" over time covering business news in the past.

    Elon Musk trolling liberals with bad tweets to make liberals say mean things about him to make conservatives want to help his solar power & electric car company is honestly the most plausible theory of how to get a bipartisan climate bill done that I've heard.

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) July 28, 2020

    In this case isnt it just chess?

    GOP: *Dems* made us halt RNC (nothing to do with Florida moving to #2 in infections, to be #1 by next week)

    campaign meme:

    Opening up suits to Trump negligence & stupidity? Good luck with that. The "reasinable man" standard takes a beating.

    aha, methinks my inkling is right, seems poll tested:

    a reminder that the Lincoln Project has put a target on Lindsey's back, he has to come up with some creative stuff.

    wrong! protestin' on the streets is priority, about BLM and stuff.

    Your Mom called - said you didnt pack your lunch and be home early after school

    Changing perspectives

    Deep Fakes: Rake it til You Make it

    neato Uncle Joe gif

    waaaaaah, mother!

    TikTok Data Apocalypse

    Cost of public legal docs win

    The End of Liberty / Falwell?

    Belarus goes tits up

    Who ya gonna believe? A trusted news source? Or your lying eyes?

    Euronews: Belarus presidential election: Lukashenko gets 80% in preliminary results

    #Belarus continues this eve. Still disappointing the lukewarm headlines like "Some critics say irregularities". The press has abandoned Its ability to make critical real-time judgments - Its all opinion page now with a few facts thrown in for comfort.

    Number of protesters in the city center subsided. People go away in smaller groups.

    Next country-wide rally is scheduled for 7pm Monday

    — Denis Kazakiewicz (@Den_2042) August 9, 2020

    newsmaking lineup for Bill Maher's Friday night show:


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