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    [CAPITALIST GAMBLING Craze] Colin Kaepernick & Wilbur Ross will partake of SPACS, among many others

    NEW: Colin Kaepernick today disclosed that he has formed a blank-check company that will seek to raise $250 million in an IPO.

    — Axios (@axios) February 10, 2021

    Wilbur Ross's initial “re-entry into the private sector” is a SPAC for which a $300 million IPO is planned

    — Bloomberg Wealth (@wealth) February 9, 2021

    SPACs have been very lucrative for the sponsor.

    "The average SPAC sponsor return less concessions, forfeiture and vesting over the last two years was 648%."

    From Michael Cembalest at JPM

    — Michael Batnick (@michaelbatnick) February 8, 2021

    Chinese EV startup Byton explores listing via SPAC deal -sources

    — Reuters (@Reuters) February 8, 2021

    .@Payoneer CEO Scott Galit on his company's $3.3 billion deal with FTOC Chairman Betsy Cohen's SPAC:

    — Yahoo Finance (@YahooFinance) February 9, 2021

    The updated #SPAC Sponsor Leaderboard — only takes the quantity of SPACs into consideration.

    New additions: Mark Ein CAP, Joanna Coles $STIC $NSTB

    SPAC Track (@SPACtrack) February 9, 2021

    Rumored SPAC targets

    2021 will be an exciting year for SPACs!

    Which SPACs will acquire these!?! We shall see....#SPACs

    — Joseph Zuniga (@joeyzunn) February 9, 2021

    Exciting news out from @VoltaCharging today as they go public with a $2 billion SPAC merger.@EnergizeVc led or co-led three investment rounds since that first meeting and can't wait to #DriveForward with the Volta team and Tortoise Acquisition Corp II.

    — John Tough (@JohnJTough) February 8, 2021

    Hey Ian @IanKingSky - neat article on SPACs just now. Do you want to check out The People's SPAC on ?
    Happy to connect you to the people to speak on it.

    — OurSPAC (@Our_SPAC) February 9, 2021

    Biden and the Democrats will not have succeeded with economic stimulus until every American taxpayer has his or her own SPAC.

    — Dan Primack (@danprimack) February 10, 2021

    You get a SPAC, aaaand you get a SPAC...

    — Joe Burger (@Joe82652281) February 10, 2021


    Oh and David Hogg of the Parkland kids is doing a startup selling pillows to compete with Mike Liddell's My Pillow:

    so you can now have liberal or conservative pillows.

    Hey, Hillary asked if she should get Obama a pillow - influencer?

    Seems the whole indy investment trend is straight out of Road Warrior. Gonna be brutal.

    In the back of my mind reading all this road warrior capitalist stuff, I can't not be reminded of this:

    “We need to not ever use the word ‘socialist’ or ‘socialism’ ever again. . . . We lost good members because of that,” Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), who narrowly leads in her reelection bid, said heatedly. “If we are classifying Tuesday as a success . . . we will get f---ing torn apart in 2022.”

    especially when some wag on twitter mentioned about some kid all excited cashing out his winnings on Gamestop, "did anyone tell him about the capital gains tax owed?"

    Edit to add: also too, there is this general mood or zeitgeist people are noticing around NYC, how nobody seems to be chomping at the bit to get back to working the old way, and anyone who does still have to show up for an actual job away from home seems to be getting real surly about it, like "why am I the only one who has to work?" It's like nobody wants to be an employee of anyone else persons seem especially angry, to a one, and everyone has U.S. mail delivery horror stories..

    so Dagblog knew about this a day before NYTimes Dealbook published on it (I know: that and two cents will get you...)

    Here's how I see the trend: everybody wants to be a capitalist, nobody wants to work for wages anymore. No doubt scrambling for dough to live on during lockdowns has helped many see that "light," that there are other ways to make a living. Bernie bros contingent losing popularity big time.  It may not last long, but it's real.

    P.S. Kaepernik is just another role model for this, he's shut out of working for "wages", capitalism gives him powah to be true to his self, his own man, don't need no boss men.

    looking like they need to coin a new word, as "bubble" or "irrational exuberance" doesn't seem adequate:

    Who's dating in a pandemic?

    TikTok Investors is amused:

    betting on Spirit Airlines:


    Jeez, these guys know nothing about Fight for the Right to Party.
    And "cruelty is the point"? what kind of animals does he think we/he are?
    If you cut us, do we not bleed?

    Still looks like a common answer to "wassup?" to me, seeing lots of this type of thing:

    Jim Cramer and Dave Portnoy TOGETHER !!! A combo made in heaven especially if you like stimulants:


    this guy doesn't even realize he's just Burning Man dejas vus allover again

    Rainbow Festival going Kandinsky?

    Michelle Goldberg opines on the meme:

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