Stuff. Room for stuff.

    Yeah, everyone needs an overflow room, things that kinda fit, (maybe when you lose a few pounds?), So we'll just pít em over here.

    Read this girl's thread. She's Indonésan So you dont.


    my understanding this is why there's so many flaming sunset photos on social media...


    Ok, whatever you say, it's your stuff. Here, you've been mentioning T-shirts lately, maybe you can use this

    Walmart will stop selling ‘All Lives Matter’ shirts, but keep ‘Blue Lives Matter’ merchandise

    Posted Jun 30, 2020 @

    I think the corporate reasoning therein will amuse, because they want to make it clear that they nonetheless fundamentally believe all lives do matter. laugh

    Hmmm, thot u'd like laser sunsets - no accounting 4 taste

    Hmm, did u get her banned just cuz you no like laser sunsets? Cancel culture dee-lux.

    ever think it might be a curse where everywhere you go gets banned?cheeky

    I think they're out there, watching. Lost one on Facebook too. When youre too close to the truth it gets dangerous.

    oh that reminds me did you see how a bunch of big corporate Facebook advertisers have ganged up hard on Zuckerberg's ass about getting tougher on "hate speech"?

    It's an interesting problem that human moderators that aren't idjits would have to be paid better than the social media sites are used to. A.I. doesn't cut it--myself I don't think it ever will be able to do something like that well, but even if it's possible to do nearly as well as a smart empathetic human it won't be for a long time.

    It's hard to get a man to do something when his paycheck depends on him doing the opposite.

    Downside to the math fans, they can be blunt and a real bummer sometimes:

    you should go try to talk to it, tell it how you wore a mask early on...


    gawd, makes me just wanna cry

    New Lincoln Project ad?

    Teacher in bizarre student love case dies, student/ex-husband with her to end.

    roger that:

    Poison Ivy - Drew Barrymore's fat pas - not enough to acknowledge fat - have to embrace it.

    perhaps you might like the "Animals Being Jerks" account:

    since Paul Bronks (was that his name) disappeared

    He's back!!!

    oh thanks

    p.s. this guy sometimes has real good anthropomorphism/animals videos, like this one for example (though he doesn't embellish with words:)

    Yes, putting the F Word in animals' mouths Is one of his most impressive talents. Making humans look pathetic as well.

    Highlighting Animal perversity as well

    Amazing how quickly and easily court cases and charges got carried out against Trump's Enemy #1 at the time. How liberalas embraced the rightness of Nokia, their typical conglomerate ally. (a bit of cash to Kap, all's cool)

    Maybe Avenatti did all they say he did, but for a year he was the only hardball opponent to Trump, took down Trump's lawyer for making payoffs for Trump, who now Is getting a publishing gag order.  They murdered Epstein to keep him from talking - AG Barr showed up at the jail a day or two before the "suicide", cell partner transferred, 2 security cameras miraculously turned off, 2nd "suiciding" in weeks took place.

    Some wicked people at work here - makes the Bush years seem quite regular.


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