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    Watching the Outhouse Implode


    1880 town outhouse.jpg
    "1880 town outhouse" by Patrick Bolduan from Tokyo, Japan - Outhouse. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.


    Since D Day is on a sabbatical, It is time for some of his type of political wisdom. I will try to fill in for him.

    Trump came along and has exposed the GOP base for what it is.  It is not Benghazi, or anything else like "no taxes" holds the GOP voter base together.  It is hate wrapped up in a pretty package called social issues. He throws nothing but hateful sound bites at the voter base and they lap it up. Lacking real ideas he say "Everything is going to be just great or Yuuge." He has not one policy in his campaign.

    So the rest of us began to realize the GOP base don't like the oligarchy fleecing them any more then the Democrats and Independents do.  The GOP base just can't see the forest for the hateful trees they cling too. 

    The GOP has been strutting around for the last 40 years acting like their poop don't stink.  

    There is nothing that smells worse then hate. It has a real stench to it.

    I have been watching in utter fascination at them since Trump jumped into the manure and started slinging it around.

    RNC can't figure out how to clean up the mess Trump is making out of their pile.

    Koch's golden hair boy flat lines and dies because he has been rolling in it.

    The Republican Speaker of the House says it is time to retire and clean out the crap in the barn.



    The person that is second in line to take his place, admits to the Benghazi investigation has been nothing but crap.  



    The BFF of the KKK decides to throw his hat in the ring for Speaker of the House. Even after the head of Planned Parenthood dances all around him, holding her nose with a pink hanky, exposing him for the stupid stinker he is the day before. 



    The Pope comes and visits the Congress. Points out the crises of global warming and their need to care for the sick and poor people which goes against GOP policies. He also grants parochial visits to people and one of them turns out to be a homophobic news hound.  After he leaves our country, the lawyer to the homophobe tries to spin it into support for her cause. Only the Vatican sets things straight and point out the spin is nothing but BS.

    I have been waiting for this since 1980.  

    Well, I will just have to stay tuned to see what crawls out of the manure next?

    That is all I got. 


    Great job, Momo!  

    Thanks.  I had fun. 


    I always say, an outhouse implosion is better than an in-house explosion ...  Thanks for picking up the challenge of trying to fill the void left by DD's absence.  I've been wondering why he hasn't been around and I was starting to worry.  Now that I know it's a planned 'sabbatical'  I can relax a bit.  I'll see if the corners of my mind are hiding any good rants that can be expanded into DD-like homages..

    I think he is off line to save money for a better computer or try to get his old one fixed. He has said after his computer stuttered out a bunch of the same comments that he needed a brake for 2 months.  Only it stuttered 222 months. That was his last comment.  I also think windows 8 stumped him. He had figured out that if he went off line and dropped his services like netfilx he could save enough in 2 months.  He was going to do this a few months ago but one of our friends helped him work out some problems. I will message you on face book. 

    I had fun writing this.  It started out as a comment and then decided that it needed to be a DD blog.  I giggle through the whole thing.  I just wish I was a better word smith. I know he would have not picked show tunes but that was what came to mind. 

    I also thought we all needed a little diversion because the news has been so bad.  


    That was fun, Momoe.  You should do this more often.  You're good at it!

    It started out as a comment and I thought it was to good to waste on just PP.and be lost in the News forever.   It needed to be dressed up a little and given it's own post, so I copied it over here. 

    You have to look past all the spin and all that is really there are bozos.  

    Thanks I will try to do another one one of these days. 


    BTW, here's what Peak Trump looks like.

    *giggle*  Lookie there "a Trump Hump."  *giggle*  Did you find that in the manure pile? Or was it hanging on the outhouse door?  *giggle*

    What some call a Trump Hump, others call a "hair raising experience".



    Cowsills, eh? You resurrected some memory cells I'd have preferred leave interred.

    I thought the Revolver TV fit right in with the GOP gun crazies.  

    Yes, you've tapped into their Zeitgeist. Perhaps you could lead them into the desert to starve to death while you've got the vibe...

    On the serious side, what is left of the GOP base seems very fickled. It has been like that in the last few election cycles. They go through a flavor of the month until the dozen or so candidates winnow out.  Democrats would rather fight over a couple of candidates during the primary. I guess Charles Koch is favoring Carly the Queen of Lies and Rubio Tweedle dumb.  I am beginning to wonder about his judgment after Snotty Walker.  I know Carson is not going to do well when the primaries move to the Piney Woods with deer stands in the south. They won't vote for his flavor. So who knows with a bench like that. 

    To be honest. I think it is one of the worst benches any party has ever produced in my life time.  2012 was a real bad bench too but they did have Romney. 

    Just came across this article, apparently outhouses are the new big thing in the news. You're a thought leader!

    Leading from behinds?

    It is always better bring up the rears then to be on point. 

    Beating a slow retreat may display both, en point et en garde


    Your article did point out how important they once were.  Maybe we might get the chance to say the same thing about the GOP.  

    I never saw this. hahahahahahha!

    I was on sabbatical !

    And you got 2k hits.

    I cannot stop laughing in the middle of the night a month later.

    Just cause I came back?

    We need you



    Well found it. 

    I am glad you enjoyed it. 

    I still think their out house that Regan built is imploding. 

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