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    A Word of Caution for Those Rushing Out to Celebrate Their Release From 'Captivity'

    The pressure is on to "reopen" the economy (a misnaming of what needs to happen). The vision of what that means and the reality that will continue to evolve are in vast conflict. However, regardless of vision, there is a harsh reality that few seem to understand.

    It is more dangerous to be out in public now than at any time since January 22, when we first became aware that there was one person with the virus in the U.S.

    How many reading this are saying "Say WHAT!?"

    This is a reality that I (and most who are at high risk for this virus) have lived with over the brief but endless, course of this pandemic: every day there are more people exposed to and potentially shedding this virus than the day before. This will be the case until there is an effective and safe vaccine and enough people have received that vaccine to make this no longer a "novel" virus. This is especially true in those areas where the virus is on the increase, but the sad reality is that it only takes one person moving around high traffic areas to be a "super spreader" infecting hundreds, if not thousands, of people. This is the case in Seoul, South Korea where there had not been any known new infections for four days. and then a young man unknowingly shedding the virus went to several nightclubs:

    The weekend before last, a 29-year-old South Korean man visited five nightclubs in Seoul, where he partied with around 7,200 other people. Five days later — on the same day South Korea relaxed social distancing measures — he tested positive for Covid-19, becoming the country’s first local infection in four days. (Vox)

    I watch people swarming out, frustrated at containment and restrictions. The overwhelming majority not using any type of mask nor following physical distancing guidelines. I see some with masks, worn incorrectly, with their nose sticking out above the mask, or even down under their chin. The reality is that the virus can enter our system through eyes, nose, or mouth (or I assume, an open wound).

    I am disturbed that people somehow seem to think that the pandemic is over. I have no idea why they would think that other than the magical thinking of president Trump. Trump has given up on even containment of the virus (as that would require testing which would uncover more of those infected and those numbers would look bad for him) and urges (armed) "liberation" and sending "warriors" out to restore the economy - certain losses will be necessary, collateral damage in military-bureaucratic parlance. Do you want to be collateral damage?

    Germ cartoonTaking Precautions to Lower the Odds of Being Collateral Damage

    As the pandemic drags on (and I imagine we are looking at years, not months) we are going to have to enter the public space for one reason or another. I know folks on dagblog are well-versed in taking adequate protection, but I'll throw this in anyway. So what can you do to protect yourself and those around you?

    • Wear what protective gear that you can - mask, goggles (or wrap-around glasses to be less conspicuous), gloves, head covering, and outer clothing that can be removed. Overalls could be the new fashion statement.
    • Carry hand sanitizer and wipes with you.
    • Keep your distance, particularly from anyone who is not wearing a mask or is coughing, sneezing, yelling, or singing. Yes, singing and sneezing both broadcast particles further faster than talking or coughing,
    • When you get home, remove shoes and outer layers of clothing and go immediately to the shower.
    • For purchases that you make while out, or ordered, decontaminate them with soapy water, alcohol, or disinfectant. I have a spray bottle of soapy water and drying rags outside my door, and I spray down all packages and content (and my shoes).
    • I don't encourage eating out, but especially avoid buffets, salad and soup bars.

    Encourage friends and family to follow the same careful strategy as yourself and you will soon have a group with whom you can interact - with due caution.

    Please remember that this is a novel virus. That means that we don't know much about it, and are learning (hopefully) as we go along. If you are watching the news then you are aware that there are new manifestations and consequences of Covid-19 being reported on a regular basis, and some of those are happening well after exposure. This is a dangerous virus and it will likely mutate over time. We are a long way from out of the woods with this pandemic. And one more thing. An infection anywhere is an infection everywhere with a pandemic.

    Be careful out there - and hold onto your patience.


    I am shocked you have to warn people to avoid buffets as we don't have any such thing available in the NYC tri-state region anymore! All markets are now devoid of anything self-serve, i.e., no more make you own carton from a mixture of olives, everything is prepackaged. Some deli counters with prepared foods are coming back but everything is behind glass and plexi and you tell the attendant what you want and he'/she is basically in full hazmat. Makes me wonder what servers will look like when some fancy restaurants reopen with social distancing, maybe serve you with one of those expanding arms....

    And then you have the folks in the bars in Wisconsin; eating peanuts or whatever out of the communal bowls; everyone in each other's faces. I HATE that Trump and his sycophants have made even acknowledging there is a problem a flashing red political issue. I can see ads where folks sit around a table with a huge bowl of stew and everyone eating out of that bowl in their Trump 2020 hats.

    I don't believe that the masks/face coverings that are being recommended offer much in the way of protection, but they do offer some dispersal effect. Personally, I have felt from the beginning of this insanity that EVERYONE should be wearing N-95 masks as they (or full-on respirators) are the only things that actually offer protection. I have been wearing N-95 masks in public setting since my transplant in June 2011, and I will continue to do so in this situation. Regardless, we all know the situation with those masks, and I hope that changes soon.


    Social distancing, Ocean City Maryland style. 

    [often easier to switch to plain text and paste in embed code - also get rid of paragraphs that the blog adds - PP]

    Do note the camera effect makes everyone look closer than they are. As someone noted, guy with baby keeps walking and walking, but never reaches anyone. Long-depth zoom. Fake news., At least a bit.

    Oh yeah,  yet no (1?) masks noted, these people think "we have prevailed" , Trump's bs.

    I don't know much about photographic monkey business, but this looks like a crowd at any distance. And no, I'm not seeing masks either.

    Look at the guy in the black t-shirt walking towards you. And he walks and he walks and never gets any closer. Because in reality he's 50 yards out rather than 5 - all lens tricks. Would be great if they wore masks, but if they're somewhat separated (which we can't rightfully tell) in outdoors space it's not such a big deal. Thousands of people jammed together at customs inside the terminal was a much much bigger deal, as was infected people confined in nursing or VA homes breathing all over each other. 2 hairdressers infected like 150 customers in Missouri(?) - a lot bigger problems than people dispersed out at the beach.

    I am seeing a lot of young people on TV tonight in cities around the country not following your advice, Libre Wolf.  Just sayin'.

    (Also noted: most cops have face shields and gloves, not to mention thick clothing covering full body.)

    Brooklyn's finest police and protestors both, protecting fellow citizens from spread of the dreaded coronavirus. Each and everyone there (including those just casually walking through! watch carefully and you'll see them)  have forfeited any right to complain about beachgoers in Florida or people enjoying mother's day brunch in Colorado:

    Mayor DeBlasio tweeted this eight minutes before this was posted: “Our police officers have been given a very clear instruction: as always, respect peaceful protest. We in this city have a long history of respecting every kind of viewpoint.”

    — Angelo Guisado (@VoltaireLaFlare) May 30, 2020

    It's not that hard to go home when there's a bar brawl going on, I don't see much diff here.


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