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    College Football: Stranger than Fiction

    From Inside Higher Ed:

    Southern Cal Signs 13-Year-Old Quarterback

    Need more evidence of the disconnect between big-time college sports and the institutions to which they are appended? The University of Southern California's football team has committed one of its football scholarships for the 2015 entering class to David Sills, a 13-year-old quarterback at a middle school in Delaware, The News-Journal of Wilmington reported. Lane Kiffin, the new coach at Southern Cal, made a similar signing of a 13-year-old last year when he was at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, and that player is presumably out of luck now that Kiffin has moved on to USC. Sills told ESPN that Southern Cal has always been his "dream school." Reports that USC's admissions office is offering slots in its 2015 undergraduate class to several very talented middle school mathematicians are false.

    And no, this is not one of Wolfie's posts. Reality (or reality as understood by NCAA Division I) is apparently after Wolfie's market share.

    I really have nothing to add except that I deeply admire the snark of that last paragraph and that it is illegal to hold anyone to a contract that they signed when they were thirteen.



    Reality is really doing it's best to destroy the only thing I'm any good at.

    I had to go read the article for myself. It's not that I thought that'd you lie to me, it's just that the snark in that last sentence of your quoted paragraph is so dagblog-worthy that I had a hard time believeing it came from

    I know. I had to check myself. (Although academics are more than capable of snark ... as you would be after enough faculty meetings.)

    And of course I'd never lie to you, Nebbie.

    Go Flyers!!!

    I saw that! Hey, if we can beat the mighty Penguins and the even-mightier Caps, we can handle anything Philadelphia throws at us. Especially after acquiring Dominic Moore and calling up P.K. Subban. I can taste the wine in the Cup now.

    It's a joke from a Leafs site I frequent - Pension Plan Puppets. Great hockey site. Anyway, someone was going back over the archives, looking for the all-time stupidest comments, and they found that 9 out of the top 10 were followed by "Go Flyers!" So now, whenever someone says something particularly stupid, it gets a Go Flyers! Always makes me laugh.

    BTW, is it legal to drink wine from the Cup? I mean, sure, if FRANCE won or somethin'. But aren't you guys still Canadians?

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