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    Stop Taking The Bait

    Bill O'Reilly's sophomoric attempt to shade Maxine Waters wasn’t funny: you don't go after our Auntie no matter what! He thought he was being clever with his James Brown joke, but ended up stepping in a pile of his own oral feces. He tried to diminish the points she was making about the Trump administration and got away with it. We should call out his ignorance, but we can't allow it to overshadow the statements that put it on display. a lot of the outrage I’ve seen on social media has been just as distracting as his failed attempt at humor. After 20 plus years in public life we know O'Reilly is a bigot and that Fox news will defended him no matter what he says or does; these facts have no bearing on this issue. Representative Waters was engaging in a monologue on the House floor about the legacy of discriminatory practices in our country and the faux patriots who seem to sit out every fight for equality. Instead of addressing that issue O'Reilly chose to punt. Bill O’Reilly’s childish response to her polemic has gotten more traction than the substance of the comments she was making: this offends me more than any bad joke the serial misogynist, racist, and domestic abuser could ever tell.

    Bill O’Reilly, like a lot of people tasked with defending this administration, would rather obfuscate the real issues at hand with ad hominem attacks and faulty logic than address them. We have to stop taking the bait. O'Reilly succeeded in changing the conversation. He issued a weak apology on his show and then proceeded to slyly attack the congresswoman further proving her point about the way "patriots" address discrimination and equality. Yes, we have to address the ignorance around us, but we don't have to reward it with wall to wall coverage. We have to find a balance. The media should start treating this administration and their defenders like petulant children and stop rewarding their bad behavior with attention. I know this seems hypocritical in a blog about this subject, but we have to do better- All of us!







    We need to remember that we are dealing with Reactionaries. O'Reilly pines for the good old days when white men could make their racist jokes and face no pushback. O'Reilly was the guy who was surprised that blacks used eating utensils at the Harlem restaurant "Sylvia's". He has not changed. Bill thinks Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. His mindset is shared by Trump, Bannon, Sessions, Priebus, Ryan, etc. None of those entities see black people as human. Remember Rand Paul came to talk at Howard University and thought that he could teach black history to the black university students. Rand was unable to remember the name of Edward Brooke. The students quickly provided him with the name. We are dealing with deplorable people.

    Sean Spicer felt that he could tell April Ryan how to react to the lies he repeats from his podium at the White House. How dare Spicer tell a black woman how to behave. The WH press corps should all be shaking their heads at the lies Spicer tells, but they don't. Spicer is a deplorable.

    I share your disgust. Reactionaries have no soul or empathy. Paul Ryan is gleeful about people not having access to health care. The budget guy looked like he was having an orgasm with his description of cutting grandma off Meals On Wheels. We saw McConnell go after Elizabeth Warren. Another deplorable act.

    The Reactionaries are ignoring the incompetence of the Trump administration. Trump has Ivanka and Jared in positions of power based solely on nepotism. Ivanka and Jared are the next generation deplorables.

    The Reactionaries are racists and misogynists. The people who support them are despicable.

    Edit to add:

    Hillary Clinton took note of what happened to Maxine Waters and April Ryan



    I. Am. So. Over. The. Right. Wing!

    Wingnut and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh added to the assault on black women with a nonsensical post about CNN unfit Angela Rye


    Trump's election caused the nuts to fall from the trees

    Edit to add:

    Spicer saw no need to apologize to April Ryan


    Mr. Cardwell... Yup... It's all smoke...

    Bill O’Really, like a lot of people tasked with defending this administration, would rather obfuscate the real issues at hand with ad hominem attacks and faulty logic than address them. We have to stop taking the bait.

    A Representative such as Waters is not only open to attack due to her outspoken ways, she also sits on a huge dossier of both domestic and international banking information and transaction records as the Ranking Member oF the Committee on Financial Services and the sub-committees of Monetary Policy and Trade, Oversight and Investigations, and Terrorism and Illicit Finance. I go so far as to say she has more dirt on these "scumbags" than has been washed out of the Grand Canyon.

    Oh and yes. This dossier she controls is privileged info in the eyes of the law. But having that knowledge CONTAINED in that information is a very powerful tool to have when push comes to shove and it comes time for an investigation with the power of subpoena to throw light on the following...

    "This man is questionable. And because we have suspicions -- many of us -- about who is, where he came from, what his actions are, and all of his conflicts ... we have to find out more about him and some of that leads to the possibility of impeachment." CNN - February 6, 2017


    Billo and all the rest is all smoke and bullshit...


    Thank you for doing this post.

    Especially this:

    We have to stop taking the bait

    This very tired very old conservative talking head and serial sexual harassing old fart who knows no new tricks does not deserve being taken seriously. Goodness only knows why she is even paying attention to what he says in the first place.If you are going to be outraged by this character who likes nothing more than to see liberal outrage, and he most certainly is a character, you are giving him respect he does not deserve. Treat him like a tired old borsch-belt style comedian and just boo his jokes as in bad taste and not funny, not as a serious commentator on politics. Make him the joke as so many others have already done.

    P.S. to those who disagree: name me one conservative you've heard quote him in the last year.


    He's got the highest rated news show on any cable network. No matter how much we think he and his show is a joke. The only two people who were willing to challenge him at fox are gone. George Will was fired and Megan Kelly left. So he's the king of that heap. No matter how much we think fox is a joke it's the highest rated cable news network.

    Fox News is not viewed by a majority of people in the United States.


    The number two Network on cable is ESPN. If the adult channels were free, they would dominate over Fox News.

    CNN brought Joe Walsh on to have a conversation with Angela Rye. Rye handled Walsh perfectly.


    Bigots don't care that they are bigots.

    Axios.com: A firestorm of reports (with links to same) from credible journalists surfaced Tuesday, all pointing to the same conclusion: The Murdoch support that has been keeping primetime anchor Bill O'Reilly at the network is waning, and reports could surface by the end of the week that the O'Reilly Factor star will likely not return to his primetime seat after his Italian vacation [....]

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