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Don’t tell ‘em. Sell ‘em

 Rick Perlstein  writes a brief and enlightening history of the conservative battle to destroy  liberals in First Principles: The Role of Government,  part of the winter issue of Democracy Journal.  The republicans have used the power of media for many  more years than I had imagined and the paranoia that fuels the fight seems to have been around even longer.  (N.B. I’m taking just a few snippets from Perlstein’s article here, but I hi

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From cat food to prime rib?

I had expected the very worst from Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson, but I confess that I was impressed  and pleasantly surprised with  their draft proposal for shoring up Social Security.  So was Peter Orzsag, which gives me pause, but Kevin Drum over at Mother Jones likes it, too, so maybe I’m not on too far wrong.  None of this affects me directly that I know of because I am already a beneficiary of SS.  I am con

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Please watch and pass it along

Steve Benen at Political Animal has put together this video.  I don't know about you, but I'm tired of all the political ads smearing candidates.  This one is very convincing in a subtle way.  Please send it along to people you know who are thinking of opting out in 2010.

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