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What was revolutionary about the Western concept of high art

In a nutshell:

McLuhan is of course right. The issue is knowing whether you're the king's courtier or the brat. Since being the brat-rebel is cool, many courtiers fancy themselves that, when in fact they're the complete opposite. There is however one clear sing you're the brat...

Yo, gentlemen! that dad style and L.L.Bean thing has grown so tiresome

think disco inferno blaxploitation Oscar Wilde?...

Tom Ford: Fall 2019

— NYT Fashion (@NYTFashion) February 7, 2019


If you like to know about worthwhile Twitter Feeds

Noah Smith has a smart and informed bunch of followers and as of now, he has 326 answers to this excellent question:

Wednesday open question: If you could only follow three Twitter accounts, what would they be?

— Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) February 7, 2019

The bots explained

Smart TV's are dumb

Your TV Is Now a Computer, but Not in a Good Way by Alexis Madrigal @, Jan. 24. You don’t really own it, and it breaks in unpredictable ways.

Reading this made arta want to rant in despair.

This story brings back all kinds of nightmares for me, all the many frustrating aggravating and sometimes even frightening times dealing with PC's and their software in the 90's and cell phone cos. a decade ago and even MaBell in the 70's.... Why does this keep happening to us with each new technology change?

Striking example of how numbers can "lie"

The absurdity of televised White House press briefings strikes hard here

Cartoon vision of wealth

A wealth tax would be bad.

Also the way Bezos would handle it would be to immediately dump his assets into a family trust, and only be taxed on his income. That's what the wealthy in other wealth-taxing countries do.

As a side bonus, it makes the money way harder to trace!



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