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Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter III

“In much of the Western world, the liberal takeover of institutions is nearly complete. But the revolution isn’t coming.” — @verdur_in observes a reactionary backlash emerging instead

SNL on straight guys

Affirmative action results

Putin Delves Back Into American Culture Warring

In a speech to Russia's federal assembly, Putin tried to get the attention of right-wingers in countries allied with Ukraine.

Feb. 21, by Josh Kovensky (Kovensky is based in New York. He previously worked for the Kyiv Post in Ukraine, covering politics, business, and corruption there)

[AFRICA - it's an entire continent & we don't pay enough attention]

Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter II

Chapter I is here: Woke & cancel culture gone wild. It got mysteriously locked to new comments, so I am starting a second thread.

Can we stop with the narrative about how it's all about fueling the anger of white right-wingers now?

It's about mentally ill people, mostly men, acting out their anger, whatever it is, using wmd's. And it comes in many varieties. All Trumpies do not do mass shootings, most just scream at rallies and post nasty words on social media. Same for neo-Nazis! All of them don't drive through crowds with their cars. Just as all people with black skin do not shoot other people with black skin because of their irrational anger at those they work with, or those with Asian features, for that matter. I will admit only to: sticks, stones,knives and guns will break bones BUT words, they mostly inspire only the mentally ill to violent action. Most Walmart managers (of any color skin) do not crack and shoot up their store >

"Here be humans"

'The Woman King' tells the story of the Agojie

But in real life, the fierce women warriors played a controversial role in the translatlantic slave trade.

Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle Trash Talk Will Smith at UK Comedy Show


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