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Unexpected; surprising. Slowly rising spine-tingling, like Francis Scott Key dejas vus allover again

Thread: EXTREMISTS are everywhere and come in infinite varieties

Comes to mind that one of the questions immigrants were asked at Ellis Island in the early 20th century was: Are you an anarchist?

Reichsbürger (“citizens of the Reich”) – members of Germany’s anti-establishment, sovereign citizen conspiracy movement

‘Nazi Druid’ Accused of Hoarding Weapons to Prepare for Society’s Collapse via @viceworldnews

— Dr. Christine Sarteschi, PhD, LCSW (@DrSarteschi) January 7, 2022


A great number of people active Twitter are mourning as they will no longer be able to have Betty White trending as a joke that she is not dead. crying

Dem big-city mayors: switching from BLM "bullshit" woke to the Eric Adams pro-policing model, or not?

Big news: San Francisco Mayor @LondonBreed has just announced a major crackdown on crime, including open air drug dealing, car break-ins, & retail theft

The plan contains much of what I & my colleagues @calif_peace have been advocating

This is a big step in the right direction

— Michael Shellenberger (@ShellenbergerMD) December 14, 2021


Another example of White Privilege. Oops. Another example of how things can turn out if you can afford expensive lawyers.

Jimmy Carter = Captain America

I noticed this meme went viral yesterday:

Jimmy Carter was the closest thing we ever had to a Captain America.

— Cheryl Lynn Eaton (@cheryllynneaton) December 16, 2021

GOP in disarray

(Valdez is running against Lauren Boebert)

Colton Underwood Comes Out and Comes Clean

I had no idea that reality TV had come such a long way from the improved stereotypes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. If we're not going to get them to read, at least they're getting the complexity of a good novel. -

A good example of how the rich of today

are not the same as the rich of the Reagan era:


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