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Mr. T trending on Twitter (It's not over)

Anti-migrant in 'sanctuary' cities

Ukraine War news

Reporter to Zelensky: "How soon after the war would you like to be in NATO?"

Biden: "An hour and 20 minutes. You guys ask really insightful questions."

Just another example of how quick and sharp Biden is, despite the narrative being pushed by some…

Hello! Speaking truth to power: it's just frigging entertainment

Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter III

“In much of the Western world, the liberal takeover of institutions is nearly complete. But the revolution isn’t coming.” — @verdur_in observes a reactionary backlash emerging instead

SNL on straight guys

Affirmative action results

Putin Delves Back Into American Culture Warring

In a speech to Russia's federal assembly, Putin tried to get the attention of right-wingers in countries allied with Ukraine.

Feb. 21, by Josh Kovensky (Kovensky is based in New York. He previously worked for the Kyiv Post in Ukraine, covering politics, business, and corruption there)

[AFRICA - it's an entire continent & we don't pay enough attention]

Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter II

Chapter I is here: Woke & cancel culture gone wild. It got mysteriously locked to new comments, so I am starting a second thread.


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