The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

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Simone Biles

The U.N. goes KPop (not a parody) during the General Assembly

[POLICING ISSUES] Starting with the NYTimes on "Gang Takedowns"

[Previous thread here: Policing Problems Redux, May 23 thru Aug 27]

Gang takedowns are good. Shooters are arrested. Shooters are people who shoot people. Gang takedowns are "disputed" by like a dozen people. And the New York Times found them all!

"As Shootings Increased, N.Y.C Returned to Disputed Tactic: Gang Takedowns"

Struck me that on reason we can't have nice things in NYC

is the same as one of the reasons they couldn't have a nice military in Afghanistan:

lack of meritocracy or even anti-meritocracy

with jobs filled for personal, political or family ties (or now, racial preferences) instead

The Christ with a thousand faces


Elites of a crumbling empire entranced by a cult fixated on a criminal brutalized to death, preaching a gospel obsessed with the salvation of the oppressed, whose fervent adepts desecrate the symbols of civic authority.

Rome or the US?

My latest:

— Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) August 24, 2021


Me too, I want some of Bob Dylan's estate

Sopranos prequel coming!

[Everybody else's history] Bad stuff happened, gets forgotten...

 sometimes later people called historians research it...

Ireland's Forgotten Sons Recovered Two Centuries Later

— J. W. (@wolfjon4) May 25, 2021

Racializing a policy issue is counterproductive in U.S. politics


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