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Assistance in understanding those unwoke Hispanics in places like the Bronx

I have scanned the English side of a large campaign postcard I just found on my car's windshield at my home in the Bronx (the other side is in Spanish.) Then I went and put it on a picture hosting website and I looked up the background of family name of the candidate > it is Ecuadorian. The scan is posted after the jump, it's quite self-explanatory.

Prof. Milanovic on what needs to be studied on inequality & populism, and inequality & discrimination.

Professor Branko Milanovic who self-describes this way on his Twitter account 1) Income inequality; 2) Politics; 3) History; 4) Soccer. Author of "Global inequality" and "Capitalism, Alone" (2019). Grad Center CUNY, LSE, Stone Center has some great thought-provoking questions!  

[For those who need confirmation, he is described similarly on Wikipedia: a Serbian-American economist. He is most known for his work on income distribution and inequality. Since January 2014, he is a visiting presidential professor....]

Yesterday he tweeted a stream describing what mysteries really needed to be studied by real scholars in his field. The tweets were so interesting that someone called for them to be "unrolled" on a single page. That full text is posted after the jump. 

Rickroll revival? Never say never.

somebody remastered the "Never going to give you up" tape and it's looking like some Gen Z folks are intrigued

color n i were talking abt this video and
... whys rick astley looking kinda hot

"Human beings who happen to be black"

Critic's Pick: ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ Review: I Was a Panther for the F.B.I.


Meta message for the clueless:

I note an obsession with traffic on this website. Users should note that THERE IS NO ADVERTISING ON THIS WEBSITE!  Except for this book by the owner of this website: Unreasonable Men Therefore, traffic is not of much import at the current time, unless a few new visitors buy his book. It may actually be the case that more traffic costs the owner money and time. For which he deserves thanks.

True blue liberal Democrat Behar shocked to discover the woke likes dividing Americans

One month ago, the President of the United States used the power of his office to incite & direct a violent insurrection against our government, based on white supremacy and baseless conspiracies, all to overturn a free & fair election.

And you all are mad at Bruce Springsteen?

— Bryan Behar (@bryanbehar) February 8, 2021

On Kamala Harris' stepdaughter's "style"

My wife has been dressing like Ella Emhoff for as long as I've known her: "She wears Crocs and mismatched handmade clothes, though she also has what she terms a 'uniform' of black pants and a white tank top."

— Dr. Joseph Frusci (@JFrusci) February 1, 2021


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