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Let me introduce you to super-hot Brit artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

lynette yiadom-boakye’s fly in league with the night is extraordinary and now view now at @Tate. on a few of the walls are quotes from lynette taken from our most recent conversation.

— Antwaun Sargent (@Sirsargent) December 3, 2020

Her paintings have sold for seven figures for several years now, and there is a waiting list for her work.

RMRD apparently doesn't know how to start a blog to argue political points

So I am doing it for him, copying his comment inappropriately placed on my thread. He obviously wants to argue about this with someone. I'm not interested in arguing with him about this and have asked him to stop hijacking my threads with my interests. Anyone amenable, have at it.

Biden will try bipartisanship 

I am betting that there will be little Republican cooperation 

We will see how Republicans treat Cabinet nominees

Then we will see how many judges Biden is allowed

The Woke/Lefties are heavily criticized 

Tyler paints Joe; he stutters too

I couldn't have one without the other. I painted @JoeBiden because he stutters just like me. He showed me that speaking slowly kinda masks a stutter.@KamalaHarris @JoeBiden @ChelseaClinton

Thread for Joe Biden & Kamala Harris' current spin

What you get without "broken windows" policing

The Distorting Prism of Social Media 

How Self-Selection and Exposure to Incivility Fuel Online Comment Toxicity

By Jin Woo Kim (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania); Andrew Guess (Dept. of Politics, Princeton University); Brendan Nyhan (Dept. of Government, Dartmouth College); Jason Reifler, (Dept. of Politics, University of Exeter)

Abstract: Though prior studies have analyzed the textual characteristics of online comments about politics, less is known about how selection into commenting behavior and exposure to other people’s comments changes the tone and content of political discourse. This article makes three contributions. First, we show that frequent commenters on Facebook are more likely to be interested in politics, to have more polarized opinions, and to use toxic language in comments in an elicitation task. Second, we find that people who comment on articles in the real world use more toxic language on average than the public as a whole; levels of toxicity in comments scraped from media outlet Facebook pages greatly exceed what is observed in comments we elicit on the same articles from a nationally representative sample. Finally, we demonstrate experimentally that exposure to toxic language in comments increases the toxicity of subsequent comments.

Independent Senators?

Nate Silver ponders, continued after the jump:

Perhaps a bit far-fetched, but Romney actually has a decent amount of leverage, if he and one of Collins, Murkowski, etc. threatened to become "Independent Republicans" or what have you who caucused with the Democrats.

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) November 20, 2020

Why We Hurt Each Other: Tolstoy’s Letters to Gandhi on Love, Violence, and the Truth of the Human Spirit

"Anarchist Meme Collective" wants you to get Woke about Kamala Harris

Thread continues with 44 tweets total so far, their points gleaned from news stories

-credit of politijohn on tumblr

1: Pushed a law that forces schools to turn undocumented students over to ICE, separating them from their parents and violating human rights

A million MAGA pancakes

explanation after the jump


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