[Police Brutality redux] Guilt from teen who took Floyd's $20

    ‘I allowed myself to feel guilty for a very long time’: the teenage cashier who took George Floyd’s $20 bill

    @ TheGuardian.com, May 23, two reporters there

    has horrifying stat of which I had no idea

    last year he graduated high school in a state which has the lowest graduation rate, just 65%, for Black students anywhere in the United States.

    be willing to bet, like it or not, profiling of young black men by police, especially if they act and look a certain way, will continue in Minnesota until that number improves. Those without a high school diploma have nowhere to go but down.

    (Has nothing to do with Geo. Floyd's treatment after being in custody, of course.)

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    Don't make fun of the Outer Hebrides and Patagonia. 

    Wow, that's a bit past Al Franken, eh?
    I'm assuming the victims have quite a bit of background on mobile phone, unless those were department issued & taken back...

    This was bound to happen, including Murdoch-style media making a big deal of it:

    Interesting that consensus at this airport terminal (and at Twitter) seems to be that Karen's have to follow the rules, that there will be no pity it they are manhandled by law enforcement authorities if they don't:

    BOO HOO pic.twitter.com/c50ShTMRcX

    — DDOT. (@DDotOmen) May 27, 2021


    to some, Joe is ignoring the problem:

    where the official BLM organization is at:

    and they retweeted this right before the above:

    There's gonna be kickback to the dominant media narrative now; A & E fans are not necessarily the same demographic as Fox News fans -

    Former Live PD Co-Host Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin Announces Debut Book About Falsely Accused Copshttps://t.co/bWfdr9fsH0

    — Law & Crime (@lawcrimenews) May 27, 2021

    ^ Tip: Democrats do have to win elections to do this.

    This is what it is. He knows the words that resound with a lot of people who are far from right wingers - those that just want a stable society to live in. Democrats shouldn't be deluded into thinking that they are not going to hear a lot more like this for the foreseeable future:

    When the doors of the Florida Department of Corrections van opened outside Charlotte Correctional Institution, inmate Michel Hernandez – dressed in a pair of boxers and weighing 150 pounds – faced a group of five prison officers in full tactical gear. pic.twitter.com/t13DO2uxCe

    — Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) May 27, 2021

    they have the above thread pinned to the top of their Twitter page, it is their big scoop and I have seen more than several retweet it with opinion added. I would just like to point out that race appears to have little to do with this story.

    also they have put out this op-ed

    New in Opinion from the Miami Herald Editorial Board (@HeraldOpEd): Too many attorneys delay Miami-Dade police review panel. Commissioners won’t follow the rules https://t.co/yl5dNZmZVm

    — Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) May 29, 2021


    On the problems of police reform in Chicago, thread recommended by Peter Moskos.

    this sounds like NYPD doesn't have the same reform restriction problems as Office Potatoes has in Chicago.

    don't honestly know for sure

    The federal cops who beat an elderly veteran got to avoid accountability in civil court.https://t.co/KYpNlJ2bVF

    — reason (@reason) May 30, 2021

    I've got a couple points to make on this as regards to official BLM folks and many sympathizers with them

    - notice that once again, this is a non-black victim

    - notice that a libertarian publication is the one writing an article on this case and that it is also publishing on many other cases on topic. Which suggests perhaps there is more in common between official BLM anti-police activism and libertarians and perhaps even Boogaloo Bois types, than there is with the Democratic party, which after all, is pretty supportive of the whole idea of government, big government which regulates itself, and not via civil suits


    Here's how having a kindly social-working approach can work out for cops:

    I often see "Defund" and "Abolish" activists claim "they all lie". Is this one lying?

    I didn't read into this deeply and may be interpreting it wrong but it looks to me like this white (or Hispanic? whatevah-light skinned) cop just took a deal to rat on his black-skinned crooked partner (I believe a whole squad of them were involved in the fatal "drug raid"?)

    Ex-officer pleads guilty in connection with fatal drug raid https://t.co/xRwjzQOpBi

    — KTAB News (@KTABTV) June 2, 2021

    I admit I am just not that interested once they are caught, I think: let the justice system do its thing

    edit to add: the pictures being used to illus. this story here and elsewhere are misleading because they are pictures from earlier when they both turned themselves in-that much I did check out, I think there are 3 of that particular moment at Houston Chronicle, labeled more clearly.

    this is just a lovely place for all concerned, inmates (innocent until proven guilty types) and guards both; you would never hear me argue against razing it and starting over:

    NYC tax money, however is going for shit like this to have people practice their first amendment rights in strange ways:

    and other assorted stuff like the Mayor's wife's gazillion dollar plan to aid mental health which has done less than zero concerning actual criminally mentally ill people wandering the streets and attacking other citizens in various ways (actually, I believe it never was even intended to help with those kind of people, it was like a kumbaya project of some type to help with talk therapy with depression or some such, failed even with what it intended to do)

    One hangup with guards at MCC where Epstein died is despite their plea deal, it's not clear they were on duty still when Epstein died, and much of the dysfunction was normal everyday way things are there, like as we would to find a Barr-sriven conspiracy

    another story concering the Rikers hellhole:

    makes the point that a sense of humor and self-deprecation could help with a police force's image:

    This #NationalDoughnutDay, we were going to show off a nice box of fresh doughnuts, but you know how cops can be around these sweet treats

    Side note, we are investigating what type of person leaves behind a quarter of a doughnut. #NoDoughtnutLeftBehind pic.twitter.com/4k04qg2kaO

    — NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) June 4, 2021

    edit to add this too. dropping the bitterness and tit-for-tat game, this is the right way to respond to being banned from marching in the gay pride parade in uniform:

    Wauwatosa residents say: thanks for the fish, BLM protesters from outside our city limits, all over one black cop...

    What at first was presumed to be another incidence of purported Minneapolis police brutality against protesters turns out to be by black civilians against a white guy; either that or MPD has black plainclothes people beating up other people:

    A guy got his head split open. When I asked around a black male said “I knocked him out” pic.twitter.com/KtNnITr3PT

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    see her whole two threads for video reporting of other riot-like behavior. Later this video showed up to confirm her report (she may be sorry she said that, could be called in as a witness in a lawsuit)

    Here's another clip that appears to be from that bloody assault last night in #Minneapolis

    You can see 3 individuals punching and stomping him while he is on the ground.pic.twitter.com/5Kk9DS0rFj https://t.co/qTRzO0ghjD

    — AntifaWatch (@AntifaWatch2) June 5, 2021

    It was also interesting that a small crowd stood around that guy and cheered when he was loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

    I looked at a lot of live reports and videos from several sources about more than one night of unrest. Mostly I saw young white kids just hanging out and standing around, not much "protesting" going on.

    Whoever was setting fires and looting was not in videos, it's not clear who did that. They mostly show just chaos! 

    Like the street in the video where the guy is getting beaten. Nothing I looked at looked like any kind of organized protesting to me, looked like chaos in college town neighborhood on a weekend night. White kids. Like these, also from "Sophia Narwitz":


    The crowd has begun being belligerent to the people who live in an apartment complex, screaming that they don’t care for justice cuz they stay inside. pic.twitter.com/2Dghtz3cVj

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    Two fires in the distance as police chase and tackle people pic.twitter.com/iDjXCYqJhc

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    Mostly not-that-political white kids looking for action and they found it?

    in the NYC mayoral race, current frontrunner candidate Eric Adams is now specifically attacking AOC, along with her endorsed candidate, Maya Wiley, as wanting to slash police budgets and shrink police:

    Inbox: Quite an @ericadamsfornyc response to @AOC endorsement of @mayawiley — hitting both for wanting to decrease NYPD resources: pic.twitter.com/843Wc3CdG6

    — Ben Max (@TweetBenMax) June 5, 2021

    Oh the humanity, the the question for centuries: what is Manhattan to be and who does it belong to during what hours?

    No more "Let the Sun Shine In"? How can people be so heartless? How can they be so cold?

    Warning from the law officer side of things to Asheville politicians planning reform:

    Asheville politicians are 're-imagining' public safety—and putting the public in danger https://t.co/2yj0pkFbvR via @lawofficer

    — Jim McNeff (@JimMcNeff) June 6, 2021

    As you know I agree that defund and abolish the police is a stupid idea but I do think there needs to be some reform. Any interruption in the status quo will result in pushback from the police whether that reform is good or bad. The addition of just a citizen review board had the same result and I think they can be good. There will be a difficult transition period but this can be a good idea if it's done properly.

    “As we work toward re-imagining public safety, the goal is to innovate by deploying APD’s resources toward more serious crime and investigation, while assigning lower level issues to other departments, some of them perhaps to be named or formed with partner agencies,” she explained.


    while a nationwide violent crime and gun crime epidemic is going on (and that especially happening in jurisdictions run by Dems)

    as long as the police forces involved don't feel under attack but rather feel assisted and supported 

    otherwise, I'd say if one can't make such efforts look supportive, then set it aside for now, as it's not priority but counterproductive and sometimes even nonsensical pandering to an elite activist minority who somehow managed to grab the assistance of the national media to promote their narrative. (A narrative which the majority of the population would go "huh?" if they were reading it, but they're not.) 

    Yeah, well, a majority of the population went "huh?" over take a knee, and thought trying to assure black rights being apprehended was an insult to the troops. Nearly half the country voted Trump twice, and nearly half refuse a vaccine against Covid.

    It's not unreasonable to say police reform has been coming for a while, and that some steps can be taken while the issue hasn't been swept under the rug - again. Even tho I appreciate your point that during a shooting/murder epidemic it's not the time to push too hard on your main line of defense.

    quite frankly, it strikes me as ridiculously absurd to discuss "police abuse" IF THIS IS GOING TO FUCKING GO ON THE WHOLE SUMMER. Absurd! There won't be anyone left to abuse, everyone will be busy with physical therapy if they are still alive.

    There's a war going on in our country with civilians at graduation parties being shot., mostly African American people, and people are protesting police! It's insane; I am going to stop trying to be "fair", this is just insane, it's insane that national politicians are not paying more attention and still playing to the "BLM narrative".

    This should not be accepted as "the new normal after covid", I'm sorry. Not gonna do it, I refuse insanity and blocking out reality.

    thread has reports like this

    also I found it via Maggie Haberman retweeting

    Three Ohio police officers charged after their response to BLM protests

    By Anna Sturla, CNN, Updated 0013 GMT (0813 HKT) June 10, 2021

    [....] Officer Traci Shaw was charged with three counts each of assault, dereliction of duty and interfering with civil rights, after video taken at the event allegedly showed Shaw exiting her police cruiser and pepper-spraying individuals. A witness said Shaw allegedly did so without provocation or warning, according to the complaint.

    Officer Phillip Walls was charged with two counts each of assault, dereliction of duty and interfering with civil rights, after video allegedly showed him pepper-spraying "peaceful protestors who are standing on the sidewalk," according to a complaint.

    Sgt. Holly Kanode was charged with one count of falsification and one count of dereliction of duty, after she allegedly told an officer filling out an arrest report that the individual had "grabbed hold of another Officer and jerked him to the ground with his gear," despite body camera evidence to the contrary, according to a complaint.

    The incidents allegedly involving Shaw and Kanode happened May 30, 2020, and the incident allegedly involving Walls happened May 29, 2020, as protesters gathered in the Ohio capital following Floyd's murder in Minneapolis.

    Attorney for officers says they were 'scapegoats'

    Mark Collins, whose law firm is representing the three officers, said the officers were "scapegoats for the lack of preparedness in the chain of command in the protests last year." [....]

    I would like to add that in addition to this prosecution going on for police not following rule of law, everyone involved is alive and no one was permanently maimed (unless of course they caught Covid being out and about during the height of the pandemic and now suffer long-term symptoms.)

    Note apparent race of victim of abuse.

    Atlanta now being sued for negligence in allowing BLM protesters to take over the streets, causing death:

    This was sad but should we start holding Mayor's and Govenors responsible 4 pls murdered in Mass shooting too? Secoriea Turner's family sues Atlanta mayor, city leaders over fatal shooting - ABC News via @ABC - https://t.co/mzE1nm9Erf

    — Vesaversa (@Vesaversa) June 13, 2021

    The parents of an 8-year-old girl who was fatally shot last year near an Atlanta fast-food restaurant -- where, days earlier, a white police officer shot and killed a Black man -- filed a lawsuit on Monday against Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and other city leaders, claiming they allowed armed vigilantes to roam the streets and tying the child's death to their alleged negligence.

    The lawsuit was filed in Fulton County State Court by Charmaine Turner and Secoriey Williamson, the parents of Secoriea Turner, who was killed July 4, 2020, while riding in a car with her mother and encountering a group of armed protesters blocking a street near a Wendy's that was torched during demonstrations over the police officer killing of Rayshard Brooks.]

    “Secoriea should be here. None of what we're doing will ever bring our baby back. Her life is priceless,” Turner said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit. "We deserve justice. Someone needs to be held accountable."

    Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant, Atlanta City Council member Joyce Sheperd and Wendy's International.

    "There is no dispute that this little girl was innocent -- that this family was innocent," attorney Shean Williams of The Cochran Firm said during Monday's news conference. "Did nothing wrong. On their way home, and they lost their little one." [.....]

    those nighttime Rayshard Brooks demonstrations around that restaurant WERE awful chaotic as I recall and they didn't crack down on them because, you know: Atlanta police bad, don't need or want them...

    Chaotic? they burned the motherfucker to the ground. Lots of resignations, protesters taking over streets. Only thing they didn't seem to do was put out more social workers. I wonder if defunding the police leads to more renegade behavior?

    Demonstrators gathered at the site of the shooting beginning June 12.[55] On June 13, protesters set fire to the Wendy's restaurant outside which Brooks was shot as well as several nearby cars, and broke a television camera.[56][57][58] Natalie White, believed to be Brooks' girlfriend, was charged with first-degree arson in connection with the restaurant fire.[59] Protests continued in the area around the Wendy's, there were problems with armed protesters closing adjacent streets with barriers, and on July 4 an 8-year-old girl was killed when the car she was riding in was shot at by demonstrators.[60]

    On June 13, Atlanta's police chief Erika Shields resigned; Mayor Bottoms said Shields had resigned in the hope that "the city may move forward with urgency and [rebuild] the trust so desperately needed throughout our communities."[61][62][63] On June 15, Mayor Bottoms ordered the Atlanta Police Department to overhaul its use-of-force policies.[64] On January 6, 2021 it was announced Shields would become the new Chief of Police for the Louisville, Kentucky police department.[65]

    Beginning the day after charges against Rolfe were announced, Atlanta police officers called in sick for their shifts, staging a "blue flu" protest.[66][67][68] In the four days from June 17 to 20, about 170 officers called in sick and officers in 3 out of the city's 6 police zones did not respond to calls.[69] On the evening of June 19 every police officer failed to report for duty in Zone 5, leaving only the three supervisors.[70] Atlanta's Acting Police Chief Bryant said that the department had "to shift resources to ensure proper coverage" due to police absenteeism.[71] Total arrests citywide dropped by 71% during the sickout.[72] Mayor Bottoms said the sickout was a reaction to two weeks of strife during which eight APD officers were criminally charged in two separate incidents, sinking morale "ten-fold."[25][73] On June 18, the Atlanta Police Foundation, a private nonprofit group, announced that all APD officers would receive a one-time $500 bonus for continuing to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent George Floyd protests.[74][75]

    thanks I did not know about the goings on in the last paragraph. I especially found the last sentence very interesting, going to go check out the footnotes...

    Scholarly study suggests George Floyd protests increased polarization, "served to further racialize and politicize attitudes within domain of race and law enforcement in the US.” 

    Persistent gun violence is harming too many Black communities across the U.S., contributing to individual, family, and community-level trauma. Take a few minutes this weekend to read more about this burgeoning crisis.https://t.co/HzAhcRCL4X

    — Moms Demand Action (@MomsDemand) June 13, 2021

    open-minded Black Lives Matter types might give a thought or two to the idea that police, even fear of abusive police, as not being the main source of the problem, that they are there because something else is there that might even grow the fewer police there are:

    [....] Why is trauma from gun violence uniquely damaging? All types of violence are distressing, whether we are direct victims or bystanders, or hear of a tragedy in a familiar place. But the shocking suddenness and higher potential for lethality of firearm violence can have particularly grave impacts. Direct victims of gun violence can experience trauma but those who witness or hear of it can also be traumatized. For those directly impacted, research shows that crimes with a gun have more severe mental health impacts than crimes with other weapons.6 Gun violence leaves indelible marks on the memory that can alter the health, choices, and lifelong trajectory of children, young people, adults, and the collective community in serious and lasting ways. 

    This report explores the impacts of community trauma on different age groups in Black communities that experience elevated gun violence and offers promising solutions for addressing community trauma. The daily toll of gun violence among Black Americans is not inevitable [....]

    this is absolutely a major debatable point:

    Chicago police sergeant alleges commander posted officers on his own block during last year’s unrest

    Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2021, 4:38 PM·6 min read

    CHICAGO — A Chicago police sergeant has filed a complaint with the city’s inspector general alleging that during the early, tense days of last year’s civil unrest, a commander assigned her and a team of officers to a post on the Bridgeport block where he lives.

    Sgt. Cassandra Williams, a 30-year department member and 18-year sergeant, told the Chicago Tribune that Jason Brown, then an acting commander, asked her on June 2, 2020, to take a team to his block after a neighbor saw someone who appeared to be videotaping or photographing his home, which they perceived as a safety threat. Months later, after she said Brown asked her whether officers were talking about the assignment and told her not to discuss it, Williams said she was given new, less desirable work duties.

    No arrest or threat was found, but the assignment continued for several days over the next week, Williams said, with seven officers eventually taking part in the detail. Teams of officers had been staging during the unrest at nearby Guaranteed Rate Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox, also in the Bridgeport neighborhood [....]

    Chicago Police Dept. new rule as of June 11, they must limit foot pursuits:

    On no-knock warrants at wrong address. By Billy Binion, an assistant editor at Reason.

    His writing has appeared in HuffPostWashington Examiner, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Virginian-Pilot, among other publications. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

    in NYC things just aren't working out for the official BLM narrative:


    excellent thought-provoking big picture point on that:

    it really truly IS a policy attitude in agreement with libertarians!

    I agree with all of this; great conversation:

    DOJ IG says US Marshals don't have the resources to keep judges safe, which seems like a problem since every judge in DC is presiding over trials of insurrectionists.https://t.co/dxWnwRkspt

    — emptywheel (@emptywheel) June 16, 2021

    Jan 6 should be a wake-up call for judicial security, too. ⁦US Marshals need funds to provide adequate protection for America’s judges. https://t.co/mYSb4LZhro

    — Barb McQuade (@BarbMcQuade) June 17, 2021


    But this should make Patrisse Cullors and like-minded friends happy, no?  On the path: don't need cops, don't need courts....defund, defund and slowly abolish...

    two sides to every story and sometimes even cops' orders aren't made up out of thin air:

    If these violence interrupters are so great then let them go ahead and interrupt the violence. Just tell everyone in the neighborhood to call them instead of 911, and let the results speak for themselves.
    Why does the NYPD participate in these experiments?https://t.co/oKi8yiClhX

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    That report concerns a small neighborhood in the NYPD 73rd Precinct, which covers Brownsville and Ocean Hill in Brooklyn. YTD shooting incidents: 28 in 2021 vs. 20 in 2020 (CompStat 2.0).

    Where are all these marvelous violence interrupters?

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    They don’t work nights or weekends

    — Notordinary (@DefundthePubAdv) June 17, 2021

    This is very interesting: We're supposed to be substituting EMTs and social workers for police now, aren't we?

    ‘Combative’ patient tries to attack paramedics stopped in traffic: videohttps://t.co/JZZIFxR2L8

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 18, 2021

    - Isn't the idea to *ease* prosecution because the accused are just victims of childhood trauma and systemic persecution?
    - How is this supposed to be done without profiling people?

    Chicago: Lightfoot wants federal government to stop gun traffickinghttps://t.co/b4h7KP8oEb

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    The gangs that are blasting away at each other are right there in your own city. How does it come to be that it's impossible to take care of your own gangs, while the federal government is supposed to be able to take care of gun traffickers?

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    and again, a good example of two sides to every story; watch it, the guy is definitely as aggressive and nasty as any bad cop; cops are just used to it:

    Life would be just like heaven if only everyone everywhere was just like this "activist". https://t.co/ghIhS8AoPJ

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    We'll say it again: This isn't new. It's not an isolated incident. It is the reality on our streets. Cops are regularly subjected to racist abuse and vile threats. It's not going to stop until our elected leaders send a clear message that it will not be tolerated. 2/2

    — NYC PBA (@NYCPBA) June 16, 2021

    white family challenging Anadarko, OK police dept. concerning the shooting death of their son? couldn't find much on it other than this. two officers trying to resuscitate an O.D. on a call, and then the guy, Silas Lambert (roommate? drug buddy?) started going nuts on them, one officer supposedly shot in arm by him 

    Anadarko Police Offer New Details, Video In April Shooting https://t.co/DDECC07nkg

    — News 9 (@NEWS9) June 18, 2021

    TONIGHT: @OKCFOX is talking to Silas Lambert's family, who say the Anadarko police department should be held accountable for the death of their son. What they hope to see moving forward + a look a body cam footage from the night of the officer-involved shooting at 9. pic.twitter.com/3gKe4mby2Y

    — Erika Stanish (@Erika_Stanish) June 19, 2021

    Officials say all police officers involved in the shooting have been cleared of any wrongdoing.https://t.co/npKJyYOawu

    — KOKH FOX 25 (@OKCFOX) June 18, 2021


    Biden officially anti-BLM and with the majority, wants more police on the streets, proposing doubling the money on it

    and here's NYC Antifa's comment on that:

    developing-there has been a possible execution attempt of a Houston deputy and his wife and child? at least the CNN TV report I just saw was playing it up that way, but little is known yet on motive

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