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    [Policing problems redux] Guilt from teen who took Floyd's $20

    ‘I allowed myself to feel guilty for a very long time’: the teenage cashier who took George Floyd’s $20 bill

    @, May 23, two reporters there

    has horrifying stat of which I had no idea

    last year he graduated high school in a state which has the lowest graduation rate, just 65%, for Black students anywhere in the United States.

    be willing to bet, like it or not, profiling of young black men by police, especially if they act and look a certain way, will continue in Minnesota until that number improves. Those without a high school diploma have nowhere to go but down.

    (Has nothing to do with Geo. Floyd's treatment after being in custody, of course.)

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    Don't make fun of the Outer Hebrides and Patagonia. 

    Wow, that's a bit past Al Franken, eh?
    I'm assuming the victims have quite a bit of background on mobile phone, unless those were department issued & taken back...

    This was bound to happen, including Murdoch-style media making a big deal of it:

    Interesting that consensus at this airport terminal (and at Twitter) seems to be that Karen's have to follow the rules, that there will be no pity it they are manhandled by law enforcement authorities if they don't:


    — DDOT. (@DDotOmen) May 27, 2021


    to some, Joe is ignoring the problem:

    where the official BLM organization is at:

    and they retweeted this right before the above:

    There's gonna be kickback to the dominant media narrative now; A & E fans are not necessarily the same demographic as Fox News fans -

    Former Live PD Co-Host Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin Announces Debut Book About Falsely Accused Cops

    — Law & Crime (@lawcrimenews) May 27, 2021

    ^ Tip: Democrats do have to win elections to do this.

    This is what it is. He knows the words that resound with a lot of people who are far from right wingers - those that just want a stable society to live in. Democrats shouldn't be deluded into thinking that they are not going to hear a lot more like this for the foreseeable future:

    When the doors of the Florida Department of Corrections van opened outside Charlotte Correctional Institution, inmate Michel Hernandez – dressed in a pair of boxers and weighing 150 pounds – faced a group of five prison officers in full tactical gear.

    — Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) May 27, 2021

    they have the above thread pinned to the top of their Twitter page, it is their big scoop and I have seen more than several retweet it with opinion added. I would just like to point out that race appears to have little to do with this story.

    also they have put out this op-ed

    New in Opinion from the Miami Herald Editorial Board (@HeraldOpEd): Too many attorneys delay Miami-Dade police review panel. Commissioners won’t follow the rules

    — Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) May 29, 2021


    On the problems of police reform in Chicago, thread recommended by Peter Moskos.

    this sounds like NYPD doesn't have the same reform restriction problems as Office Potatoes has in Chicago.

    don't honestly know for sure

    The federal cops who beat an elderly veteran got to avoid accountability in civil court.

    — reason (@reason) May 30, 2021

    I've got a couple points to make on this as regards to official BLM folks and many sympathizers with them

    - notice that once again, this is a non-black victim

    - notice that a libertarian publication is the one writing an article on this case and that it is also publishing on many other cases on topic. Which suggests perhaps there is more in common between official BLM anti-police activism and libertarians and perhaps even Boogaloo Bois types, than there is with the Democratic party, which after all, is pretty supportive of the whole idea of government, big government which regulates itself, and not via civil suits


    Here's how having a kindly social-working approach can work out for cops:

    I often see "Defund" and "Abolish" activists claim "they all lie". Is this one lying?

    I didn't read into this deeply and may be interpreting it wrong but it looks to me like this white (or Hispanic? whatevah-light skinned) cop just took a deal to rat on his black-skinned crooked partner (I believe a whole squad of them were involved in the fatal "drug raid"?)

    Ex-officer pleads guilty in connection with fatal drug raid

    — KTAB News (@KTABTV) June 2, 2021

    I admit I am just not that interested once they are caught, I think: let the justice system do its thing

    edit to add: the pictures being used to illus. this story here and elsewhere are misleading because they are pictures from earlier when they both turned themselves in-that much I did check out, I think there are 3 of that particular moment at Houston Chronicle, labeled more clearly.

    this is just a lovely place for all concerned, inmates (innocent until proven guilty types) and guards both; you would never hear me argue against razing it and starting over:

    NYC tax money, however is going for shit like this to have people practice their first amendment rights in strange ways:

    and other assorted stuff like the Mayor's wife's gazillion dollar plan to aid mental health which has done less than zero concerning actual criminally mentally ill people wandering the streets and attacking other citizens in various ways (actually, I believe it never was even intended to help with those kind of people, it was like a kumbaya project of some type to help with talk therapy with depression or some such, failed even with what it intended to do)

    One hangup with guards at MCC where Epstein died is despite their plea deal, it's not clear they were on duty still when Epstein died, and much of the dysfunction was normal everyday way things are there, like as we would to find a Barr-sriven conspiracy

    another story concering the Rikers hellhole:

    makes the point that a sense of humor and self-deprecation could help with a police force's image:

    This #NationalDoughnutDay, we were going to show off a nice box of fresh doughnuts, but you know how cops can be around these sweet treats

    Side note, we are investigating what type of person leaves behind a quarter of a doughnut. #NoDoughtnutLeftBehind

    — NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) June 4, 2021

    edit to add this too. dropping the bitterness and tit-for-tat game, this is the right way to respond to being banned from marching in the gay pride parade in uniform:

    Wauwatosa residents say: thanks for the fish, BLM protesters from outside our city limits, all over one black cop...

    What at first was presumed to be another incidence of purported Minneapolis police brutality against protesters turns out to be by black civilians against a white guy; either that or MPD has black plainclothes people beating up other people:

    A guy got his head split open. When I asked around a black male said “I knocked him out”

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    see her whole two threads for video reporting of other riot-like behavior. Later this video showed up to confirm her report (she may be sorry she said that, could be called in as a witness in a lawsuit)

    Here's another clip that appears to be from that bloody assault last night in #Minneapolis

    You can see 3 individuals punching and stomping him while he is on the

    — AntifaWatch (@AntifaWatch2) June 5, 2021

    It was also interesting that a small crowd stood around that guy and cheered when he was loaded into an ambulance and taken away.

    I looked at a lot of live reports and videos from several sources about more than one night of unrest. Mostly I saw young white kids just hanging out and standing around, not much "protesting" going on.

    Whoever was setting fires and looting was not in videos, it's not clear who did that. They mostly show just chaos! 

    Like the street in the video where the guy is getting beaten. Nothing I looked at looked like any kind of organized protesting to me, looked like chaos in college town neighborhood on a weekend night. White kids. Like these, also from "Sophia Narwitz":


    The crowd has begun being belligerent to the people who live in an apartment complex, screaming that they don’t care for justice cuz they stay inside.

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    Two fires in the distance as police chase and tackle people

    — Sophia (HaRMful SaTiRe) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) June 5, 2021

    Mostly not-that-political white kids looking for action and they found it?

    in the NYC mayoral race, current frontrunner candidate Eric Adams is now specifically attacking AOC, along with her endorsed candidate, Maya Wiley, as wanting to slash police budgets and shrink police:

    Inbox: Quite an @ericadamsfornyc response to @AOC endorsement of @mayawiley — hitting both for wanting to decrease NYPD resources:

    — Ben Max (@TweetBenMax) June 5, 2021

    Oh the humanity, the the question for centuries: what is Manhattan to be and who does it belong to during what hours?

    No more "Let the Sun Shine In"? How can people be so heartless? How can they be so cold?

    Warning from the law officer side of things to Asheville politicians planning reform:

    Asheville politicians are 're-imagining' public safety—and putting the public in danger via @lawofficer

    — Jim McNeff (@JimMcNeff) June 6, 2021

    As you know I agree that defund and abolish the police is a stupid idea but I do think there needs to be some reform. Any interruption in the status quo will result in pushback from the police whether that reform is good or bad. The addition of just a citizen review board had the same result and I think they can be good. There will be a difficult transition period but this can be a good idea if it's done properly.

    “As we work toward re-imagining public safety, the goal is to innovate by deploying APD’s resources toward more serious crime and investigation, while assigning lower level issues to other departments, some of them perhaps to be named or formed with partner agencies,” she explained.


    while a nationwide violent crime and gun crime epidemic is going on (and that especially happening in jurisdictions run by Dems)

    as long as the police forces involved don't feel under attack but rather feel assisted and supported 

    otherwise, I'd say if one can't make such efforts look supportive, then set it aside for now, as it's not priority but counterproductive and sometimes even nonsensical pandering to an elite activist minority who somehow managed to grab the assistance of the national media to promote their narrative. (A narrative which the majority of the population would go "huh?" if they were reading it, but they're not.) 

    Yeah, well, a majority of the population went "huh?" over take a knee, and thought trying to assure black rights being apprehended was an insult to the troops. Nearly half the country voted Trump twice, and nearly half refuse a vaccine against Covid.

    It's not unreasonable to say police reform has been coming for a while, and that some steps can be taken while the issue hasn't been swept under the rug - again. Even tho I appreciate your point that during a shooting/murder epidemic it's not the time to push too hard on your main line of defense.

    quite frankly, it strikes me as ridiculously absurd to discuss "police abuse" IF THIS IS GOING TO FUCKING GO ON THE WHOLE SUMMER. Absurd! There won't be anyone left to abuse, everyone will be busy with physical therapy if they are still alive.

    There's a war going on in our country with civilians at graduation parties being shot., mostly African American people, and people are protesting police! It's insane; I am going to stop trying to be "fair", this is just insane, it's insane that national politicians are not paying more attention and still playing to the "BLM narrative".

    This should not be accepted as "the new normal after covid", I'm sorry. Not gonna do it, I refuse insanity and blocking out reality.

    thread has reports like this

    also I found it via Maggie Haberman retweeting

    Three Ohio police officers charged after their response to BLM protests

    By Anna Sturla, CNN, Updated 0013 GMT (0813 HKT) June 10, 2021

    [....] Officer Traci Shaw was charged with three counts each of assault, dereliction of duty and interfering with civil rights, after video taken at the event allegedly showed Shaw exiting her police cruiser and pepper-spraying individuals. A witness said Shaw allegedly did so without provocation or warning, according to the complaint.

    Officer Phillip Walls was charged with two counts each of assault, dereliction of duty and interfering with civil rights, after video allegedly showed him pepper-spraying "peaceful protestors who are standing on the sidewalk," according to a complaint.

    Sgt. Holly Kanode was charged with one count of falsification and one count of dereliction of duty, after she allegedly told an officer filling out an arrest report that the individual had "grabbed hold of another Officer and jerked him to the ground with his gear," despite body camera evidence to the contrary, according to a complaint.

    The incidents allegedly involving Shaw and Kanode happened May 30, 2020, and the incident allegedly involving Walls happened May 29, 2020, as protesters gathered in the Ohio capital following Floyd's murder in Minneapolis.

    Attorney for officers says they were 'scapegoats'

    Mark Collins, whose law firm is representing the three officers, said the officers were "scapegoats for the lack of preparedness in the chain of command in the protests last year." [....]

    I would like to add that in addition to this prosecution going on for police not following rule of law, everyone involved is alive and no one was permanently maimed (unless of course they caught Covid being out and about during the height of the pandemic and now suffer long-term symptoms.)

    Note apparent race of victim of abuse.

    Atlanta now being sued for negligence in allowing BLM protesters to take over the streets, causing death:

    This was sad but should we start holding Mayor's and Govenors responsible 4 pls murdered in Mass shooting too? Secoriea Turner's family sues Atlanta mayor, city leaders over fatal shooting - ABC News via @ABC -

    — Vesaversa (@Vesaversa) June 13, 2021

    The parents of an 8-year-old girl who was fatally shot last year near an Atlanta fast-food restaurant -- where, days earlier, a white police officer shot and killed a Black man -- filed a lawsuit on Monday against Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and other city leaders, claiming they allowed armed vigilantes to roam the streets and tying the child's death to their alleged negligence.

    The lawsuit was filed in Fulton County State Court by Charmaine Turner and Secoriey Williamson, the parents of Secoriea Turner, who was killed July 4, 2020, while riding in a car with her mother and encountering a group of armed protesters blocking a street near a Wendy's that was torched during demonstrations over the police officer killing of Rayshard Brooks.]

    “Secoriea should be here. None of what we're doing will ever bring our baby back. Her life is priceless,” Turner said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit. "We deserve justice. Someone needs to be held accountable."

    Also named as defendants in the lawsuit are Atlanta Police Chief Rodney Bryant, Atlanta City Council member Joyce Sheperd and Wendy's International.

    "There is no dispute that this little girl was innocent -- that this family was innocent," attorney Shean Williams of The Cochran Firm said during Monday's news conference. "Did nothing wrong. On their way home, and they lost their little one." [.....]

    those nighttime Rayshard Brooks demonstrations around that restaurant WERE awful chaotic as I recall and they didn't crack down on them because, you know: Atlanta police bad, don't need or want them...

    Chaotic? they burned the motherfucker to the ground. Lots of resignations, protesters taking over streets. Only thing they didn't seem to do was put out more social workers. I wonder if defunding the police leads to more renegade behavior?

    Demonstrators gathered at the site of the shooting beginning June 12.[55] On June 13, protesters set fire to the Wendy's restaurant outside which Brooks was shot as well as several nearby cars, and broke a television camera.[56][57][58] Natalie White, believed to be Brooks' girlfriend, was charged with first-degree arson in connection with the restaurant fire.[59] Protests continued in the area around the Wendy's, there were problems with armed protesters closing adjacent streets with barriers, and on July 4 an 8-year-old girl was killed when the car she was riding in was shot at by demonstrators.[60]

    On June 13, Atlanta's police chief Erika Shields resigned; Mayor Bottoms said Shields had resigned in the hope that "the city may move forward with urgency and [rebuild] the trust so desperately needed throughout our communities."[61][62][63] On June 15, Mayor Bottoms ordered the Atlanta Police Department to overhaul its use-of-force policies.[64] On January 6, 2021 it was announced Shields would become the new Chief of Police for the Louisville, Kentucky police department.[65]

    Beginning the day after charges against Rolfe were announced, Atlanta police officers called in sick for their shifts, staging a "blue flu" protest.[66][67][68] In the four days from June 17 to 20, about 170 officers called in sick and officers in 3 out of the city's 6 police zones did not respond to calls.[69] On the evening of June 19 every police officer failed to report for duty in Zone 5, leaving only the three supervisors.[70] Atlanta's Acting Police Chief Bryant said that the department had "to shift resources to ensure proper coverage" due to police absenteeism.[71] Total arrests citywide dropped by 71% during the sickout.[72] Mayor Bottoms said the sickout was a reaction to two weeks of strife during which eight APD officers were criminally charged in two separate incidents, sinking morale "ten-fold."[25][73] On June 18, the Atlanta Police Foundation, a private nonprofit group, announced that all APD officers would receive a one-time $500 bonus for continuing to work through the COVID-19 pandemic and the recent George Floyd protests.[74][75]

    thanks I did not know about the goings on in the last paragraph. I especially found the last sentence very interesting, going to go check out the footnotes...

    Scholarly study suggests George Floyd protests increased polarization, "served to further racialize and politicize attitudes within domain of race and law enforcement in the US.” 

    Persistent gun violence is harming too many Black communities across the U.S., contributing to individual, family, and community-level trauma. Take a few minutes this weekend to read more about this burgeoning crisis.

    — Moms Demand Action (@MomsDemand) June 13, 2021

    open-minded Black Lives Matter types might give a thought or two to the idea that police, even fear of abusive police, as not being the main source of the problem, that they are there because something else is there that might even grow the fewer police there are:

    [....] Why is trauma from gun violence uniquely damaging? All types of violence are distressing, whether we are direct victims or bystanders, or hear of a tragedy in a familiar place. But the shocking suddenness and higher potential for lethality of firearm violence can have particularly grave impacts. Direct victims of gun violence can experience trauma but those who witness or hear of it can also be traumatized. For those directly impacted, research shows that crimes with a gun have more severe mental health impacts than crimes with other weapons.6 Gun violence leaves indelible marks on the memory that can alter the health, choices, and lifelong trajectory of children, young people, adults, and the collective community in serious and lasting ways. 

    This report explores the impacts of community trauma on different age groups in Black communities that experience elevated gun violence and offers promising solutions for addressing community trauma. The daily toll of gun violence among Black Americans is not inevitable [....]

    this is absolutely a major debatable point:

    Chicago police sergeant alleges commander posted officers on his own block during last year’s unrest

    Annie Sweeney, Chicago Tribune, June 14, 2021, 4:38 PM·6 min read

    CHICAGO — A Chicago police sergeant has filed a complaint with the city’s inspector general alleging that during the early, tense days of last year’s civil unrest, a commander assigned her and a team of officers to a post on the Bridgeport block where he lives.

    Sgt. Cassandra Williams, a 30-year department member and 18-year sergeant, told the Chicago Tribune that Jason Brown, then an acting commander, asked her on June 2, 2020, to take a team to his block after a neighbor saw someone who appeared to be videotaping or photographing his home, which they perceived as a safety threat. Months later, after she said Brown asked her whether officers were talking about the assignment and told her not to discuss it, Williams said she was given new, less desirable work duties.

    No arrest or threat was found, but the assignment continued for several days over the next week, Williams said, with seven officers eventually taking part in the detail. Teams of officers had been staging during the unrest at nearby Guaranteed Rate Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox, also in the Bridgeport neighborhood [....]

    Chicago Police Dept. new rule as of June 11, they must limit foot pursuits:

    On no-knock warrants at wrong address. By Billy Binion, an assistant editor at Reason.

    His writing has appeared in HuffPostWashington Examiner, The Saturday Evening Post, and The Virginian-Pilot, among other publications. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

    in NYC things just aren't working out for the official BLM narrative:


    excellent thought-provoking big picture point on that:

    it really truly IS a policy attitude in agreement with libertarians!

    I agree with all of this; great conversation:

    DOJ IG says US Marshals don't have the resources to keep judges safe, which seems like a problem since every judge in DC is presiding over trials of insurrectionists.

    — emptywheel (@emptywheel) June 16, 2021

    Jan 6 should be a wake-up call for judicial security, too. ⁦US Marshals need funds to provide adequate protection for America’s judges.

    — Barb McQuade (@BarbMcQuade) June 17, 2021


    But this should make Patrisse Cullors and like-minded friends happy, no?  On the path: don't need cops, don't need courts....defund, defund and slowly abolish...

    two sides to every story and sometimes even cops' orders aren't made up out of thin air:

    If these violence interrupters are so great then let them go ahead and interrupt the violence. Just tell everyone in the neighborhood to call them instead of 911, and let the results speak for themselves.
    Why does the NYPD participate in these experiments?

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    That report concerns a small neighborhood in the NYPD 73rd Precinct, which covers Brownsville and Ocean Hill in Brooklyn. YTD shooting incidents: 28 in 2021 vs. 20 in 2020 (CompStat 2.0).

    Where are all these marvelous violence interrupters?

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    They don’t work nights or weekends

    — Notordinary (@DefundthePubAdv) June 17, 2021

    This is very interesting: We're supposed to be substituting EMTs and social workers for police now, aren't we?

    ‘Combative’ patient tries to attack paramedics stopped in traffic: video

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 18, 2021

    - Isn't the idea to *ease* prosecution because the accused are just victims of childhood trauma and systemic persecution?
    - How is this supposed to be done without profiling people?

    Chicago: Lightfoot wants federal government to stop gun trafficking

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    The gangs that are blasting away at each other are right there in your own city. How does it come to be that it's impossible to take care of your own gangs, while the federal government is supposed to be able to take care of gun traffickers?

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    and again, a good example of two sides to every story; watch it, the guy is definitely as aggressive and nasty as any bad cop; cops are just used to it:

    Life would be just like heaven if only everyone everywhere was just like this "activist".

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 17, 2021

    We'll say it again: This isn't new. It's not an isolated incident. It is the reality on our streets. Cops are regularly subjected to racist abuse and vile threats. It's not going to stop until our elected leaders send a clear message that it will not be tolerated. 2/2

    — NYC PBA (@NYCPBA) June 16, 2021

    white family challenging Anadarko, OK police dept. concerning the shooting death of their son? couldn't find much on it other than this. two officers trying to resuscitate an O.D. on a call, and then the guy, Silas Lambert (roommate? drug buddy?) started going nuts on them, one officer supposedly shot in arm by him 

    Anadarko Police Offer New Details, Video In April Shooting

    — News 9 (@NEWS9) June 18, 2021

    TONIGHT: @OKCFOX is talking to Silas Lambert's family, who say the Anadarko police department should be held accountable for the death of their son. What they hope to see moving forward + a look a body cam footage from the night of the officer-involved shooting at 9.

    — Erika Stanish (@Erika_Stanish) June 19, 2021

    Officials say all police officers involved in the shooting have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

    — KOKH FOX 25 (@OKCFOX) June 18, 2021


    Biden officially anti-BLM and with the majority, wants more police on the streets, proposing doubling the money on it

    and here's NYC Antifa's comment on that:

    developing-there has been a possible execution attempt of a Houston deputy and his wife and child? at least the CNN TV report I just saw was playing it up that way, but little is known yet on motive

    photo caption “There’s no way we can get to meaningful prison reduction in this country without looking at more serious crimes,” said George Gascon, the district attorney of Los Angeles.

    beginning excerpt:

    By Tim Arango June 19, 2021

    LOS ANGELES — From inside the walls of Folsom State Prison, the two inmates, one a convicted murderer, clinked their cups of prison moonshine in a toast to the new district attorney of Los Angeles, George Gascón.

    video of the celebration was released earlier this year by Mr. Gascón’s opponents — and there are many — who used it to attack what is perhaps the most far-reaching plank of his progressive agenda: the review of nearly 20,000 old prison sentences, many for violent crimes like murder, for possible early releases.

    Mr. Gascón, a Democrat, has brushed off the video as nothing more than a Willie Horton-style attack by get-tough-on-crime proponents that “plays well on Fox News.” But he doesn’t shy away from his belief that even those convicted of violent crimes deserve a chance at redemption.

    “There’s no way we can get to meaningful prison reduction in this country without looking at more serious crimes,” Mr. Gascón, who also supports ending cash bail and eliminating the prosecution of juveniles as adults, said in an interview. “The public stories you hear are the really scary stuff. You’re talking about the violent sexual predator. You’re talking about some sadistic murderer. The reality is those are really a small number of the prison population and violent crime.”

    But the prospect of convicted murderers getting out early, or getting lighter sentences than they would have received in a previous era, has fueled an effort to force a recall election next year and remove Mr. Gascón from office. More than a thousand volunteers, as well as dozens of paid workers, are collecting signatures for the recall at gun stores, bail bonds offices, and even outside Mr. Gascón’s home.

    And inside courtrooms, some prosecutors who believe Mr. Gascón’s policies will harm public safety are openly working against him by attempting to sabotage his directives to pursue lesser sentences and not seek cash bail.

    Mr. Gascón, 67, who was propelled into office by grass-roots activists in the aftermath of the police killing of George Floyd, is one of the nation’s most progressive prosecutors in one of America’s most liberal cities, and yet he is facing an intense backlash in enacting the sorts of policies demanded by protesters last year and aimed at reducing the vast racial disparities in arrests and prosecutions.

    The pushback is a sign of the many challenges liberal district attorneys in big cities are facing, at a time when Republicans are increasingly trying to portray Democrats as soft on crime, amid a rise in gun violence and homicides across the nation that began during the pandemic and has continued into 2021. In Los Angeles, for instance, murders increased 36 percent last year

    Mr. Gascón’s approach, and whether he can be successful, is being closely watched by activists who have led a national movement in recent years to elect prosecutors who promise to send fewer people to prison. They achieved early victories in 2016 in St. Louis and Chicago, and earned another one the next year with the election of Larry Krasner, a former civil rights attorney, as the district attorney of Philadelphia. (Mr. Krasner, who shares many of Mr. Gascón’s views, recently cemented his power by winning the Democratic primary by an overwhelming margin, all but ensuring another term in office.) But their most important victory has been Mr. Gascón’s election in Los Angeles, because of its size and its history of high incarceration rates.

    While in all of those places the newcomers faced intense resistance when they took office, perhaps none of them has faced as much pushback as Mr. Gascón, who has been hampered by Civil Service protections that largely prevent him from firing prosecutors and bringing in like-minded deputies.

    The recall campaign is supported by high profile figures like Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Steve Cooley, a former Los Angeles district attorney, as well as some victims of crime, including Desiree Andrade, whose son was killed in 2018 when he was beaten and thrown from a cliff after a drug deal. Some of the men charged in her son’s killing now face lesser sentences under Mr. Gascón’s policies — but still face decades in prison — and Ms. Andrade, at a recent news conference, described Mr. Gascon as pushing a “radical, pro-criminal agenda.”

    The recall push, which is funded in part by Geoff Palmer, a real estate developer and Republican megadonor who raised millions for former President Donald J. Trump, is still a long shot. Supporters need to collect nearly 600,000 signatures by late October to force a new election, and recalls are easy to start in California, but rarely lead to an officeholder’s ouster [....]


    one Chicago p.o. doing an alternative narrative:

    psst: FEDS NOT DEFUNDING but actually pumping police up, sending more bodies, money, resources...Biden knows about this, he's complicit! They don't think police abuse is a priority, go figure.

    The federal intervention allows the strike forces to operate in a cross-jurisdictional fashion, exchanging intelligence and collaborating across state lines.

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 22, 2021

    NYPost runs a cop op-ed saying it's not going to help much because there's plenty of guns already there:

    Veteran NYPD detective, on the DoJ task force plan:
    “If they never made another gun, shootings would not go down for years ... There are guns that have been lying in closets and under beds for years and they are being passed around.”

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 22, 2021

    P.S. Heard tell that police-abuse-enabler Mayor Lightfoot was begging for this help.

    Feds can do whatever they want:

    oy yeah I see Biden's gone proudly public on attacking the violence epidemic but wait there's more  providing funds to cities that need police

    (those of you who have been waiting on him doing police reform issues are going to be waiting a lot longer, perhaps forever):

    (1,2) Today @POTUS will announce new efforts to stem a rising tide of violent crime. Officials are bracing for what could be a turbulent summer, focusing on attacking gun trafficking, providing funds to cities that need police & offering community support

    — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) June 23, 2021

    (2,2) Since the early days of COVID, I and others in the gun safety space have warned that the gun surge unleashed by former administration will have deadly consequences. We are seeing that now. Thank you @POTUS @JoeBiden for leading on this and for taking steps to save lives.

    — Fred Guttenberg (@fred_guttenberg) June 23, 2021

    given the above news, I took the opportunity to change the title of this thread from "Police Brutality Redux" that PP had plopped on it to "Police Problems Redux" partly cause: I am just not seeing a lot of stories lately on "Police Brutality", whatever the reason, just seems like the wrong title. And more and more if I do see them, they are about white people as much as about people of color, just sayin'

    I never intended to start a thread on it anyways, anyone else that wants to is supposed to be posting on topic

    Dammit, i take the time to set up the marketing, the expectations: Brutal, Smackdown, Colossus, Olympian, Death Match - and instead we get "problems", with Spiderman in church fer God's sake - not Peter Parker, but *Spidey* - what, all the shrinks were full up? Gotham's never been so shriveled, I tell ya - Green Lantern's been co-opted into an internet meme, Batman's going down on Super Chicks, Flash is out doing Covid fastfood deliveries... and i had such high hopes. Instead it's "problems".

    Biden Aims to Bolster Police Departments as Homicides Increase.The president made clear that he intends to approach crime prevention by investing in, rather than defunding, the police as he waded into an urgent national debate over policing.

    buh bye anti-police BLM: hello REAL black lives mattering, as in: TRYING TO FUCKING SAVE MORE BLACK LIVES!

    STORY: Mr. Biden aimed to blunt criticism from Republicans who say he is soft on crime. But he also tried to bridge the two flanks of his party: centrist Dems alarmed by the spike in crime and progressives pushing for systemic changes to PDs.

    — Zolan Kanno-Youngs (@KannoYoungs) June 24, 2021

    Frankly, I don't know if it's possible anymore for decades, it may be too late. Because the anti-police BLM caused too many more guns to come onto the streets, and there is no way those get melted down or become inoperable for decades, and they will be sold and bought and traded and handed down outside of any legal monitoring system if one was even possible.

    Sure, they can stop it from getting worse. But that's probably all.  And it's going to be extremely hard to recruit quality law enforcement for years, BLM hatred of cops did enormous damage. The good times of low crime are over for a good long time.

    By the numbers: States with most new guns But: Utah?!  Minnesota > no surprise there!...Indiana Guns R Us, of course, where everyone in the northeast and midwest shops for guns...

    You can do whatever the hell you want driving in Portland starting tomorrow, there are no rules:


    on some new NYPD training procedures:

    I thought too many shoot em ups is why the sheriff in old tyme Colorado made everybody leave their gun with him when they came to town to mingle:

    When an active shooter opened fire in Arvada, Colorado, on Monday, Johnny Hurley, an armed civilian, was killed as he rushed the gunman and opened fire. Police said today that Hurley was accidentally shot by an officer who was confused by multiple shooters.

    — Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) June 24, 2021

    Too late now > another innocent white person killed by "police brutality".


    Liberals tone down calls to 'defund police' amid GOP attacks (FWIW. The ariticle actually only quotes two.)

    BY MIKE LILLIS AND SCOTT WONG @ - 06/24/21 04:10 PM EDT

    Progressives are toning it down on police reform as a growing stack of evidence suggests it is hurting the party with voters.

    While a number of liberal Democrats remain opposed to virtually any expansion in law enforcement funding, gone are the days when progressive lawmakers were calling openly for “defunding the police” — a message that Republicans used to devastating effect in clobbering House Democrats at the polls in 2020. 

    “Everybody knows it's a bad idea,” said one moderate Democratic lawmaker who’s noticed the softer tone this year. “People like having police keeping them safe. And I think we had to do a better job of demanding reform, but supporting the police. And we only sang one song" in 2020.

    Last summer, the country was roiled by the televised murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, sparking widespread protests over racial bias in law enforcement and prompting a number of prominent liberals to urge cuts in police funding. 

    This summer, the national spotlight has moved away from Floyd’s death and toward the spike in violent crime that’s struck cities across the country, from New York and Baltimore to Los Angeles and Seattle. The tragic trend has sparked plenty of attacks from Republicans, who are blaming liberal, “pro-crime” policies for the deadly uptick, while leading Democratic leaders to urge a lighter touch when it comes to police reform advocacy. 

    It’s a message that seems to be sinking in. 

    “The spike that we're seeing now is more related to trauma involving COVID and the loss of jobs and everything that people are going through in their communities, more so than: we don't have enough police,” said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D), a liberal New York first-term lawmaker who’s endorsing a long-term strategy of greater investment in community programs that can prevent crime before it happens.

    Still, Bowman, who had endorsed cuts in police funding during his primary contest last year, did not repeat that prescription this week. 

    “We have the police in place to respond to the violent crime,” he said. “And we would like them to do so.”

    Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), another “defund” proponent, is also sounding more diplomatic in her strategy for curbing violence. 

    “We know what to invest in to reduce incidents of violence,” she said. “And the key [question] is: are we allowing ourselves to just make our decisions be reactionary and not based on evidence? Or are we going to invest in the things that we know reduces incidents of crime?”

    Concerns about the nation’s rising crime rates reached all the way to the White House, where President Biden on Wednesday huddled with local law enforcement officials and unveiled his administration’s strategy to tackle the spike in homicides and other violence [....]

    Lawmakers come to bipartisan framework agreement on police reform

    BY MARTY JOHNSON @ 06/24/21 06:01 PM EDT

    The three chief negotiators on a police reform package announced Thursday they had reached a bipartisan agreement on the issue. 

    “After months of working in good faith, we have reached an agreement on a framework addressing the major issues for bipartisan police reform,” Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.), Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) said in a joint statement Thursday afternoon.

    “There is still more work to be done on the final bill, and nothing is agreed to until everything is agreed to. Over the next few weeks we look forward to continuing our work toward getting a finalized proposal across the finish line.” 

    At issue was the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which passed the House in March but has since been embroiled in negotiations led by Bass, Scott and Booker.

    The bill, which would implement sweeping changes to how policing is carried out in the country, was introduced by Bass last June following the police murder of George Floyd, a Black man, in Minneapolis.

    Floyd’s killing was a spark for a summer dominated by nationwide Black Lives Matter protests decrying police brutality and systemic racism.

    While Bass’s bill has passed the House twice in two years, it did so with no GOP support.

    That said, police reform isn’t inherently partisan; following Floyd’s murder, Scott introduced a police reform bill of his own, the Justice Act, though it failed to gain sufficient traction.

    Until now, Bass, Booker and Scott have been mostly cryptic about how negotiations have gone, though optimism that a deal is within reach has been a constant. 

    The initial agreement comes right before the self-imposed deadline of Friday.  

    It also comes the day before Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murdering Floyd, is scheduled to be sentenced.

    The final outline of the bill is still unclear, though it’s believed that qualified immunity — the powerful legal doctrine that shields law enforcement and other public officials from liability in civil lawsuits — was one of the main sticking points.

    The original version of the police reform bill also sought to broaden the scope of the federal civil rights provision that prohibits officers from “willfully” denying someone of their constitutional rights, a standard of proof that is incredibly difficult to achieve in court — something Republicans have also balked at.

    Scott, however, has previously hinted that a change to the statute is already off the table [....]


    The Floyd thing obscures when black non-criminsla get harassed and humiliated, which is way too frequent. *That's* a large part of my concern about reform.

    I dated an Egyptian woman for three years in school, we continued for a while after, we are still dear friends. After college, she lived in NYC’s Upper East Side. One night we left Central Park and I was walking her home. We were strolling hand in hand, laughing, joking, kids in love without a care in the world and. . . out of nowhere, boom! an unmarked police car peel outs, three large men in plain clothes bolted out the doors, set upon us, ripped us apart, threw me up against the wall, restrained her physically, and started giving me the heavy physical business...

    ...I have never felt a more disorienting whirlwind of emotions in my life, it is impossible to convey in words, fear for my safety, fear for her safety, dead red anger, emotional to tears for being treated like an animal, the struggle and raw emotion of trying to calm someone down who you love that was so distraught, bawling her eyes out, in sheer shock and terror, while I too was in a place I had never been, and these guys just say: My bad (barely) and move on to the next.

    It left emotional scars that will never go away and for them its apparently just business as usual; terrorizing people for no good reason, scarring them for life, just another Tuesday night on the job. I later learned I very generally fit the description of a guy who had been doing attacks on the Upper East Side, and I wondered: Why couldn’t they just have gotten out of the car, asked her if she was ok, asked her how she knew me and me how I knew her? They were three of them, each bigger than me, they all had guns, was the bum rush, chaos, refusing to pay heed to her 90 seconds of shrieking and crying, refusing to listen to anything I said, roughhousing me the entire time with no apparent plan, was that necessary? I get incredibly emotional just typing this and its over 20 years later.

    Consider that during peak "Stop and Frisk", it was not uncommon for individuals to experience such stops frequently. It took a judge to declare the actions Unconstitutional. Eric Adams is winning because he said that he will bring back "controlled" Stop and Frisk. We will see if he lives up to his word.

    The reason to protest the treatment of George Floyd and Eric Garner, etc. is that if police can murder criminals in public, they feel free to harass non-criminals. An entire squad in Portland resigned because one member was charged with a misdemeanor. Police have to be held to account.

    The thing is George Floyd was a criminal. Eric Garner wasn't (or if he was, it was very minor street stuff). The guy in this article was a Harvard graduated professional. I'm sick of the criminals getting all the attention, and the normal citizens getting fucked with. You keep mixing them up, which is one reason I don't respect your opinion. You don't care if Trayvon Martin jumped on Zimmerman and beat him - you think Martin could do anything in someone else's neighborhood and it's cool - I don't - and there's not a thing Zimmerman could've done to gain your sympathy. I *do* think cops shouldn't turn selling ciggies into a dangerous chokehold, or an encounter with a couple on a sidewalk into an automatic abrasive takedown. If stop-and-frisk comes back, it has to be with reasonable limits. I *do* think Mike Brown was a pretty awful poster child for police abuse. I *don't* think it helps the anti-abuse cause to plea that a teen girl stabbing people was a victim of police excess, nor in particular a teen holding a gun while everyone tries at first to deny he had one. I *do* think there's more that can be done with de-escalation in *some* situations, but you have to respect that police have about 3-7 seconds to decide which mode is needed. When we were hippie-dippie youngsters, decriminalizing drugs was the rallying cry. While i still think pot is stupid to have illegal, i'm much less accepting of the damage that a lot of other drugs do. Sure, a few lines of coke don't hurt, but where's freebasing etc come in? Wheres opioids come in? A lot of knowledge in the last 50 years, junkies and street crime aren't near as cool as back when NWA dropped it's 1st album.

    [pedantic Floyd blather deleted - been there, done that, there is no t-shirt - PP]

    Your argument is also repetitive.

    Which aspects? Which sentences? I'm pretty sure this is expressed significantly differently especially as a package than I've written before, even tho some pieces may be retreads.

    One other person here, me, raises hand to offer another opinion: I do not find any of your input to be repetitive, and I value it on most occasions. Sometimes you have more interest in certain topics than I do (i.e., Mueller report kinda stuff, intricate plots) but that's a different thing and totally normal and is easy to bypass if I am not as interested. 

    I would argue that this is not racism, though, they thought they found the guy:

     I later learned I very generally fit the description of a guy who had been doing attacks on the Upper East Side 

    and then, there were a team of four in a car looking for this guy, they were plainclothes which means detectives?

     As soon as the senior man got out of his car, they relented a bit. He walked over to us and asked my story in a professional manner as if I were a human being.

    I told him we had known each other for years, dating in college, I was simply walking her home and he asked to see my college ID; which I, fortunately, had, even though I’d graduated. He looked it over, apologized (sort of,) and the other fools let go of me and they all just went on their way.

    Here we have 3 yahoos thinking they found the perp attacking at lot of women with a responsible cop in charge. The upper east side is very sedate, like a small wealthy town. Maybe they knew the guy was very dangerous, who knows.

    I wonder: how long ago was this? You don't see this kind of thing or hear about it much happening at all in Manhatta anymore. Was it "Giuliani time?" Makes a world of difference, those were very different times, different training, different attitude. I find it hard to believe things are still the same in mass quantities. Will they still harass someone that looks like they don't belong on the UES and is acting suspicious? Probably yes, but it wouldn't have much to do with their race and it would be verbal not physical. What he describes sounds like what you saw in movies about the crack era.

    I just wonder if as far as big city cops are concerned, all we are often doing is talking about bad memories of days gone by. Nothing police can do about that. Maybe a psychologist can help.

    As far as small town and smaller city cops, there I'd buy it might be a little different, there you might have a lot more Barney Phyfe syndrome going on, with bad training to boot.

    p.s. here's the gnarly problem I see as far as "systemic racism" in policing is concerned: City cops cannot help it that young black men are the main ones committing crimes, they have to profile! I.E. "suspect described as black male, 6 ft., wearing grey hoodie." They got to go with that, what the witnesses describe, that's policing! It's kind of an absurd situation. Many of them are of color themselves now too, so I am sure they get how absurd it is. I guess we could solve it by having to wear huge license plates when out and about? I mean really.

    Bad things are going to happen to good people, i.e., you may look very much like the escaped serial killer and assassin they are all on the lookout for. That's going to happen, there is no way around it.

    Sh*t happens does not suffice.

    Former tennis star James Blake was tackled by police. The police had the picture of a different man. We do not all look alike. It is not Blake's fault that there are Black criminals.

    fixed it for you: Black criminals. Black MALE criminals.

    Think about it.

    There's lots of black women and black children victims of black male criminals right now, also lots of black male victims, for that matter.

    You like things as they are now, leave it like that? Hands off, pull back, reduce forces, let the people police themselves with their guns?

    Or would it help if they would arrest one white man at the same time as they arrest those suspects described as black men just to even it out ? How about we make sure you have arrested one blue eyed man for every brown eyed man arrested? One female for every male? Too many cops pick on males as possible perps and not enough on females.

    Reality check: the only really white looking person in this video is the reporter -

    this is the kind of thing going on allover the country right now, especially black male teenage perps and victims. Me, if I was a well behaved black teenage male right now: give me the choice of being "unfairly profiled" or being on the gurney going into the ambulance, I'd go with the first. I.E. yes please do pat me down before letting me within a block of that party, and all my friends too. And have a barricade, don't let any cars near the door. Harassed and alive.

    I just had a flatbed tow truck driver come help me with my dead car, he was really dark and had dreads, very cheery guy, seemed to be happy on the job. I guarantee you no cops harass him while he's driving truck around town. They might when he was driving the same model car as a car that was just armed hijacked by a thin black guy with dreds. That wouldn't be racism that would be profiling.


    I would be happy if this were a bygone period, where (New York) policing's gotten smarter and less insulting, less physically intimidating where doesn't need to be (yes, in some areas you want a bad motherfucker in blue hanging round).

    Adams is pretty incredible - i kept thinking with Take A Knee "why don't cops realize this is destroying their brand, making their job tougher?" and he indeed talks the 2 sides - you need the tough cops, but you also need the reform, so you have to juggle it, but it seems improvable - not perfect, just better, no gratuitous plungers up the rectum and that sadistic crap, some trace of humanity, human empathy, de-escalation where possible & warranted. Full force smashball where not.

    This guy started out being very polite and ended up with a hole in the head:


    turns out shooter of the polite Daytona cop in above, had ties to radical black militia group; the $100k bounty makes more sense now; as he is also an armed fugitive; Atlanta is joining the manhunt: J.J. MacNab knew of him already, was following extremists he interacted with on Facebook, and several of those have gone offline


    Wallace has been captured  in Georgia on a "NFAC-affiliated property"; taskforce included local, state and federal agencies

    Ron De Santis is tweeting about the Wallace arrest!!! To me that signals it's a sure thing that rightwing is going to flog this as "both sides do it" about militias, re: Jan. 6 cop hating that Pelosi is now attacking: De Santis is not going to let the left take the Law and Order label away. Right wingers are going to flog that lefties/BLM support this guy and liberals make excuses for cop killing if it's by blacks

    exactly as I suspected, Fox News is already combing social media for support of Othal Wallace by far lefties and extreme BLM anti-police types:

    Daytona cop-shooting suspect Othal Wallace garners praise on social media

    — Woody (@Knewz_Currently) June 26, 2021

    Georgia attorney general retweeting De Santis and adding he was arrested with a federal search warrant executed by FBI Atlanta & US Marshals DeKalb:

    re: Chauvin sentencing going on right now. this is a great point as to reasons for certain laws, sentences and the health of civilization:

    "It is particularly bad to commit a crime in front of children."

    Lead prosecutor speaks at Chauvin sentencing: "The typical second-degree unintentional murder doesn't involve children standing feet away watching a 9 1/2 minute suffocation of a man begging for his life."

    — ABC News (@ABC) June 25, 2021

    that said, so much terrible stuff is on video now, all kinds of terrible things that people do to each other, and easily accessed by young developing minds, including that exact scene. one wonders whether that matters anymore whether they see it in person or not? And that is our big new problem, that kids are growing up and developing brains and nervous systems that are extremely desensitized to violence?

    Chauvin sentence: 22 1/2 years in prison

    easy to find your preferred coverage and commentary here

    Twitter US national news LIVE

    Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd

    Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill sentenced the former Minneapolis police officer to 22 1/2 years in prison on Friday for the May 2020 killing of George Floyd. Chauvin was convicted in April on charges of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Family members – including Floyd’s seven-year-old daughter Gianna and Chauvin’s mother Carolyn Pawlenty – read statements on behalf of the prosecution and the defense ahead of the sentencing. An earlier request by Chauvin’s defense team for a new trial was denied on Friday by Judge Cahill.

    I think it's worse to shoot children, but who am I.
    What are all those mass killers you keep posting getting for sentencing?
    Chauvin will be 67 when he gets out.
    How long would he have gotten if he'd pulled a Rodney King on the way to asphyxiation,
    smacked and beaten and kicked a bit, maybe some baton action?
    Something I still don't get - do people really think Chauvin thought he was killing Floyd?
    while being filmed even?
    There's a video of a Puerto Rican guy protecting his girlfriend as she's shot on the ground - 
    someone steps up and puts a bullet in his head point-blank.
    What sentence will shooter(s) get for 2 lives brutally, intentionally?
    There are women raped and killed every day - what's the typical sentence?
    The 6 cops who put Freddie Gray in the back of a van unsecured (despite new orders 6 days before),
    resulting in his dying by broken spinal cord among other injuries? The jury hung, no one convicted.
    Sure, if you think Chauvin actually tried to kill Floyd, he deserves a lot -
    but still less than slinging around a guy in the back of a van.

    criminal defense lawyer & legal analyst answers your question about Chauvin's sentence:

    People saying that Chauvin should have gotten a more severe sentence because he was a police officer. He did.

    One of the reasons he got ten years above the presumptive sentence of 12 and a half years is because he "abused his position of trust and authority as a police officer."

    — Rebecca Kavanagh (@DrRJKavanagh) June 27, 2021


    Opinion: George Floyd might still be alive if an officer like Cariol Horne had been there

    The George Floyd tragedy has reached another milestone: His killer, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Friday. That is a step toward justice; however, the family of George Floyd and those who witnessed the murder, including the children who bravely testified at the trial, will have to live with that injustice forever.

    Contrast the devastation that Chauvin and his fellow officers have created with the actions of former Buffalo police officer Cariol Horne. In 2006, Horne responded to a call to assist a fellow officer in making an arrest. When she arrived, she saw the arresting officer performing what she perceived to be a chokehold. She intervened to protect the arrestee from harm. For her actions, she was fired from the Buffalo Police Department after 19 years of service — one year before her full pension would have vested. In April, the New York Supreme Court, in an eloquent opinion, vindicated her actions and awarded her a full pension and back pay.


    more like: complicating nuance

    here's the "protesting in 2020 as if reform wasn't already happening" thing:

    It's a policy that's been in the police manual since 2019

    this is very interesting

    Kwiatkowski said, “I think the duty to intervene law is a good thing.” 

    He retired in 2011, but in 2014, he faced federal charges for excessive force and spent four months in prison.

    “I have regrets about it,” he said. I think for the over quarter century I dedicated my life to this country. I deserve a second chance for a misdemeanor conviction," he said.

    He sued Horne for defamation and was awarded $65,000; he received $20,000. He is seeking to get the remainder of the money from her back pay.

    it's more like: Who put the bad apples in charge of the police force instead of the oranges? How did that happen? and is a Kwiatkowski type more like maybe: a banana, not an evil apple of satan. could go either way.

    And more so, for me: why don't DOJ investigations of bad police departments seem to turn out like this? As evidenced by this story, these things do take a long time and require some martyrs who suffer, but why do they seem to take a long time and get nowhere in that long time? Is it maybe because it really has to be local, that Feds coming in is counterproductive? Or what?

    Just hit me there's a big  picture lesson in the two articles: the op-ed is an eloquent precise offering of policy solution but it is still, beware, because it is still spin from a person with expertise in: advocacy. Your article is what journalism should be for us: filling in the messy details of real life that the advocate glossed over on purpose (which lawyers also do in court--it is their job--and that is why the jury gets to hear from two of them, not o ne-two competing narratives)

    wow, brilliant op-ed and very impressive strategy for police reform!

     not the least of which because:

    • DOESN'T CHANT "ACAB" (all cops are bastards) and write it all over posters, banners and walls
    • DOESN'T MARCH IN THE STREETS and take them over to attack police in genera during a pandemic nor vandalize, riot, burn and loot, nor confuse the issue with tearing down statues and attacking federal courthouses and local government buildings nor with colonialism and slavery and and and
    • DOESN'T FAULT COPS FOR ARRESTING WHAT TURNS OUT TO BE AN INNOCENT PERSON, faults only mistreating an arrested person.
    • DOESN'T TALK ABOUT WHITE MALE SUPREMACY because: it's written by a white male lawyer with a WASP NAME!

    and I see why it's so brilliant and perfect, brilliant wording:

    President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, which I helped create and oversee, emphasized the need to train officers to adopt a guardian mentality rather than a warrior mentality. Horne exhibited that guardian mentality during the arrest in Buffalo in 2006. Chauvin and the other officers at the Floyd arrest did not, with tragic consequences.

    Too bad BLM was created and became a movement catchword and got confused with this problem (much less became overrun with woke radical rhetoricians and anarchist thought. because: it's not about black lives, it's about: policing. Like  President Obama and his team knew full well. Imagine what might have been without their extreme counterproductive activity!

    Chauvin & team were hardly "warrior" - i did find them in-your-face when they first arrived and had Floyd roll down the window, but when Floyd needed to sit to get his bearings or move from back seat to ground, they were accommodating, negotiating - wrestling unabusively. Not hitting, not tasing. Chauvin's biggest crime was he didn't cry at his mother's funeral he looked arrogant, cold-blooded, too calm.

    at the junction where BLM radicals and Boogaloo Bois meet (at hatred of cops), there is a new story that we may be hearing a lot more about, to wit

    The excerpts released by Arvada police are:

    • “My goal today is to kill Arvada PD officers”
    • “We the people were never your enemy, but we are now”
    • “This is what you get, you are the people who are expendable”
    • “Hundreds of you pigs should be killed daily”
    • “Today I will kill as many Arvada officers as I possibly can”
    • “I just hope I don’t die without killing any of you pigs”


    MacNab has been following that story, it is part of a long thread.

    She also has news on the Daytona Beach shooting of a cop (I will add in another comment.).

    Those two things together apparently caused her to tweet this as well, gives you a clue how inflammatory the stories are:

    here's a few replies to her:


    here's all of MacNab's tweets about the complicated Arvada, CO story, chronologically; she says the "good guy with a gun" was basically online all the time as a right wing liberatarian anarcho-capitalist, very boogaloo like (special note for PP: into crypto markets) hated cops but ended up coming to kill a cop-killer!

    WE WON!! WE DID IT!! The Oakland City Council has voted to reallocate $18M from Oakland Police to critical community needs, including Arts & Culture, violence prevention programs and mental health services. Thank you to all the Oakland artists, cultural workers and art lovers!

    — favianna rodriguez (@favianna) June 25, 2021

    No comment. Though in the future you might see me snark something about "send the arts & culture workers, send the clowns mental-health-promoting mimes, too!" the next mass shooting in Oakland. Meanwhile an extra $40K being spent here, was pretty damn horrific. (I admit I do wonder what Asian-American elder citizens think)

    The nuanced view of Black an Latinos regarding police

    The limited public polling available showed nuanced opinions among voters of color on policing. A poll conducted for the Manhattan Institute, a conservative think tank, found that just 17 percent of Black voters and 18 percent of Latinos wanted to decrease the number of police officers in their neighborhoods. But 62 percent of Black voters and 49 percent of Latino voters said they supported “defunding” the New York Police Department and spending the money on social workers instead, the poll found.

    "nuanced" or gonzo nonsensical/contradictory?

    can't tell what color skin this Chicago woman has, of course, but one thing I am pretty sure of is that she wasn't looking for a social worker a short while ago when she called 911:

    68/Oglesby: Ms. Martin says her 19yo son is on house-arrest for murder, he just pushed her to the floor, they are having a dispute, breaking chairs. #Chicago #ChicagoScanner

    — Spot News (@SPOTNEWSonIG) June 26, 2021

    is a little late for the social worker intervention


    Perhaps they think police should work for free. Someone should remind them that slavery was ended with the Civil War

    Blueteenth? ;-)

    Interesting point that now, instead of taking a knee with her colleagues for a photo-op, all of them wearing kente cloth stoles, Nancy is now stressing that we have got to be respectful of our police officers:

    expert Peter Moskos just retweeted this:

    This myth is getting shared widely, so it's time for a reminder that one can be critical of abusive, counterproductive policing and promote community programs without denying the reality (backed by a mountain of evidence) that certain policing strategies DO prevent crime.

    — Mark Obbie (@MarkObbie) June 26, 2021

    edit to add: also on Chavin I see he just quote tweeted this question -


    on Chicago police scanner right now, strikes me as a good exampe how shootings happen between police and stopped drivers:

    they're told on the radio that a car on the road has been used in a crime or crimes. Of course, on stopping that car and if there is no chase, they are going to approach very wary with hands on weapons, for their own safety.

    So when people suggest "no more traffic cops", does this mean we just let criminals continue to drive and even perhaps rub in their continued freedom to the people they victimized?

    Not me. I want them to pursue those cars and stop and interrogate anyone who is driving them, I am willing to pay for them to do that and also realize that it is a dangerous risk. How else, though, are they ever to catch a lot of criminals if it doesn't include investigating cars with registration or license used in crimes? The roads should be freed of harassment for those wanted for crimes? That's like wild west rules.

    There are traffic cameras, and aiutomatic tickets sent to registrants. But that doesn't solve the problem of arresting a possible perp for an actual crime. It does no good to have a photo of him but never any action, eventually someone has to arrest him, in person, somewhere, somehow. A publicized picture alone and a fine in the mail is not justice for highjacking, armed robbery, etc., action eventually has to be taken. An "amber alert" results in nothing if all it is is an alert, the idea is to catch both the car and those inside it.


    um, the new trial social worker program in NYC apparently IS NOT WORKING OUT as far as cutting down on police:

    and @CrimeinNYC has a question for readers:

    another story of a white family contesting law enforcement shooting of family member, this time a 17 yr. old boy in Arkansas:

    and this appears to be true as well:

    Will they take a knee for Hunter? Will they ask that they give Hunter's laptop back? Is it now wrong to shoot guys running alone on back roads? Will political opinions converge?

    This guy does have a good point that this is politically clueless, textbook latte limo liberal. Real people are dying and being maimed and it's "fun" dinner talk for him. If he wanted to tweet about dinner, just leave the "law and order" meme out of it and you're good. But no.

    produced by Ken Burns, late 2019:

    A college education should be transformative for any student. It should open up new worlds, new possibilities, and new parts of oneself. Everyone deserves a meaningful and challenging education. #CollegeBehindBarsPBS #BardPrisonInitiative

    — Bard Prison Initiative (@BPIBard) November 23, 2019

    inspired by this guy's story

    only reason I know about him and the documentary and the program is that I saw that he challenged Tom Cotton on Twitter like this:

    I did 12 yrs in prison. In that time, the system didn’t do a thing to help me, but everything to punish & destroy me. When I was released, the state handed me $40 & a bus ticket. No housing support. No social services. Not even an ID. We need to invest in people, not prisons.

    — Dyjuan Tatro (@DyjuanTatro) June 27, 2021

    thread continues...there are arguments about facts, I imagine they pertain to difference in states...

    meanwhile, less than an hour drive away:

    and in Kenosha Saturday:

    Officer Fikejs testing out his dance skills in the parade!

    — Kenosha Police Dept. (@KenoshaPolice) June 27, 2021

    funny but the girls in the parade don't look afraid of him!

    and I see they also put up this ad a few days before:


    — Kenosha Police Dept. (@KenoshaPolice) June 24, 2021


    OIC, the Times Square shooting really can be blamed on a "defund" type situation, you can't really wholly blame the NYPD, as they are supposed to be doing "hands off, stand back" regarding street vendors, when they used to police them:

    Chirlane McCray, June 7, 2020: “The vendor and administrative enforcement will be moved out of the NYPD, so that code violations will not require an officer whose presence could escalate an encounter.”

    Now you have unlicensed vendors shooting passersby in Times Square.

    — Crime in NYC (@CrimeInNYC) June 28, 2021


    Moskos says DeBlasio is stupid. But we knew that. And so does the NYPD:

    What Eric Adams’s Success Reveals About ‘Defund the Police’

    By  @ Intelligencer @, June 25. Excerpt of first half because there's lots of good embedded links on topic; in second half, there's lots of juicy stuff about Adams' history, including on policing.

    Ever since it entered the popular lexicon last year, the motto “defund the police” has been given an almost mystical power.

    For Representative Jim Clyburn, it crushed U.S. Senate hopeful Jaime Harrison’s 2020 bid to unseat Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, even though the Democrat never endorsed it and was already trailing in most preelection polls in a state that Donald Trump won by 12 points. For William Bratton, the former Los Angeles and New York City police chief, it had dire consequences when it was put into action. “They got what they wanted,” Bratton told the New York Times last month. “They defunded the police. What do they get? Rising crime, cops leaving in droves, difficulty recruiting.” Never mind that “defunded” doesn’t accurately describe what happened to the cops in New York — it was more like short-term budget reshuffling with creative marketing — and that rising violence was as bad or worse in large cities across the country, regardless of whether police got less money than the year before.

    For Barack Obama, using the phrase undermines reform because it’s alienating. (Its originators — police abolitionists — are, in fact, openly uninterested in reform.) And for many pundits and political reporters, this month’s Democratic mayoral primary in New York City was a de facto referendum on the issue.

    The results are in. Eric Adams, the former police officer turned Brooklyn borough president, has a commanding lead — though not an insurmountable one — after the first tally of ranked-choice votes on Tuesday, winning a 32 percent plurality. His closest challengers, Maya Wiley and Kathryn Garcia, trail him by ten and 13 points, respectively, and the longtime front-runner in preelection polling, Andrew Yang, has already conceded, with 100,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted. It’s not over, but it looks like Adams has the biggest coalition — a sad but not unexpected development for the city’s insurgent left, which produced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2018 but has yet to achieve anything like a governing mandate locally, despite making inroads in the offices of comptroller, public advocate, and on the City Council.

    Early on, Adams made it clear that he was against defunding the police. The takeaway, as far as this supposedly determinative issue is concerned, looks self-evident: “Defund the police” is a campaign killer in New York City, where very few actual people want it to happen, just like it ruined Harrison’s chances in South Carolina, stalled reasonable reform efforts in other cities, and plunged the Big Apple under a rising tide of blood.

    One problem with interpreting the race as a referendum on “defund the police” is that only one of the candidates, Dianne Morales, actually committed to doing so as mayor, and her campaign has been dead in the water for weeks because of her union-busting and general mismanagement. Even those who have supported the idea in the past, like Scott Stringer and Wiley, have softened their rhetoric since declaring their candidacies and avoided mentioning it in their campaign platforms and materials. Much as “defund” did during the 2020 election, when it was used by Republicans as a smear against Democrats, the proposal has functioned here more as insinuation than actual menu item.

    A related problem is that the phrase has been deployed as a catchall for a range of often conflicting ideas and policies. Some activists mean its original usage as a step toward police and prison abolition. Others have freighted it with their own idiosyncratic definitions, like Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser, who has claimed it really means “good policing.” Combine these muddled conceptions with the expected caricaturing and fearmongering by its detractors, and it’s not shocking that “defund” has framed so much election punditry: Its flexibility makes it a convenient vehicle for all kinds of questionable ideological claims.

    Adams’s success probably has less to do with his stance on defunding the police, which almost none of his opponents supported either, than with being a skilled and opportunistic politician who performed well for the same reasons that most opportunistic politicians do. As for what this race reveals about the viability of defunding as a political proposal, it’s hard to say when its primary feature was its absence. We’re left with what we’ve known all along: Politicians tend to avoid unpopular stances, and activists tend to embrace them despite their unpopularity.


    inconvenient political facts for the GOP:

    Trump’s 2017 budget submission called for cutting police funding.

    As did his 2018 & 2019 proposals.

    And 2020 too. Republicans killed local government aid in CARES and vocally opposed it in ARP (and ARRA). They even slammed Biden’s 1994 crime bill that hired 100k cops

    — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) June 28, 2021


    more specifically!

    Rep. Cori Bush introduces her plan for "public safety", the "People's Response Act" on Twitter at 10:20 am Monday:

    Here is the first reply I see:

    It got 1,077 Retweets119 Quote Tweets and 3,848 Likes so far. I only see less than 200 comments? It was retweeted by her Congressional co-sponsors, and then she retweeted those retweets, so the discussion is scattered

    The Bay Area is like a running joke for urban dysfunction now.

    — Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) June 29, 2021


    Chicago cops aren't supposed to do this anymore:

    These aren't even full NYPD, these are transit cops, working mostly on the subway.

    Baltimore: "Safe Streets outreach worker", i.e. social worker, SHOT TO DEATH (the 2nd one!!!) 

    44-year-old Cherry Hill Safe Streets worker killed in shooting Thursday night in Baltimore, officials say

    — Sun Latest News (@BaltSunBrk) July 2, 2021

    BONUS related REPEAT FROM ABOVE FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THEIR FINGERS IN THEIR EARS ON THIS experiment over, your stupid ideas are not safe and are deluded, it is not safe for mental health workers to go it alone without police with weapons. They are needed with most 911 calls about mentally ill; if it's not a life-threatening emergency, they shouldn't be calling 911 anyways, whether black, white or any other color skin:

    First responders in a new city program aimed to keep cops from answering 911 mental health calls r repeatedly calling for police assistance..“Generally abt 85% of the time they r still having police respond because there is a weapon or violence involved.”

    — NYFSS (@saferstreetsny) June 26, 2021

    And as far as I am concerned, unarmed civilians trying to stop violence shouldn't be out on violent neighborhood streets at night unless they are interested in being martyrs. It's basically criminal accessory type stuff to even be suggesting such things.

    All the mass hysteria of police hating has done in the end is that it has increased the numbers of deaths and maimings. More people get more guns and more people get killed and maimed (Er, ESPECIALLY YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE ~ did anyone from "Black Lives Matter" notice? Rather be dead or in a wheelchair than humiliated by a cop doing profiling? Okey doke, whatever, just don't blame "white supremacy" while you are waiting for that magical non-violent Wakanda place to appear.)

    Trying to get around qualified immunity, a Federal court suit argues constitutional rights in killing by Florida sheriff; Cato Institute legal studies guy comments:

    Jen makes Joe's position perfectly clear, that when BLM fundies chanted "fuck Joe Biden", Joe was really thinking "well, fuck BLM then":

    Abolish or defund this kind of work, BLM? Really, you have no need for it? The "community" can take care of it themselves? 


    Seriously, do taxpayers want to pay them to do all this work with all these gunshot cases, or should they just fuggedabout the evidence and let the perps go free in court cause the police have no evidence?

    Protestors so happy with this arrest by police, what ever happened to all the anti-police sentiment? Weren't we supposed to get rid of police? I am confused. Oh, maybe it's this: you want a police force to arrest haters, if they are white, that is, in your neighborhood? I thought "the community" and social workers were supposed to handle such things, no?

    Bias-crime suspect Edward Cagney Matthews is arrested on new charges, this time in front of demonstrators who protested outside his Mount Laurel home for hours Monday

    — jim walsh (@jimwalsh_cp) July 6, 2021


    By rmrd0000 on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 4:31pm |

    The police knew they had the wrong car and guy.

    How to build trust in the community 

    Police point guns at the man and tell to relax.

    The footage, shot by an onlooker, has racked up more than 400,000 views since it was shared last week, as fellow TikTokers voiced their outrage at the police response.

    “How many cops does it take to pull over the wrong car,” one joked dryly.

    “Listen to their words and demeanor after knowing they have the wrong car. All should be fired,” said another.

    A third said: “Again the reason why we don’t trust cops. They now know they’ve got the wrong car and still guns are pointed.”

    And a fourth hit out at the officers’ “completely irresponsible” behaviour, saying: “I will respect the blue when the blue respects the citizens they are paid to serve.”


    copied from individual post "In the News" section

    and by the same kind of reasoning, this is why people don't think background checks are of any use, because government people make mistakes and then more than two dozen people get massacred:

    A judge has ruled what has been plainly known for years: the Air Force’s failures, which it never publicly answered for, aided the brutal murder of 26 people, via @markberman

    — Alex Horton (@AlexHortonTX) July 7, 2021

    This is why people don't trust government and are scared of it!

    Why have government at all?

    It is always going to have some bad and dumb people in it that make real big mistakes.

    Surely we are all better off just taking care of ourselves! We have no bad or dumb people in our tribe! Just oppressed by those with power now, who are all stupids and trained wrong besides.

    Except of course, social workers and psychologists, they are always perfect, they never do any harm! (Ask any poor urban person or mentally ill person, they have complete trust in these people and are always thrilled with the results of the superb training and methodology!)


    Vs Brionna Taylor, handled pretty well.

    Cops *will* make mistakes. In many cases they won't be able to quickly/loudly proclaim "we made a mistake, go on now" - they have to de-escalate. Wrong suspects can *also* open fire, can *also* be doing something illegal and be trigger happy - this is America.

    There was none of the cursing antagonism i saw when they confronted George Floyd to roll down his window, but yes, they had weapons pulled as their initial error led them to think necessary.

    Oddly enough, here is where a social worker might be useful.

    As for the WaPo piece on background checks and a mass killing, the "more likely than not" kind of sums it up - sure, if America's lax gun controls worked, somewhere down the chain they might have stopped a killer - or made him buy his lethal weapons in an alley. 6 years later. I also suspect the military is not eager to turn every domestic dispute incident into a permanent blemish on servicemen's (& women's?) records, somewhat understandably, which won't show up in a WaPo report.

    They will find guns, legal or not.

    Response to some comment today - whether Trump fans storing guns in VA for an illegal drop in DC, or murderers in Chicago/Denver/wherever not supposed to have access... The premise of this piece, that the Army dropped the ball by not reporting 1 domestic disturbance offender flies in the face of overwhelming data - gun laws are not well-enforced, and the chance of a law/enforcement actually stopping rather than delaying someone who wants a weapon is slim at present. The Illinois-near-Wisconsin kid had a friend storing the weapons he used to shoot people. Cops chatted to him after he shot someone. I don't think the protesters were especially smart, so that self-defense can be complained, but still, it's not a day out golfing.

    yes and "they will find the guns" is a major point now, perhaps the major point that many liberals are not getting (like NCD a while back stopped by to chide me: talk to the Republicans, they vote against gun control.) THE POINT after last year's protests against police: everybody and his uncle went out and bought a handgun if they didn't have one before! A handgun, not an AR-15. This year now that everybody has "self-protection" in fear of police being defunded and/or pulling back: 4, 5, 6,  or 8 people are now being shot with handguns, REGULARLY, like daily.  Partly because: people new with guns don't even know how to aim and hit their target! They end up maiming 7, including little kids, because they don't know how to use their gun.

    THOSE HANDGUNS ARE NOT GOING AWAY for years. They are going to be there no matter what laws you manage to pass, unless you pass a law to start confiscating them (and excuse me, but you do that by frisking people or bribing them.) People will buy, sell and trade them outside of any laws you manage to pass. IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT "THE REPUBLICANS, sorry. The guns are purchased, they are there. "Republicans" can thank BLM protests for that!

    Now the culture has to change instead. It's got to made uncool, especially among young males of a certain sub-culture, to have and use a gun.

    That would also conveniently solve the problem of underage males being shot by the police in the dark because the police think the male is out there late at night trying to buy a gun from someone...which in one notorious case in the news happened to be true. 

    They want guns like 14 yr-olds of yore dreamed of having their first car. That's got to change. Until it does, police will profile for it, like it or not; their own lives depend upon doing so.

    Black males owning a gun has become the answer to the liberal moneymaking message that they are helpless victims of systemic racism.

    It is, unfortunately the wrong answer! (So is trying to be a basketball star, but that is not harmful to others.)

    Cheaper than a Cadillac, portable too...Fits bling culture or substitutes, yum.

    Driver gets 3 years for threatening to kill officer over traffic tickets

    by Matthew Reisen, Albuquerque Journal, N.M,  July 4, 2021

    this is interesting because 1)  it was made a federal case in the first place! 2)the jury seems to have convicted of charges as if he threatened any person, it didn't matter who they were, what their job was? 3) the sentencing judge took  it seriously as threatening police officers that represented the "rule of law" and that sovereign citizen bullshit doesn't play here?

    Jul. 4—An Albuquerque man will spend more than three years behind bars for threatening to kill a New Mexico State Police officer who gave him traffic tickets.

    Michael Nissen, 56, was sentenced in federal court on June 18 to three years and five months in prison.

    A jury in August 2019 found Nissen guilty on two counts of using interstate communication to threaten to injure someone. Nissen will be subject to three years of supervised release after his time in prison.

    According to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court:

    In November 2018, Nissen was pulled over by State Police on Interstate 40 in Torrance County and issued multiple citations by the officer. Within an hour, Nissen called State Police dispatch multiple times and said, "You've got some of the stupidest (expletive) pigs on the road. The next time someone violates me like that on the road, I'm gonna put a bullet in that (expletive) pig's head."

    Days later, an assistant at the State Police office received a call from a man who was "verbally combative" and threatened to shoot the assistant in the head.

    In December 2018, Nissen went to the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office to complain about the traffic stop and said he had made calls and sent emails to State Police. Nissen told the deputies he owned multiple guns and carried his revolver to "protect himself from rogue state cops."

    State Police arrested Nissen and, according to court records, officers executed a search warrant on his Albuquerque home. Authorities found 20 pounds of packaged marijuana, 32 plants in the process of drying and all equipment "necessary" for a hydroponic growing system.

    They also found multiple rifles and a pistol in a gun safe.

    "(Nissen) stated the firearms were to protect him and his home. ... (He) identified himself as a sovereign citizen," court records state.

    Nissen was charged with distribution of marijuana or synthetic cannibinoids, but the case was dismissed after he was taken into federal custody.

    found via jj macnab 

    white insane girl humiliated on airplane, most people get why--no social workers or psychologists available on plane, everyone on plane could die if she isn't, and professional grade strait jackets are not available; see thread:

    American Airlines passenger was duct taped to her seat after she tried to open the plane door, then bit a flight attendant.

    — Mike Sington (@MikeSington) July 11, 2021

    Now say there aren't any social workers immediately available on your city block at any one point in time, do you want police to do their thing or don't you? you just want to give up your safety for dignity for everyone else, no matter how nuts or criminally minded they might be?

    Yglesias' two cents on the duct-taped airplane girl:

    What % surge in a pandemic? With Tim Tok to amplify?

    speaking of Bernie and police on another thread, there is actually news on that front. Maureen Dowd sat down for an interview with Bernie for her column. The topic came up. Yglesisas pointed to it

    and added this which is an excellent point on how focused Bernie's prorities have always been:

    the whole Dowd column is highly recommended for getting across the Joe & Bernie partnership, what it is and what it isn't, especially economically


    Ta-Nehisi Coates on policing in 2004 (duped so I can find it):

    the following articles & tweets are evidence for the argument that the Chicago policing problem is not as much a policing problem but a prosecutor and judicial problem, which the police chief has been known to argue more than once and quite strenuously:

    you see a lot of similar complaining about the San Francisco D.A., except more so

    of course, if you're into abolishing prisons & jails and saving black criminals' lives while non-criminal blacks suffer death or maiming, like BLM does, then nevermind

    here's another example

    NYPD has already been doing the "social worker" suggestions, for years:

    New York City’s youth is a critical part of completely reopening our city.

    The NYPD has developed NYPD Kids First, a plan that incorporates projects to turn damaged public spaces into places where kids can thrive. To learn how to get involved visit

    — NYPD NEWS (@NYPDnews) July 11, 2021

    They don't need arrogant politicians telling them what they already know works, from criminal justice research, yes they keep up with the lastest in their field, what a surprise.. They just need support about that. Not being told they don't know what they need.

    One thing that hasn't proved to work out AT ALL: demonization of police in media, pop culture and politics. Now that has started to look like a huge fail.

    FBI apology re: Larry Nasser case after Inspector General report!


    Your occasional reminder that in America's most as-risk neighborhoods, about 10% of men die of being murdered. And before the age of 35. Many more get shot, wounded, and live.

    — Peter Moskos (@PeterMoskos) July 7, 2021

    in America's most as-risk neighborhoods, about 10% of men die of being murdered, before the age of 35

    Then there's

    Washington Post database updated July 14, 2021

    957 people have been shot and killed by police in the past year 

    [....] Rate of shootings remains steady

    Despite the unpredictable events that lead to fatal shootings, police nationwide have shot and killed almost the same number of people annually — nearly 1,000 — since The Post began its project [....]

    Black Americans are killed at a much higher rate than White Americans

    Although half of the people shot and killed by police are White, Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of White Americans. Hispanic Americans are also killed by police at a disproportionate rate [....]

    followed by chart with 

    • Black - 37 per million
    • Hispanic -27 per million
    • White - 15 per million
    • Other - 5 per million

    Let's sum up here

    37 per million is .0037% killed by police

    10% murdered by others vs. 0.0037% killed by police

    A year of hysteria, protests, violence, riots and looting over the latter.

    But it's a cooked up hysterical plot against Democrats to be extremely concerned about the rising homicide rate concerning the former?

    And to point out that nothing has changed in years with the rate of killings by police is being unconcerned about a supposed epidemic of police brutality that needs an urgent worldwide outcry?

    Nothing can be done about the 10% being murdered, it's something we need to accept?  But the small number of deaths by police is something we cannot accept?

    WAS MASS HYSTERIA.. LUNACY. Caused mostly by one video. That's what will be in the history books.And it won't be described as a positive thing; it will scare people about how irrational the world can get.

    Fear fear itself.

    still going on, perp barricaded  & shooting in little town in Texas took out 4 cops including killing head of SWAT team:

    Probably belongs on extremism thread, don't know yet.

    One thing I don't see helping this situation one bit:

    Woke theology that promotes separatist culture and stereotypes via skin color!

    Cops are being politically correct and woke by doing this, they are just using the stereotypes of the language preferred by different skin colors of people according to Woke separatism and anti-white-privilege. One presumes "dude" and "bro" is certainly more acceptable to white privilege system lingo of "sir" and "ma'am". Which even with white folks resonates with slave and/or servant era overtones.

    Everybody should get the same lingo and treatment but if Woke keep stressing how different we are by skin color, that's not going to convince a single fucking cop, or any smart person working in a service profession, for that matter, to use the same lingo for everyone.

    You want them to be color blind, promote color blindness in culture! Color blindness promotion seems to be very out of style with lefties as far as I can see, and I am in a cultural profession. I'd prefer color blindness was the in thing, but all I see lately is the exact opposite, especially from the left.

    this comment by "Naninizhoni" to Wasow perhaps better gets across what I was trying to say:

    Reconnecting thread:

    — Omar Wasow (@owasow) July 16, 2021

    So the entire takeaway is that officers are neutral toward black drivers and perhaps marginally polite to white ones in a tiny sample with minimal controls placed for glaring risk factors?

    This speaks to a surprising level of professionalism from police based on shooting data.

    — Naninizhoni (@naninizhoni) July 16, 2021


    and EVEN then I might quibble with the "marginally polite" thing, as I think a lot of white people are like me and find the "sir" and "ma'am" thing as to be facetious and actually a tactic that makes many of us uncomfortable-there's a whole Eddie Haskell kind of thing behind that when you are dealing with traffic cops. It's phony politeness. And a power game where you know you the driver are no longer in the driver's seat. They know they have power over you and you know it too - they can basically take away your privilege to drive and could give you hefty fines you can't afford and arrest you and all kinds of bad stuff. And suddenly you have to pee, it's your nervous system. Being called "ma'am" just makes it worse.

    Picture nails it


    sort of gets the NYC divide in a nutshell--how the Jamaal Bowman lefty DSA , pro-"Squad", pro-BLM minority thinks, and how the rest of the rest of the citizens think who do not think like socialists, that not everyone is intrinsically good if you make sure they get the necessities of life, that there are such things as criminally minded con artists, and quite a few of them are in NYC and you have to keep them in line:

    The socialist view where everyone is a good person if they are just treated right - just not a NYC thing, sorry. Is more likely that a majority think that everyone has the potential to be a shark. Including police, but certainly not exclusive to police! It's more than trust but verify, it's more like: don't trust until you've verified.


    Another example of a black man confronting the police in ways I would never consider.How can blacks claim they're afraid of the police in every interaction and then act like this. How can they claim every child gets "the talk" because it sure doesn't seem to be working. I as a while man am scared of the cops and consequently would never talk to one like this

    looks like this kid is the giver of "the talk", rather than the receiver wink

    "I tell you whut, in all my years I never seen anything this heinous. (Sigh) Lemme call the Misuss, tell her I can't make the fish fry. This biscuit gone have to hold me I guess.

    Rufus, start knocking on these doors. All this blood & bullets, somebody had to heard something"

    — Roy Wood Jr- Ex Jedi (@roywoodjr) July 17, 2021

    Mississippi 2.0 - the next generation

    Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms: Atlanta wants to spend $70 million for extra policing and anti-violence, anti-crime, cutting elsewhere to pay for it:

    $70M investment proposal from anti-violence council: Money to come from cuts elsewhere, mayor says

    Mayor Bottoms held a morning news conference on Friday to outline proposals by an anti-violence council she formed in May.

    ATLANTA — Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms on Friday outlined proposals delivered by an advisory council she formed as a response to the rise in violent crime, with a $70 million price tag on a number of initiatives.

    It would be a major investment in public safety and law enforcement, coming against the backdrop of calls to defund police last year that sprouted out of the popular protests against racial injustice.

    Much of the money, the mayor said, would have to be freed up "at the expense of something else."

    Mayor Bottoms said public safety as a number one priority was justifiable, nonetheless, because "what I know is when our communities aren't safe, or when they don't feel safe, nothing else really matters."

    Read the council's full report here

    The mayor's council - which included a range of figures, from former acting U.S. Attorney General Sally Yates to UPS CEO Carol Tomé - made a full report on the city's efforts to reduce violent crime and what it should do further.

    Those recommendations included creating a dedicated Office of Violence Reduction within the Mayor's Office to lead the city's overall strategy and expanding a neighborhood-based crime reduction program called NPU-V that Bottoms said has already seen success as a pilot program in neighborhoods, including Peoplestown and Mechanicsville [....]


    Body cam of rude white NYPD officer in Harlem bossing homies around, ordering them to do stuff like buy potato chips and packing tape for him at the bodega:

    This is just one example of the heroic work that your NYPD officers do every day. @NYPDShea @NYPDChiefPatrol @NYPDnews @NYPD28Pct

    — Chief Rodney Harrison (@NYPDChiefOfDept) July 16, 2021

    Actually I am posting it because it strongly reminds me of every encounter I have had with uniformed cops in NYC, produced a sort of clarity for me. It's like they are all like that: definitely not friendly, more like arrogant, like they are doing a job and don't need to be distracted by you.

    I didn't think it the hospitality biz, but the potato chips got me thinking. (actually the calm & coooeration directing the situation was pretty impressive)

    Meanwhile clever protester got some more of those colonizing repressive statues

    I just listened again and it hit me that at the end of the tape he said to the victim: keep breathing, BRO, ok? The audacity of not calling him "sir", where's your outrage?wink

    On statues, I swear it's something like more people believing in voodoo these days, that they think taking such things into their own hands will solve something! More violent folks are shooting people with guns because of anger about this that or the other thing, but it's possibly all part of the same phenomenon? I haven't read any of the tomes out there on "iconoclasm" outbreaks in the past, been meaning to.

    The points: in more civilized times, the public monuments are placed and removed according to agreement after debate (i.e., the plans for the Vietnam war memorial were once enormously controversial and there were culture wars over it galore, but one agreed and installed, people who didn't like the idea of commemorating all the death didn't attack it!) And on private property, like with this guy, it is considered sancrosant freedom of speech and religion (even nabes with neighborhood association rules go through extreme debate before everyone agrees to love it or leave it).It's basically democracy in action to go with the majority or what courts rule. The whole thing of taking it into your own hands because they are symbols you don't like is mob thinking as well as voodoo.

    Funded more transit police AND guess what?

     New chief selected for Capitol Police after 1/6 insurrection


    WASHINGTON (AP) — A police official who has run large departments in Maryland and Virginia has been selected as chief of the U.S. Capitol Police in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 insurrection, in which pro-Trump rioters stormed the building in a violent rage, disrupting the certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win.J. Thomas Manger, who most recently served for 15 years as chief in Montgomery County, Maryland, was picked for the position following an extensive search, according to four people briefed on the matter. The people were not authorized to discuss the selection process publicly and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

    The decision comes as the Capitol police and other law enforcement agencies are struggling to determine the best way to secure the Capitol and what direction to take the 2,300-person force that guards the building and the lawmakers inside it and functions as mashup of a national security agency and local police department.

    The department has asked for more funding for more officers and better riot gear. In the meantime, the massive fence that encircled the grounds was taken down in the past few weeks.

    The Capitol Police Board, which includes the House and Senate sergeant at arms and the Architect of the Capitol, is charged with oversight of the police force and led the search.

    Manger served as chief in Montgomery County, outside Washington, from 2004 to 2019. Before that, he led the Fairfax, Virginia, police department. Those jobs, as well as a leadership position in the Major Cities Chiefs Association, have made him a familiar face in Washington law enforcement circles and on Capitol Hill.

    Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman was elevated to the role after the agency’s top official, Steven Sund, was forced out a day after the riot.

    Pittman, a longtime Capitol police officer, wasn’t expected to get the job permanently. And her appointment did little to soothe the tumult inside the department or to quell concerns about failures of preparation and intelligence-sharing ahead of the insurrection.

    She faced steep criticism from her own officers after they said she showed little to no leadership on the day of the insurrection. The union voted overwhelmingly to show no confidence in her [.....]


    Biden Legal Team Decides Inmates Must Return to Prison After Covid Emergency

    Sorry, "abolish" fans, but I suspect the "Biden legal team" may have had a gander at stats showing repeat offenders responsible for a significant amount of the crime wave? And they'd like the Democratic party not to lose even more congressional seats and state houses in the mid-terms - 

    Thousands of federal convicts who were released to home confinement to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 will be required to return to prison a month after the official state of emergency for the pandemic ends, officials said on Monday.

    — The New York Times (@nytimes) July 20, 2021

    There's this popular saying: Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Believe it or not for the youngins, that comes from Sammy Davis Jr., who wrote the theme song for the detective tv show "Baretta"

    see his further comments in the whole thread but especially this reply which he retweeted:

    right wing outlets like Gateway Pundit making lots of viral hay out of this videotape:

    Mob surrounds & taunts white cop trying to respond to a shooting call in Atlanta

    — Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) July 20, 2021

    Can I just say the crowd had zero evidence of that cop harassing anyone,

    they were just harassing him because of the color of his skin,

    despite his black female partner

    Can I just say: ISN'T THAT RACISM?

    In addition, apparently they'd prefer to deal with gun violence amongst themselves without police being involved, i.e., a sort of vigilante set up, with lynch mobs for serious cases?

    You can pretty much count me out of a brave new BLM world that looks and sounds like this. I'd throw my lot in with The Deplorables if forced to choose between the two. I'm not alone, I think lots of people with black skin aren't crazy about ghetto culture, either.

    BUT BUT BUT I remember being assured that taking police off traffic duty would make for more peaceful communities and happier citizens? Every driver stopped by a cop is after all, innocent, they just do it to harass all people of color:

    as Naperville police focused on traffic offenses, which went up more than 500%

    Murder, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, aggravated battery and other major crimes in Naperville were down 35% in the first half of 2021 compared to the same time last year.

    — Chicago Tribune (@chicagotribune) July 22, 2021

    maybe just maybe some of these departments actually know how to decrease crime (more than elite white protesters against systemic racism) but aren't allowed? just sayin'

    this one's for all those Boogaloos types out there who think there is no need for "cops", especially Federal ones:

    new Moskos op-ed on "when police pull back"

    NYPD doing a good job for us residents despite all the delusional bullshit they had to put up with (mostly from white elites, not minority residents) in 2020. I have read they made a big dent in 2020 numbers by really be tough on gangs and rounding them all up. That is a major part of the gun problem; whether they will be adequately prosecuted and let out on bail (unlike if they were from a Brighton Beach white eastern european immigrant gang, for example, who often the fed treatment) is another question.

    a very good reminder:

    "The protests were whiter than the police department’

    Peter Moskos – sociologist and former Baltimore cop – talks to spiked about race, policing and mass incarceration.

    By Tom Slater, Deputy Editor @, last July 27

    BAD COPS HAPPEN (doh like in other professions like M.D. & C.P.A. etc.)


    nor even a gender thing for that matter

    dupe of comment on Crimes News thread on purpose:

    Current headline story at LA Daily News: Chief says hospitalized LAPD worker credits COVID vaccine for saving his life

    Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore added that 52 more employees tested positive for COVID-19 last week

    also this link to related from 4 days ago

    Worse message from some Chicago P.D. to Mayor Lightfoot- at a breaking point and not gonna take it any more, commander-in-chief or not

    Right wing media playing this one up real big.

    You will surely see some "Willie Horton" type ads attacking blue city governments featuring cop killers Morgan bros. being out on parole even though alread gun-related felons

    Chicago Willie-Horton-allover-again meme already gone viral:


    Both scumbags were on probation! It’s time for Kim Fox and Lightfoot to go!

    — Elliot (@ProudBeard) August 10, 2021

    Prosecutor Kim Foxx has already long been a long time symbol of not giving a shit even from more centrist types, it's like she's totally clueless, never misses a chance to correct a reputation as an anti-cop criminal lover; once again she doesn't disappoint in the case of this story

    Four hours after we asked her office why she hadn't made a statement...

    — CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) August 10, 2021

    At least Lightfoot pretends to care.

    offered without comment except this only one so far which is diretcly on the website:

    James Smith

    What an embarrassment, White is turning the department into the clown show.

    Like · Reply · 8h

    Go ahead, let blacks kill blacks and get away with it! Who cares? Certainly not "BLM", just the opposite:

    Criminal-Justice Reformers Chose the Wrong Slogan

    “Defund the Police” is a disaster. Under-policing is a form of oppression too.

    By Conor Friedersdorf @, Aug. 8

    After george floyd’s murder, when sweeping criminal-justice reforms seemed more possible than ever, many Black Lives Matter activists and their allies settled on a rallying cry: “Defund the Police.”

    That choice was a disaster. The slogan—shorthand for cutting spending on law enforcement and redirecting it toward social services, or, for more radical proponents, moving toward eventual police abolition—is a political liability, largely due to justified fears that, if implemented, it would lead to many more murders, assaults, and other violent crimes, disproportionately harming victims in America’s most marginalized communities. Yet even as the Democratic Party abandons the slogan, the activist left still clings to it, as if oblivious to its opportunity cost: Namely, the public is open to any number of potential improvements to American policing, but no politically viable reform is getting anywhere near the attention of “defunding.”

    Before the public sours on criminal-justice reform more broadly—as it may amid rising fears about crime and disorder in cities—a new focus and rallying cry are needed. And given the spike in homicides that has afflicted the United States during the pandemic, disproportionately killing Black people, there’s an especially strong case for this overdue slogan: Solve All Murders. Precisely because Black lives matter, people who take Black lives shouldn’t get away with it.

    The Murder Accountability Project, a nonprofit watchdog group that tracks unsolved murders, found in 2019 that “declining homicide clearance rates for African-American victims accounted for all of the nation’s alarming decline in law enforcement’s ability to clear murders through the arrest of criminal offenders.” In Chicago, the public-radio station WBEZ’s analysis of 19 months of murder-investigation records showed that “when the victim was white, 47% of the cases were solved … For Hispanics, the rate was about 33%. When the victim was African American, it was less than 22%.” Another study in Indianapolis found the same kind of disparities.

    Eliminating such disparities ought to be a priority for all Americans, including anti-racist activists. But that’s unlikely so long as Black Lives Matter leaders and their allies focus on defunding the police.

    Democrats aren’t merely distancing themselves from “defund the police”; they’re trying to associate Republicans with the slogan. Joe Biden’s pandemic-relief bill included funding for local police departments (among many other line items), and, as the 2022 midterms approach, Democrats are accusing GOP opponents of the bill of trying to “defund” law-enforcement agencies that the legislation supported. “And according to Democratic aides, the change in messaging is coming straight from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” Akela Lacy reported last week in The Intercept. How did we get here?

    Last summer, many progressives persuaded themselves that “defund the police” was not just a talking point that some radicals favored, but an attainable goal. “The movement to defund the police is gaining significant support across America, including from elected leaders,” The Guardian reported on June 4, 2020. “Government officials have long dismissed the idea as a leftist fantasy, but the recent unrest and massive budget shortfalls from the Covid-19 crisis appear to have inspired more mainstream recognition of the central arguments behind defunding.”

    Within left-activist bubbles, criminal-justice-reform proposals that stopped short of defunding the police lost any credibility. By mid-June 2021, for example, the leaders of 8 Can’t Wait, a campaign to get police departments to reform their policies on when and how to use force, felt obliged to apologize for focusing on lifesaving reforms rather than defunding. “We’ve seen dozens of cities adopt the goals of #8CANTWAIT, policies that can reduce the harm caused by police in the short-term,” a statement on their website declared.  “And while we are proud of the impact we were able to make, we at Campaign Zero acknowledge that, even with the best of intentions, the #8CANTWAIT campaign unintentionally detracted from efforts of fellow organizers invested in paradigmatic shifts that are newly possible in this moment. For this we apologize wholeheartedly, and without reservation.”

    In fact, “defund” was the problem, because the mainstream still regarded defunding the police as a leftist fantasy. And that fantasy appeared to hurt Democrats in the 2020 election. “In the summer, following the emergence of ‘defund the police’ as a nationally salient issue, support for Biden among Hispanic voters declined,” the data scientist David Shor argued in an interview with New York earlier this year. “So I think you can tell this microstory: We raised the salience of an ideologically charged issue that millions of nonwhite voters disagreed with us on. And then, as a result, these conservative Hispanic voters who’d been voting for us despite their ideological inclinations started voting more like conservative whites.”


    Anyone seen David Duke lately? Would be good to get his thoughts. I hear Bull Connor and Lester Maddox were yucking it up, but that's paranormal for the course.

    whole promoted Twitter section:

    August 9, 2021

    Camden, New Jersey is hailed as a model for police reform, but its community is still skeptical. What do you need to keep your community safe?

    Plagued with internal corruption, spiking crime rates, and overspending, Camden, New Jersey, rebuilt its police department over a decade ago by installing over 200 cameras and 70 microphones placed around the city. But, the community remains skeptical on its effectiveness. There have been efforts to pass police reform, but little progress has been made. We want to hear from communities of color: What would an ideal version of public safety look like to you?

    3 cheers for these guys who are not in denial about the problem and have not given up but keep pounding away!

    Now here's an excellent example of a real genuine "agitator" anarchist type who takes advantage of mob-like anger to turn something like BLM PROTESTS OR JAN. 6 TYPE PROTESTS into something real bad. Inciting the mob just because he likes inciting a mob! He may or may not have ideological beliefs inspiring him to be on one side or another OR he may also just like the excitement of looting and arson. What does it matter. Part of his tool kit is: AN ANGRY MOB. Can't have the real kind of fun he likes without one.


    Man who live-streamed hours of footage as he set fires and rioted in the Loop and Minneapolis is going to federal prison for 105 months. "Best thing I ever did in my life," Matthew Rupert said in one video that would later be used as evidence against him.

    — CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) August 11, 2021



    It's one thing passionate protesters don't seem to get, they have this simplistic idea that cops just hate them and want to mean to them. NO THEY WANT TO PREVENT MOBS FROM FORMING in which case guys like Matthew hear will know how to take advantage.

    I remember more than one person here criticizing me for bringing up BLM riots when Jan, 6 was happening. I see people like Matthew here not having much loyality to cause, he could be a Proud Boy storming the Capitol one year and the next year agitating looting burning and rioting with angry BLM protesters the next. The anarchist actions are what excites him, not the cause. And he'll travel to get in on it. And he's not even a elite woke type, NOR IS HE A PHONY OUTSIDE AGITATOR from 'the other side", he just likes some action and makes himself acquainted with those who might provide it. It's all just about a temporary sense of power like Robert Duval line "I love the smell of napalm in the morning". It's not about the original cause.

    And when it's a mob it doesn't fucking matter any more what the ideology is, it's just a fucking mob. I don't get how others don't see that: a riot is a riot is a riot is a riot. Once it's a riot, that's all it is. So those who intially might be opposites end up very much alike.

    ^ A complicated nuanced problem; go figure, who knew? !!!


    NOT AN EPIDEMIC! (probably far less total damage than many other professions cause!)

    MORE COMMON IN POORLY FUNDED LOCALITIES with little oversight! What a surprise!?



    Gee none of the actual situation provides for a compelling narrative and instigation to demonstrate, riot, burn and loot...

    rather this seems like it is something that should be dealt with in the courts via torts and also national authorities like the DOJ. Gosh, again, what a surprise, like that never happened before...

    found retweeted by Peter Moskos:

    Jail guards protest over Rikers conditions: ‘Worst they have ever been’

    When police r the prob

    it's easy to come up with anecdotals to counter the whole idea that help as well as abuse is not racial, though:

    I was just lost is Screven County, GA about two weeks ago. I pulled into the median and ask the Sheriff's Officer for directions, this brother told me to follow him. He drove me to the location. Doesn't stop there, I locked my keys in the car. Four white people helped me get in

    — Tramayne Young (@TramayneY) August 17, 2021

    Futhermore, as far as the LAPD and recent Proud Boys vs. Antifa protest bullshit kabuki show, if you look into trusted independent reporting of the one incident, you will find that it was a member of the "Antifa forces" who stabbed a member of the "Proud Boys forces"

    If I was with the LAPD I'd have locked them all up as doing a poor imitation of "West Side Story". To quote Keisha Lance Bottoms "THIS IS NOT PROTEST! GO HOME!" The LAPD is not employed to assist in stoopid performance art of narcissist groups looking for attention. If I were a citizen of L.A. I would not be pleased that the LAPD was used in this manner. Fuck both groups of shitheads, it's nonsense for viral propaganda, lock them all up, no more of this shit, last thing this country needs right now. Should be some law about felony misuse of public space and public law enforcement resources. There's a pandemic on...

    VIDEO: Today antifa counter-protesters faced off with attendees of an anti-vaccine rally including Proud Boys in Los Angeles.

    Violence began with a one-on-one fight that escalated into brawling with mace. One man wearing a skull mask smacked my freelance cameraman @AeonPhotoCo.

    — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) August 15, 2021

    This is the stabbing in slow motion. If you watch closely, you'll actually see that while the person stabbed continues to fight, even deploying mace against antifa activists, blood starts to drip into his purple shirt.

    Video by @AeonPhotoCo for @N2Sreports.

    — Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) August 15, 2021


    This is NOT the way the whole rule of law thing is supposed to work!

    Othal Wallace is now going to be facing 1st degree murder for the death of Officer Raynal in Daytona who did nothing to warrant being shot:

    a reminder that the manhunt for Wallace ended in find him in a treehouse on the property associated with an organization called NFAC. The acronym stands for the "Not F------ Around Coalition," a self-described militia composed exclusively of Black members.

    (Extremely well-funded lobbyists) Black Lives Matter couldn't be any clearer where they are at on violent crime in a meeting last night:

    Join us TONIGHT— #DefundThePolice

    — Black Lives Matter (@Blklivesmatter) August 19, 2021

    In the UK they are trying out this alternative to defund police and fund social workers instead surprise

    a mace-laden street brawl between ideological foes

    (found retweeted by JJ MacNab)

    NYPD suspends cops caught on video doing nothing after gunman accidentally shoots own leg on Harlem sidewalk

    By Wes Parnell & Thomas Tracy @, AUG 26, 2021 AT 3:50 PM, VIDEO & PHOTOS at link

    The NYPD suspended four officers Thursday caught on video failing to take action after a man accidentally shoots himself in the leg on a Harlem street corner.

    The cops, identified by police sources as Officers Joshua Polo, Grifford Griffiths, Mohammed Uddin and Sterling Medina, were suspended without pay for the incident at the corner of 136th St. and Seventh Ave. on Monday night, an NYPD spokesman said.

    An internal NYPD memo shared with the Daily News blasted the officers’ “negligence and delay in action” in responding to the shooting.

    Medina and Polo were on foot patrol while the other two were in a patrol car, all as part of a “crime reduction” assignment. The quartet of Keystone cops were mere steps away from a group of men drinking and gambling when the shot was fired.

    Body camera footage from the four officers reveals they heard a bang but didn’t realize it was a gunshot, sources said.

    “One turned to the other and said something along the lines of, ‘What was that?’” a high-ranking police source said. “They thought it could have been a firecracker. Even when the people were coming back and picking up their phones they were trying to figure out, ‘What did we just hear?’”

    Shocking surveillance video obtained by the Daily News shows the flash of a muzzle, followed by the men scattering. One of them, later identified as Xavier Shaw, 32, mistakenly shot himself in the leg and hobbled away, authorities said.

    *NU*Medina and Polo*ENU* were leaning up against a building when the shooting unfolded right in front of them. One eventually sauntered around the corner, turned around and returned to his partner but never appeared to investigate or render aid, the video shows.

    During the chaos, a few of the men can be seen retrieving items from the ground. They left the gun in the middle of the sidewalk next to what appears to be a 50-foot trail of blood.

    The other two cops, sitting in a double-parked NYPD SUV, never got out and even moved their vehicle in reverse so one of the people involved in the shooting could get into their car and drive away.

    “As all of this occurred, Police Officer Medina and Police Officer Polo never reacted or moved from their initial location,” according to the internal NYPD memo. “Police Officer Uddin and Police Officer Griffiths never exited their (vehicle) to inquire or investigate what caused the group to act in such a manner.”

    After 34 seconds, Medina and Polo slowly walked to the NYPD vehicle, conferred with the other two officers, and all agreed that the noise they all heard was a firecracker,” the memo states.


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