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The enormous amount of hate is not real

See this whole thread. It makes it so clear that the enormous amount of hate, divisiveness and mistrust is not real, it is caused by a tiny minority. It is basically ginned up by a small number of teen trolls with a lot of time on their hands. The social media people are failing at the task of maintaining the benefits of freedom of speech. Someone has to fix the problem of being able to play the algorithms. It's not just a Putin problem, as anyone can do it.

Culture Warriors' End Game: A Universe of Pure Hatred

C.S. Lewis in 'Mere Christianity'.

We never learn.

— Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) January 21, 2019

While the media goes on and on about AOC being good at the social media

seems to me that they are sorta trying to keep the suddenly hipster Senator on Twitter to themselves:


Human Rights Shaming and Nationalist Backlash



Very excited to have @RochelleTerman visit @BYU today to present her paper: "Don’t Tell Us What to Do: Human Rights Shaming and Nationalist Backlash"

"Human rights shaming [leads to]...higher nationalist sentiments and hostility towards advocacy efforts."

The Liberaltarian demographic, ignored by political activists, analysts and pollsters at their peril

I ran across this article from Nov. New Study Indicates Silicon Valley’s Elite Are Not As Liberal As They Think by @

It reminded me of how geek world, since it's development, always seemed to tend to lean libertarian and therefore prone to prefer "third way" political solutions. With the polarization introduced by the Trump and similar populist movements, the lefty Democratic types seem to be getting hopeful that swings are coming over to their side and are thinking "oh boy, the DLC ways of thinking are dead, now we can finally go socialist." Um, but there's this Liberaltarian cohort out there, growing all the time. With lots of money. And a new kinda "don't like big gummint" and bureaucrats attitude. That will be swing supporters and voters if Dem candidates are too left. I've noted a thing watching Twitter over the last few months: even though this type may deplore Trump dolts and rural rubes, they also are very much prone to ridicule earnest lefty types like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Christian right and other socially conservative nutcases sector of the GOP may be dying out, but this group will be growing. And may be sympathetic to a lot ot "Freedom Caucus" type aims. Politicos ignore them at their peril.


Finally free to appropriate to the max

Made me want to read her work

One problem with partisanship

Posting this because it made me think. Dagbloggers for the most part are great on sticking to the policies they favor no matter who is supporting them . But it gets at how partisan hatred, or hatred for one man or woman, does have the tendency to blind:

And will get no credit from the left AT ALL.



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