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Creating a narrative and promoting it for a political agenda

This is how everyone savvy is doing it, yes ALL SIDES now, not just alt-right. It's our new paradigm. How MSM outlets deal with it, whether they filter it and create balance, or end up feeding certain agendas by covering what the aglorithms rule are hot, that's the thing:

Behold, the wrath of Mei Mei and Squirt

The Social Construction of Racism in the United States

The Social Construction of Racism in the United States (Executive Summary, Table of Contents and PDF download at link)

by Eric Kaufmann, April 7, published at

Foreword by Coleman Hughes

"Call Me By Your Name"

Everyone should know about this one, because it's news, it is becoming a big culture wars item, conservative Christian types (all colors) are having heart attacks (they got fooled by "Old Town Road" and the country music appreciation that he might be a friendly). Especially the scene starting around 2:00. And

Dana Carvey does Joe Biden

"The Culture Warped Pop for Good"

Humanities Academia in Crisis

‘Bad History and Worse Social Science Have Replaced Truth’

Daryl Michael Scott on propaganda and myth from ‘The 1619 Project’ to Trumpism.

Prof. Scott of Howard University is interviewed on topic by Len Gutkin for The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 10. The article is free access but requires registration with the site. I have posted two very good excerpts after the jump which were tweeted by Wesley Yang. But I highly recommend reading the entire article as it is a very good summary of the troubles that have been going on in this area.

Assistance in understanding those unwoke Hispanics in places like the Bronx

I have scanned the English side of a large campaign postcard I just found on my car's windshield at my home in the Bronx (the other side is in Spanish.) Then I went and put it on a picture hosting website and I looked up the background of family name of the candidate > it is Ecuadorian. The scan is posted after the jump, it's quite self-explanatory.

Prof. Milanovic on what needs to be studied on inequality & populism, and inequality & discrimination.

Professor Branko Milanovic who self-describes this way on his Twitter account 1) Income inequality; 2) Politics; 3) History; 4) Soccer. Author of "Global inequality" and "Capitalism, Alone" (2019). Grad Center CUNY, LSE, Stone Center has some great thought-provoking questions!  

[For those who need confirmation, he is described similarly on Wikipedia: a Serbian-American economist. He is most known for his work on income distribution and inequality. Since January 2014, he is a visiting presidential professor....]

Yesterday he tweeted a stream describing what mysteries really needed to be studied by real scholars in his field. The tweets were so interesting that someone called for them to be "unrolled" on a single page. That full text is posted after the jump. 



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