The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

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In ancient Athens they had some serious majority cancel culture

Tad Jones, born 1946

Just a great obit of a strangely haunted but ultimately good hermit life, superbly written:

He took refuge in nature, and it was nature that finally took him, by Michael Paterniti He spent decades under the redwoods, then came this summer's fire season.

Is part of an article section for the New York Times Magazine  Remembering some of the artists, innovators and thinkers we lost in the past year. I noticed this Tad Jones piece because it was on an "Editor's Choice" menu of recommended articles. If you click on it, you'll get the whole interactive of all the articles which include others like Diane de Prima, Chadwick Boseman, Stanley Crouch, James Harvey and Bill Withers

Great American War of 2020

More Americans died from Covid
the last 10 months than WW2 297,557.

More Americans Died than

Afghanistan 2,445
Iraq 4,431
Vietnam 58,220
Korean War 36,547
WW1 53,402
Spanish A. War 2,446
Mexican Amer War 13,283
9-11 2,977



Do you believe in Solstice magic?


Last one has to turn out the lights. Wondering if anyone has taught him how.

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The Costs of Code-Switching

The behavior is necessary for advancement — but it takes a great psychological toll Nov. 2019 Harvard Business Review article. Here's a great intro.:

"America, what a country!"

Found the greatest automotive photograph ever captured:

— Forest Casey (@forestcasey) November 24, 2020

Let me introduce you to super-hot Brit artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

lynette yiadom-boakye’s fly in league with the night is extraordinary and now view now at @Tate. on a few of the walls are quotes from lynette taken from our most recent conversation.

— Antwaun Sargent (@Sirsargent) December 3, 2020

Her paintings have sold for seven figures for several years now, and there is a waiting list for her work.

RMRD apparently doesn't know how to start a blog to argue political points

So I am doing it for him, copying his comment inappropriately placed on my thread. He obviously wants to argue about this with someone. I'm not interested in arguing with him about this and have asked him to stop hijacking my threads with my interests. Anyone amenable, have at it.

Biden will try bipartisanship 

I am betting that there will be little Republican cooperation 

We will see how Republicans treat Cabinet nominees

Then we will see how many judges Biden is allowed

The Woke/Lefties are heavily criticized 



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