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On Murdoch family orders

It is really good to see Fox not building up false hope in a Trump litigation strategy. Can't stress this enough.

— Rick Hasen (@rickhasen) November 7, 2020

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Just do it.

I think this is an excellent idea. Red v. blue maps should basically be outlawed. Our lives are not a football game (one based on the Electoral College, yet.) Not to mention the problem of both parties having lost their traditional meanings and the large number of people who register as Independents.

Biden v. Trump on Twitter

Halloween policing. (All sides do it now!)

Texas homeowners association demands removal of one neighbor’s Halloween decoration: pole-dancing skeletons that were “offensively positioned.”

— Jim Roberts (@nycjim) October 31, 2020

Which tribes have what privileges?

To start

Not a minor free speech conundrum

Social media companies don't seem to have any desire to block viral false rumors that precipitate rioting in American cities, suggesting that their commitment to censorship has its own limits.

— Zaid Jilani (@ZaidJilani) October 27, 2020

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Listen to Obama, he knows, he was President for 8 years

And do note what topic he chose to put first here. And how he doesn't say "vote blue", he says "educate yourselves up and down the ticket."

Best tweeted feelgood videos

Biden Campaign Ads

Now that they are flush with dough, gonna use this thread to point to some of the things they are doing with it. Here's Kamala's current favorite:

"Indigenous People's Day of Rage" protests

There is also supposed to be a social media blackout, supposed to be "IPOC" posting only (so Liz Warren can still do it?)


one more thing, this has been going around for awhile and i thought i’d share this on here as well ! :) October 12 is Indigenous People’s Day and people are saying that if you ARENT indigenous, do not post on that day because it’s a blackout for us :)



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