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Lefty Dem insurrectionism before & after the Dem convention

Checkout #debbiemustgo for a start. Stuff like this


Debbie Wasserman is one of the most corrupt people in the world

She's a Nancy Pelosi Democrat


Feeds Trump's meme about protecting suburbanites

This Seattle protest has nothing to do with police, it has to do with harassing owners of property in a gentrifying neighborhood in Seattle, and it's being played up a lot by right-wing users on Twitter:

Tribalism sucks

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Biden campaign ads

Very good sophisticated article on the problems "with sorting based on the dominant racial binary"

Proof that the Cult of Trump and the GOP are not the same thing

This shit is hilarious-

.. the Trump cartel is refusing to let the RNC provide any real money for House Republican reelection campaigns, even though House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is begging for money.

— concretejungle (@NYCjungle2016) July 26, 2020

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The way to go?




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