On Trumpie GOP Pols' mindfucking trolling technique

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    Only comment Arty . . .


    oh you'd rather see this site empty? Is that what you are saying?

    Cancel me? That's the game you are playing. Come to protect the site so it's empty?

    Really why don't you address your arguments to the people I post and not to me? You just click on the tweet and if you are signed in, you can reply to them and troll them all you like.

    It's really beyond me why you think I am someone important to argue with, like I am a politician with an agenda by posting this. I'm really just trying to analyze what's happening in news and politics.

    FUCK YOU, REALLY. You are a waste of time. You stop once and while to post articles that everybody's read last week. 

    I remember what you like to do from back at TPM Cafe.Are you back here to do that? Get bored with the TPM Prime crowd? Or did they figure out your shtick and are sick of it? I  used to watch you do it all the time. You haven't changed. You have your favorite posters and you like to is bait people you think are trolls bothering them and get them into a bar room brawl. You like to play games like you are a macho man protecting your little tribe and they are just too dumb and naive to know how to handle it. You like starting fights, thinking you are protecting innocents on the internet. It's a silly and childish game and arrogant at the same time.

    On your deathbed, are you gonna say "that time I punked pseudonymous artappraiser on the internet" was the best ever.

    You are hardly better than Rubio!

    Uh . . . Arty?

    Do you like puppies?

    Oh wait... "See this site empty? Come to protect the site so it's empty?"
    It seems to have happened all by it's lonely without me being 'round.
    I haven't been around since mid August until this past Wednesday.

    And I don't and I won't do twitter... And I find that posting just a series of
    twitter graphics here is a cheap and lazy ass way to communicate. So I won't
    bother to  click on a tweet to address arguments to the people you post.

    "FUCK YOU, REALLY. " You are a waste of time.

    Enough of waste for you to post this 280+ words of rhetorical blah blah blah?

    The primary rule in dealing with who you deem a troll is IGNORE them.
    They'll go away. They won't have anything to respond to.

    i.e. ... “that is...


    . . ~OGD~

    Well, at least she didn't compare you to Lindsay Graham.

    Thanks rmrd. . .

    Well actually, I have a much more
    pressing matter 'round the abode
    here than to worry about how some
    thin-skinned person thinks about me.


    They are amusing

    Me: Trump is suppressing votes

    AA: Trump is not suppressing votes

    PP: Trump is only suppressing votes of people who won't vote for him

    Me: So Trump is suppressing votes

    Me: Trump is a racist - he's suppressing votes!

    AA: Trump is not suppressing votes Trump doesn't care about racism outside of himself.

    PP: Trump is focused on suppressing votes of people who won't vote for him

    Me: So Trump is suppressing votes - I was right, I told you so!!!

    Fixed it for you.

    The original is fine

    Uh . . . Well . . .


    Covid-19 vaccine 90 percent effective, Pfizer says

    "Today is a great day for science and humanity," Albert Bourla, Pfizer's chairman and chief executive, said in a statement.




    They are more interested in doing Monty Python Argument Clinic.

    57% of white people voting for Trump is just another day.

    In 2016, the problem was identity politics 

    In 2020, it is defund the police.

    It is never how can the 57% still support Trump?

    The 57% are blameless 

    57% support Trump? And a sampling of 15,000 people is definitive in a crazy year with some 140m+ voting in a number of different ways? Do you place that much trust in pre-election polls? 

    Thank you for that, I guess. But it makes me ponder: if you spin a pseudonymous person on the internet into a strawman and fight with them, who decides if you won? And once you've figured that out, if you got ruled the winner, what have you won?

    There are no winners. And if you seem to be winning, we'll spin again. Losers and suckers - that's the new game in town.

    Bring out the old gamer metaphors used in blog bulletin board debates circa 2004. We've got an old codger here now who proudly doesn't use Twitter and is still using his desktop library of scatalogical images from Yahoo Search to pwn the Bushies!

    Not "Dogpile", Gopher and AOL?

    I think this is a case of AOL, definitely AOL.


    ..........so they just had to imagine the 'bad things'? ....let's rephrase the complaint for the court:


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