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Spectruming Out By Myself

I have Asperger's syndrome, a high functioning form of autism. This has resulted in a sort of epic chaos in my life of insanely ridiculous events that seem to somehow have something to do with my crazed mental state, from getting hit by a rock in the head as a four year year old to having a barbell thrown at my head as a teenager, with everyone from gym teachers to principals screaming at the top of their longs at me in the interum. 

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In 2011, What Are Musicians Profiting From?

Cross-posted at The Blood Is One.

I'm not really sure what sort of music the average Dagblogger listens to. What with posts on Jay-Z and Beyonce coupled with postings of Lawrence Welk and Paul McCartney, it is hard to tell.

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Kid Rock Advocates For Detroit

Back when I was about twelve or something like that, Kid Rock and Eminem jumped on to the scene. A rambunscious troublesome white kid in the Central District of Seattle, I instantly took with these two guys. They're both very different and have gone in very different directions with their music (which probably could not have been foreseen back then) but they both reek of loyalty to their hometown, Detroit, a city that is besmerched and looked down upon throughout the country.

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Porn, Porn, Porn

Cross-posted at Deschamps, as always. 

Politics is pretty dumb when you get down to it and the best way to understand the society we live in is through articles like this one, "Why Lesbian Port Is the Best," at Alternet. It focuses on Jincey Lumpkin, the creator of Juicy Pink Box, a lesbian pornography company.

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White Nationalist Debate Erupts At CPAC

I am not even sure what to think of this. One thing you can't say about CPAC is that it's not lively. 

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The Liberal Lack of Persuasion

Like Genghis, I have been immersed in the world of the Right, a world that most progressives only hear about second hand. Unlike Genghis, I was not immersed in it because I was writing a polemical book on the subject but because I agreed with many of the core premises.

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From Deschamps: 

There's a really incredible phenomenon of discrimination within communities of color based on the degree of "shade." I had heard of this before but had never heard an actual term for it: shadeism. 


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