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INDIAGATE and Other Musings- The RNC Congressional Investigations Road Map


From: Darryl Issa, Chairman, House Oversight and Government Reforms Committee



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After the The Smoke Lifts, What Should Dems Do? Don't Be Shy, Tell Me

I suppose there are a variety of reasons that Dems were massacred in the middle of the country, flyover country as  the pundits call it, but what happened and what do Democrats need to do to develop some sort of coherent message to present to Americans at the end of 2011, hell maybe they should start now! At this point it seems obvious democrats don't have a coherent message and they haven't for a while, and this seems to be their biggest problem.  I have to say, I am not sorry Blanche Lincoln lost, but I am not thrilled with Republicans having more power either.

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My Pumpkin Past, My Pumpkin Present: It Is the Season of Dessert, and a Break from All Things Political

So we get a pumpkin  challenge this year, which is Ironic, I’ve been making my friends jealous on Facebook by publishing pictures of my sugar pumpkin baking endeavors. Every year I wait for sugar pumpkin season, because they are the most amazing tasting gourds.

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I didn't want to make the announcement too early. I didn't want everyone at DAG, and across the Universe to start celebrating to long before the weekend. But it is Thursday, so here I am, spilling the news.

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Words to Live By

Nine years and one day later, maybe we all need a break of the politicization of 9-11. It is always easy to reflect, when reading anything by Ms. Angelou

In and Out of Time

Maya Angelou

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Glenn Greenwald and Joan Walsh are so right, I don't know why I didn't see it before! Democrats and progressive should just stay home this election, cause you know Repubicans are so much better at governing.  I don't know why I didn't see it before.

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So Beck is going to start his own news website is he, well, AP, take that!

cue Meredith Brooks:

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As Summer Fades

Summer has turned quickly into fall,
The air much colder,
The sea air so sweet,
Leaves falling from the trees,
Like ten  thousand passions.
...Where you and I will always meet.

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Dear Alan Simpson Former Senator, Current Political Gadfly:

I have a few questions for you former Senator, is that how I shoud refer to you?   Can I Call you Al? Well Al, you really stepped in it, and you made me laugh hard. I always think you old guys will learn, you know, understand the public, even a little bit, but you don't do you? You old white guys are just plain out of touch with what it is to live in America as a regular person. And as much as you try, you just don't get it, do you. Will you all ever come around, will you ever get it?


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