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George Bush's Legacy: Losing Afghanistan in 2001

I have been a little angry lately, things are not going right in Afghanistan and I want everyone who reads me to know why. This isn't going to be too long, because I need to get a bike ride in this morning.

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Alaskan V Palin

Watch and be amazed. Citizen of Alaska goes after Palin for quitting her job to become a celebrity. Palin claims she is representing the whole United States now.

That is all.

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America by Heart: Reflections: The PreBook

It was going to be a long day, the day she sat down to write her book. She was positive she could get through this, and it wouldn't take long. She was well known because of her mastery of Facebook, Twitter, and the Big Scam. *More on that later* So she had a seat at her very beautiful desk. This was a desk she purchased from a Real Housewife, and boy was it beautiful. because Teresa Guidice had excellent taste.

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My Gardener is a Beckerhead, and is Probably Attending Beck U & Other Oddities in American Life

How do I know, he asked me if I was investing in gold or selling gold. OMG, this guy, even though he is a landscaper, or some such thing, has three kids, gets his health care from the state because he doesn't make much money, recevies food stamps, and aid to go to school. But he always rants about ObamaCare, socialism, fascism, etc! What? Yes you are thinking the same thing I am. However, Beck is ripping off poor folk, who don't know any better, and I feel bad for them.

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Secret Communication Sent to Wikileaks by a Private? I Just Don't Believe This Story.

Yesterday or the day before that, as we all know Wikileaks dumped 76,000 secret documents onto their site, and are editing another 15,000 or something like that to dump soon, for all the world to see. And to tell you the truth, I have little to say about Julian Assange, except, who in the hell told him that hairstyle was flattering. He looks like a broke down, Diane Sawyer.

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Worst Economy Ever

Meet Eric Roberts, acclaimed movie actor, older brother to Julia Roberts, he stars in:  Worst Economy Ever, a new series,  created by me, with exactly one entry.

This economy is so bad, Eric Roberts had to take a job as an actor on The Young and the Restless. Yikes!

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Populism, Party Disunity, and American Politics

The TeaParty has big dreams. They dream of third party status, becoming powerful, directing public policy, controlling the government. As a movement, they are big, big dreamers.

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Mitt Romney and the Cold War Redux

Well in an unexpected move to prove his manliness and tough guy persona,  Mitt Romeny has come out in favor of nuclear proliferation.


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