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    Bourbon Sweet Potato Cookies




    This cookie recipe will really add something different to your holiday list of cookies.  It is not overly sweet and full of flavors that just roll of your tongue.  It has real wow factor going for it. If you do make these for cookie exchanges and gift giving make sure you include the recipe because you will asked for it.  

    When I shared these with a few neighbors to find out what they thought, because the kids didn't seem to impressed with them, the cookies were a big hit.  I was asked for more if I made them again.  No worry, the recipe makes about 100 cookies but they won't keep long because of the sweet potato and pineapple.  They do freeze well so you can make them ahead. I froze some for later in the holiday season. It is a perfect cookie for a cookie exchange and so uncommon that you will be asked for the recipe.  Many will be surprised at what is in them if you don't tell them they are sweet potato.  

    I was gifted a small bottle of bourbon this year that I had hidden away for the holidays.  Also I had all these sweet potatoes I had frozen last month and was looking for a good recipe to use them in.  I collect cook books from thrift stores.  The cook books are my little pleasures that I indulge in. The inspiration for this recipe came from one of the cook books.  I had to make it my own recipe because of what I had on hand but kept close to the original.  Before I made them I looked all over the internet but found nothing like these.  I do that when I have to adapt recipes to see if there are other versions. 

    They are not difficult to make and you will only have to brush a bourbon glaze on them right after you take them out of the oven.  The cookies need to be warm for the glaze. Moreover, they don't require much fuss and decorating. They are a soft moist cookie that glistens after the glaze sets up.  

    If you make these let me know if you enjoyed them?

    Bourbon Sweet Potato Cookies

    1 1/2 cup raisins soaked in 1/2 cup bourbon

    2 cups cooked mashed sweet potato cooled

    20 oz. can of crushed pineapple drained and all liquid squeezed out

    Preheat oven 350 degrees and line cookie sheets with parchment paper

    1 cup chopped pecans warmed for 5 minutes in the oven to bring out the flavor.

    Whisk together and set aside:

    2 1/2 cups all purpose flour

    2 cups quick cooking rolled oats

    1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

    Cream together:

    2 sticks of room temperature butter

    3 cups packed light brown sugar

    Add one at a time: 

    2 large eggs

    Now add the mashed sweet potatoes and pineapple beat until smooth.  Add raisins and all the liquid that is with them.  Now at slow speed spoon in the flour mixture.  When all of it is incorporated stir in pecans. 

    This makes a soft dough that you drop from a large spoon about 2 tablespoons full and space about 2 inches apart. Bake 2 sheets at a time for 15 minutes until they are firm and golden brown on the bottom.  Brush with glaze before removing while the cookies are very warm. Remove and cool. 


    I cup of confectioners sugar

    2 tablespoons bourbon

    1 or 2 tablespoons of water to make a brush able glaze but not watery. 






    This just sounds (or reads) delightful.

    Now I know what to do with left-over Bourbon. Ha

    I made some bourbon chicken and it turned out really good. Jim Beam and I have been doing a little cooking.  Bourbon Chicken is a Asian dish.  I have to always figure out what to do with the foods that I am handed from the pantry.  Right now I have 2 gallons of dried cherries.  I am way behind in my recipe posting.  I have taken the pictures and just haven't got the posts written. It is always a food adventure letting others pick your groceries. 

    These cookies are really good and different.  I think they are better then the traditional bourbon balls that gets served for a Christmas treat.  

    I don't know what to think, DD. I figure I know what to do with bourbon but I'm not sure I could trust anybody who had 'leftover' bourbon and if they woke up and found they did they used it in a recipe, but that's just me. I drink the cheap stuff, Ancient Age, but bourbon is this years cool drink beating out tequila I guess. Some of the High dollar name brands are selling out and getting hard to find which I discovered when visiting a friend who drinks Wellers. 

    It is the time of year to make boozy whisky cakes for the holidays.  I don't soak my fruit cake but many do.  You start soaking the cakes about 6 weeks before Christmas. There is also Kentucky whiskey cake that is traditional bundt for Christmas. Oh and don't forget bourbon balls which is a candy. Cooks and bakers will always go for top shelf bourbon because it does make a difference in flavor by the way they age it. Not everyone uses bourbon some like rum and other liquors. Butter Rum pound cake is yummy. 


    I hereby render unto Lulu the DAYLY Line of the Day for this here Dagblog Site, given to all of Lulu, from all of ME


    ​Whiskey River don't run dry:


    Wow, Momoe, you outdid yourself here!  I've never heard of anything like these but they must be amazing!  I usually use Imperial Margarine sticks in place of butter.  I don't think it makes a difference, do you?  Also, I might have to come up with something besides bourbon unless I could find one of those little airplane bottles.  Lol.

    Saving this.  Thanks so much.


    I use Imperial in a lot of baking too, but you will need butter for this. Margarine will make the cookie spread and this needs the under tone flavor of butter to go with the whiskey. Any whiskey should do for this. I was given Jim Beam. 

    I need some ideas on using up 2 gallons of dried cherries.  I kid you not.  That is what I was given. I have 13 zucchini I need to grate for bread. I already have some frozen in slices to fry.  It is feast or famine and I don't waste.  This is our growing season so many of the organic farms around here donate what they can't sell. A couple of weeks ago I had tomatoes to freeze.  I ended up with 3 quart bags I chopped up. That was after I made chili.  I have 2 quarts of that in the freezer. 

    The Chefs that wrote the cookie recipe was from South America. I adapted the recipe and they did use bourbon. 

    The National Cherry Festival is held every year in Traverse City, MI, up in the 'pinky' area of the state. They have all kinds of recipe contests for cherries. You might want to start your search here.


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