The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age
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    The Times Being What They Are

    I just shared these videos on my FaceBook page. They express better than I can how I feel.






    I just wanted to let you know I shared them because I thought they were timely to what is going on now. 

    Thanks for posting

    The days ahead will be filled with the celebration of the lives of nine people taken away from us too soon by our  earthly standards. They are in a better place from a Christian standpoint. There are nine new angels in Heaven. There is peace in a place on earth despite our sadness.  Dylann Storm Roof's "mission" failed horribly. May God have mercy on his soul.

    Take away these chains on me!


    I can just see Fox News relate this to Marx.

    The only things to lose are your chains!

    Wonderful exposition!

    Thank you. 

    Of course my hero is Seeger, but damn this first song is wondrous!

    Where in the hell did you find it.

    Sorry I am late three days, but damn...I really like this lilt.

    I new the title of the song when it came across my pandora, but I forgot the artist, so I just typed in the name of the song into YouTube and came across the Old Crow Medicine Show's version with its photos and immediately loved it.

    By the way, what was the name of the band that did that song about "we're all going to hell"?

    I had thoughts, which is always dangerous.

    With Youtube, I can just recall a few words and mouse them and end up with some songs.

    It does not always work.

    But damn, when it

    And when this system does not work...woe.


    We are all going to hell Trope.

    But we seek a better room. haqhahahah

    The star of Maclean & whatever stars in Elementary and then I found the movie.

    Then I went to youtube.

    That is all I do because I can never recall the Tiger Lillies. hahhahaha

    I missed this 18 days ago. hahahahah

    Then I just came across your blog again by accident.

    And you know what?

    Every time  I attempt to find this song, I run into the same damn problem.


    ]I recall nothing. hahahahah

    One more nail in the coughing...

    hahhahahh. I almost missed this.

    hahahah thank you

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