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    Do You "Like" Dag?

    Ramona and I have been whipping dagblog's Facebook page into shape after a long period of neglect. If you haven't done so, head over to facebook.com/dagblog and show us some "like." Then our posts and news links will start appearing in your Facebook feed.

    And if you already like us, spread the like by inviting your friends. Just click the unassuming box in the left column that helpfully suggests, "Invite your friends to like dagblog."

    PS We're on twitter too.



    I have already been sharing since yesterday.  Thanks for fixing it up.

    Just checked and you all are covered by me on both Twitter and FB.  Good luck with new website.

    I just cannot figure out Facebook.

    I will respond to emails and I get nothing back.

    Maybe I have to go to Wiki for instructions or something!

    Hell my kids show up on Facebook.

    Senility I guess, as Stilli inferred recently on one of my blogs.


    How would I not take advantage.

    My son will be back within 30 days, he will help me.

    Of course I love it here,

    I mean two and three and (at one blog) ten thousand hits.

    I love this place.

    I will see what I can do.

    Don't strain yourself, DD. Dag doesn't need Facebook to know how you feel about it.

    If it makes you feel any better, Dick, I'm social media-less myself. I don't have any plans to change that, but I've no doubt that you'll be a wonderful addition to it!

    Maybe you just need to open a new account. 

    OK, count me in for Facebook, but Twitter is one place I will not go. Something about sending a "tweet" that seems like a kindergarten exercise...

    That said, I once said that I couldn't understand the point of texting!  Wow!  Now I would rather text than talk on the phone!  

    Try it you'll like it.

    Question--Is it kosher to put one's own twitter address (non-commercial) at the end of an article one posts at Dag?

    Of course, Bruce.  You can point to whatever you want in your posts.

    With one caveat. When I put content on the  home page, I remove any blog & social networking links from the beginning of posts. That's just to keep the home page clean. Links at the end of posts are welcome and encouraged. I do it myself.

    Great, thanks!

    I 'liked' D'agblog's Facebook page a while back.  (Result? Ramona and I are now FB friends!)  Now that you're revving up the D'agblog FB page, I'll start linking more articles to my homepage. 

    Yes!  Amazing things can happen by "liking" Dagblog/D'agblog's Facebook page!  I would never have found you, Mr. Smith!  I know some folks won't set foot on Facebook but all I can say if I've met the nicest people there--people I most likely would never have run into no matter how far I traveled. 

    I'm so glad we can add a Dagblog presence there--and on Twitter.  Though, I must say, there are some real lunatics on Twitter.  I love Twitter when there is real breaking news but it is the land of the trolls most of the time.

    I have some work to do tonight and find Mr. Smith and Bruce on FB. 

    Always welcome, especially since it sometimes brings new blood in.

    I just LOVE Facebook, maybe way too much, but it is a way for me to more easily keep up on stuff. You guys remember Deanie Mills from the TPM days? She does a great service weeding through a lot of newspaper and blog articles, then highlighting what she thinks her "friends" would be interested in.

    I do the vast majority of my on-line reading based on what comes across my feed, so it can be a great tool. BUT, it CAN be a major time suck!

    So many good things about Facebook, including keeping up with TPM/dag friends.  Too many nasty trolls on Twitter lately, but Facebook is enjoyable for me.

    Edited to add:  I love what Deanie does there.  It's labor-intensive but a labor of love.

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