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    Donald Trump is Not Redeemable. He Cannot Be President.



    The first debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is behind us now and, except for the usual tiresome trolls, the racists, the bigots, the misogynists, and a few souls who genuinely want to believe a cruel, crass billionaire will be their saving Messiah, the consensus is that Hillary whomped The Donald, slammed him to the ground, and wiped the floor with him. Like a rag mop.

    There's a reason for that. She knew what she was doing up there and he didn't. She's running for president and he's not. She's concerned about America while he's concerned about Donald Trump.

    He cannot be president. Even in the most alternative of universes (alt-uni), Donald Trump cannot be president. By now there isn't a person in this country who hasn't seen firsthand how little he knows or cares about the presidency, about the awesome responsibilities placed on the shoulders of the Commander-in-Chief.

    He thinks he can stop the presses if journalists keep being mean to him.

    He thinks he can shut down regulatory departments because he's a businessman and he doesn't like regulations.

    He foments mistrust and hatred for people whose color and religion don't match his.

    He thinks he'll own NATO and can force world leaders to bend to his will.

    If despots praise him, he'll praise them.

    He has to be told the world might end if we use nuclear weapons.

    He lies.

    And on the personal side:

    He dodged the draft and calls John McCain a loser because he was a POW.

    He brags about forcing a sitting president to produce his birth certificate.

    He calls women "fat pigs" and "Miss Piggy" and defends his reasons.

    He thinks women who have abortions should be punished by the law.

    He mimics a disabled reporter and makes fun of anyone who doesn't get his sarcasm.

    He eggs on his crowds to physically attack protestors and offers to pay their fines.

    He stiffs people who work for him and blames them for their own misery.

    He slimes anyone who goes against him and brags about his insults.

    He warns there is nowhere he won't go, nothing he won't do if he feels threatened.

    He lies.

    He cannot be president.


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    Amen, Ramona.

    Trump is proud of the fact that he made Barack Obama show his papers. This is reminiscent of the days of apartheid in South Africa. That fact that Trump supporters are simply willing to move on and not demand that Trump apologize, shows that the GOP has defaulted to a white supremacist position. 

    Well Ramona, you get no argument from me. hahhahhahh

    I say it all the time; how in the hell did this jack-ass get this far?

    But Cruz and Saintorum and Huckleberry and Lil Marco and scores of other repubs scared me more.

    All because Trump does not know what he is doing.

    Let us pray that Americans know what they are doing in the next 40 days?

    I just caught this tidbit from Howard Dean.

    And I thought, hell, let us just lie or exaggerate or....

    Just shoot T-Rump in the foot.

    THERE ARE NO RULES ANYMORE. hahashahahha


    I like Howard Dean but I think this was a huge mistake.  I'm all for going after Trump, but not like this. There is no evidence Trump is a coke user and Dean is now in a position to defend the indefensible.  It gives Trump more ammunition to use as deflection, and to show how reckless the Dems are.  Bad idea. And even worse that Dean is still defending it.

    The Trump camp will be discussing snorting sounds and jitteriness.  This gets them into Toronto Mayor Rob Ford territory. If he seems low energy it is because he is off cocaine. If he ramps up, he is on cocaine. Howard Dean knew what he was doing.

    I hope you're right.  I'm not so sure.

    Trump is going to go after Bill and Hillary on adultery. The Clintons will point out Donald's adultery and misogyny. Clinton surrogates will remind people that Trump said that he would have sex with Ivanka. 

    Meanwhile, there is that small matter of the presidency. . .

    Trump isn't qualified to be President and he doesn't care. This is about his ego. He is a spoiled brat with money. He will use whatever tactic he can to regain respect. Trump cannot argue policy. He cannot bring a message of unity to the country. All he has now is sex. His campaign has telegraphed that is where the next attacks are headed.

    Chelsea told Cosmo that Trump will use sex as a diversion because he has no policies.

    Millennials are moving to Gary Johnson:

    • Eliminate the NSA by executive order. 'The black helicopters satellites are watching us.'
    • Too many unnecessary laws leads to too many in prison.  Make more crimes legal.
    • Vetoed early release of prisoners due to overcrowding. 
    • Vetoed hate crime legislation as 'thought-crime'.  Painting swastikas in Jewish cemeteries would be equated with painting subway graffiti.
    • Built private prisons. Supports the private for profit correctional industry as a magic of the marketplace example.
    • Private prisons are cheap, 'cost $20 less/day than public control.'
    • 1994: Proponent of death penalty, but willing to debate it. 
    • Eliminate IRS and income taxes on the rich and corporations.
    • Raise retirement age so more people die before becoming eligible for Social Security.
    • Have national consumption/sales tax so those who must spend every dollar they earn pay tax on 100% of their income.
    • Medicare privatized and only for the poor, and for the poor, let states handle the healthcare because they are so good at it.
    • Eliminate most or any federal agency, housing, EPA, education, FAA, Center for Disease Control (a 'medical police state')
    • Eliminate all current restrictions on gun ownership.
    • Freedom for child labor, no laws on restricting rights of employers to hire children.
    • Freedom from minimum wage, let the magic of the marketplace set wages.

    Gary Johnson knows nothing about Aleppo

    Johnson does not know Harriet Tubman

    Tonight, Johnson when asked by Chris Mathews, Johnson could not name any world leader that he respected.

    If they want Johnson, let them cast their votes.


    Haha. Johnson had a brain freeze on world leaders likely because he doesn't believe in laws, government, nations, or leadership itself. Its the corporations rule, the serfs are on their own.

    Yeah, Johnson goes from brain freeze to brain freeze. But who is it who is having the bigger brain freeze, Johnson or the millennials that are planning to vote for him? You've laid out a pretty good summary of his positions but you left out one. We're told millennials care about the high cost of college. Not only does Johnson plan to do nothing about that but he wants to eliminate guaranteed student loans and all federal aid to education. Frankly it always seemed to me that a certain set of young people hear a libertarian say "legalize drugs" and they go all goo goo eyed. That's all they have that appeals to the young and apparently that's enough.

    The curious thing re: "legalize drugs" is that there will always be restrictions - not under 18, not while driving, not in military or law enforcement, not in most (?) health care jobs, transportation, construction, etc., even for marijuana. I'm more or less for legalization, but folks are a bit confused as to how simple it will be. Insurance companies especially will have their say, so that legal or not, the costs for non-compliance in anything hazardous or with potential liability will be huge.

    Yeah, good points.

    The Libertarian Party's platform states that "we favor the repeal of all laws creating 'crimes' without victims, such as the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes."

    And Johnson's actual words at a Town Hall:

    Gary Weed Johnson:

    When drugs are illegal, they're sold by criminals who have no business address. You can't sue them if they're negligent or prosecute them when they willfully defraud you.

    Reactions like your son's usually occur with what's called a "hot load," meaning there was another substance mixed with the heroin. If the heroin he ingested were sold by a legitimate business in the light of day, there would be an immediate investigation (by who? Johnson eliminated the FDA, the CDC and defunded most of the government). If the product had dangerous ingredients in it or otherwise wasn't what the package said it was, the owner would be sued.....

    (oh, a big bad lawsuit cuz the drug killed somebody? Ever try to sue somebody in court? They have a thousand reasons and expensive lawyers saying it's perfectly legal and/or not their fault. And they want you to pay for their lawyers.

    And Mom is going to get a toxology report on the same bag of bad heroin that killed her son, and pay for testimony of an expert? What if it's a LLC? A Limited Liability Corporation. It says Limited Liability for a reason. What if the owner left town? You won't even get the money for the funeral).


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