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    Cenk Uygur explains

    I can't believe they prefer Al Sharpton to this guy.



    I hope he turns up on Current.  My grandson turned me on to him more then a year ago with his YTY internet show, so I will be watching there.  I do dishes while Al Sharpton is on.  I like him but I have an attention span of a knat around him, so I go do dishes. 

    Keith is interviewing Cenk to night. 

    I like Cenk, but this clip is an example of how he wastes time. His thing about "moving his arms too much, " etc, etc is typical of the kind of filler he uses. He needs a good editor and he needs to work a little harder IMHO, but nonetheless, he is better tha the reverend. I'd like to see Ed back at 6 pm. Yes, he gets overly righteous, but at least he does his homework and speaks to the grassroots, unlike most.

    He was better than Tweety, too. I don't watch a lot of MSNBC, but I did occasionally switch there when Maddow or Uygur were on. I certainly won't be watching Rev Al.

    He's doing a segment for the TYT there. Think of it kind of like long-format blogging. Ironically, the depth and color he includes is something his regular viewers appreciate about him. Especially when he giving a bit of extra attention to an interview. His broadcast format allows him to go long if he wants. The Bernie Sanders interview from the same show was stellar.

    What he doesn't mention in this segment is that TYT recently broke $1 million in annual revenues and a half-billlion views (I think they have around a million regular streamers for the online program ... pretty much entirely in the demo). His business model could well be a precursor for the future of niche broadcast.

    Personally, I'm glad he bounced from the MSNBC craphole. I sat through all of KO's bazillion commercials (talk about wasting time ... give me an extra anecdote or two any day! How much time do you figure frequent TV watchers waste on commercials?) to see him interview Cenk. The show/interview ended with OK saying "I'll be in touch."  I can see a lot of potential on a TYT/Current collaboration. Should be interesting.

    I just watched Keith interview Cenk.  He expanded a little on why he turned down their offer.  He said that being inside the main street media reinforced the knowledge that MSM was more concerned with getting access to Washington insiders than being honest with the people.  Republicans didn't like being on the hot seat and Cenk didn't cut them much slack.  He didn't seem to have any hard feelings.     

    It makes perfect sense that MSNBC would prefer Al Sharpton.  Al figured out a while ago that the big bucks are in kissing ass and doing what the rivh and powerful think is acceptable: not in telling the truth regardless of whose ox is gored.  In short, All Sharpton has sold out... completely sold out.  Thus, he is a well known and very safe product for MSNBC to put on the aire.


    Cenk has not sold out and will not pull his punches.  What he will say is not predictable.  He's honest and hasn't sold out.  When someone is lying he's gonna say so.  When he thinks the Democrats are full of shit he says so.  The rich people who run MSNBC don't like that.  It makes them uncomfortable because it leads to stirring up the rabble.  My hat is off to Cenk!

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