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    Darrell Issa drops the act and goes full-on criminal

    A while back I wrote about Sam Antar’s decision to turn back to a life of crime due to crooked politicians like Darrell Issa and Michele Bachmann. Turns out, Issa may not leave anything left to steal:

    Darrell Issa is back in hot water for using his powerful Congressional perch to help his personal investments. A new report out today from Think Progress finds that Issa was busy last year buying up Goldman Sachs High Yield Bonds worth up to $50,000 a pop while pressing strongly to thwart an SEC investigation into potential wrongdoing at Goldman Sachs:

    Let’s see, the richest guy in Congress using insider moves via the government to enrich himself even more at the expense of taxpayers? No big deal, at least Issa is family friendly:

    The journalist, William K. Wolfrum, tweeted Friday:

    Dear @DarrellIssa’s Twitter minion – stop f—ing trolling me.

    Issa responded:

    Dear @Wolfrum my Twitter page is family-friendly. If you can’t find a more intelligent word to use, please DM me.

    As Antar has said more than once, criminals create a false front of respectability. But now it seems Issa isn’t even bothering with that anymore. He’s just a full-on criminal now.


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