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    Sarah Palin: This just isn't funny anymore

    A while back, I wrote a post entitled “Sarah Palin will always be funny. Always!” In it, I had this to say:

    “I am shocked and offended that there are those out there that will say they are ’sick of Sarah Palin jokes.’”

    Yesterday, here’s how Palin countered Obama’s use of the “Sputnik Moment” analogy in his State of the Union Address:

    “Yeah, they won, but they also incurred so much debt at the time, that it resulted in the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union.”

    Yes, Sarah Palin – one-time Vice-Presidential nominee and Governor of Alaska – said that Sputnik (launched in 1957) brought down the USSR.

    In my “Sarah Palin is always funny” blog post, I wrote this:

    “Seriously, Palin is a non-stop roller coaster through funny town … and I’m never getting off.”

    I was wrong. I’m getting off now. I’m not even going to bother with her use of “WTF.” Palin’s just too pathetic a creature to laugh at anymore.


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    What's more pathetic still: it's arguable that the USSR won anyhow. How many men did they land on the moon after all? Yeah!

    Do you know what you are speaking about? What they did was to launch a craft into space before we did. No one said anything about them landing on the moon- just that they were successful in putting a craft into space before us. That was the impetuous for the US space program- that was what President Kennedy was talking about. We surpassed them, but they started first. You don't know anymore about it than Palin, evidently.

    Unh, yes, I know. It was sarcasm. That's my point, they 'won' in that they got into space first, sure, but we 'won' in that we pursued it far better and longer. Arguable.

    Van Sustern:  How about Sputnik?

    Palin:  No thanks, I don't like ethnic food.

    She and The Dude ordered a large take-out pizza.  Sarah went to pick it up and the cook asked her if she wanted cut into 8 or 12 slices.  "Better just cut 8, I don't think we could eat 12."

    Along with her thinking Sputnik brought down the USSR, it amazes me is that she didn't even understand what Obama's analogy. Anyone qualified to be President (e.g. someone who paid attention in history class) would understand the "Sputnik moment" referred to how the US _responded_ to the Soviets, not to the Soviets themselves. Amazing.

    Everyone born in the US knows that. So Obama just proved he is an American without showing his official birth certificate. But it does raise the question where Sarah was born now.

    By your logic, quinn and acanuck were also born in the US…

    (Not that I'm disputing Obama's citizenship, I just don't want to have to live with the fear that one day one of those two moose-lovers could become President of our fine country.)

    God is love .....love is blind .......I've read commentors, who say quinn is blind.

    I think it was Isaac Bashevis Singer (or maybe not...) who said "A man may be pious all his life, go everyday to schul,. rarely beat his wife, give often to charity, but ONE TIME he is found fucking a moose, and forever after people will say "There goes Quinn, the moosefucker"

    But I'll tell ya... she went back into the woods, one HAPPY moose.

    Hence, the little used metaphor, hung like a moose.

    And who doesn't experiment a little in college, Atheist?

    I don't know what you heard, but it's all lies!

    Nice try, Atheist. I've got video. And grainy, night-vision video, which makes it look even worse.

    With an eye to word cloud generators, Google algorithms, and web crawlers, i like to refer to the half term Grifter-in-Cheif of Alaska (and former failed prom queen) as She-Who-Clubs-Carp. A small thing, i know, but i really am thinking of the children.

    Palin is turning this into an art form.

    Or maybe it is just an example of a new religion.

    It is like taking The Big Rock Candy Mountain


    and turning it into a national anthem of sorts.

    Is there someone on her staff who comes up with these things or do the ideas just enter that nearly vacant cranium like those superballs, bouncing hither and yon until they produce sounds that eventually spew out of her mouth?

    There are dangers in all of this you know. I mean what if some six year left to his own devices finds himself in front of the TV to hear this historical pornography?

    And Greta who is satirized so beautifully on SNL comes across dumber than a stone. I mean she went to law school and stuff.

    What is a mother to do?

    You know Matthews is going ape shit over Bachmann's stupidity.

    He will remark that balloonhead's contention that the Founding Fathers solved the problem of slavery is beyond comprehension.

    The problem is that 20% or more of our population buy 'beyond comprehension' rather easily.

    There is an expression: I laughed till I cried. Balloonhead and Palin leave me weeping for humanity at times.

    To paraphrase Lex Luther:

    It is amazing their brains can generate enough energy to keep them walking upright.


    Wouldn't it be hysterically funny to see a Palin/Bachman debate? We'd all need to wear our depends to watch that!

    Pat went to the finest schools, his blood comes from DC aristocrats and he defends this moron every single day.

    Matthews is out of his mind with disgust over Bachmann's latest lecture on American History. I am sure he will weigh in on this last Palin lecture on World History.

    Good to see ya Stilli!

    Hope the grandkids are doing well.

    Stilli, I'm sure I could find my old tin-foil hat if you need to borrow it.

    "law school and stuff" Law School: Boalt Hall...Stuff: Regent University ("One of these things is not like the other...")

    Aside from the fact that I don't think a public figure needs to be using chatroom slang like "WTF" and apparently doesn't know what the word "aspire" means, the space race isn't what collapsed the USSR, and she completely missed the point, anyway.  My contempt for this person borders on the fanatical.

    Well, it was a huge disrespect of the President of the United States, which Sarah claims to have enormous patriotic respect for.  That said, I'd love to see T-Shirts and bumper-stickers:


    PALIN -- WTF?


    Sarah Palin for GOP Nominee !

    Run Sarah Run !

    You're the greatest !

    your biggest fan -
    -Mac Hiavellian, Omaha, NE

    Run Sarah Run

    Is that bumper sticker on the front or the back?

    When, oh when will we wake up to the Spudnut Moment?  It has changed us forever, and we're just not seeing it.  Bless her 'lil heart--she never gives up trying to edjicate us.   Dolts!  Dimwits!  No wonder she has to resort to WTF.  We just make her so darned MAD!

    I was saying WTF myself about her Spudnut promotion, until I finally figured it out. It has to be an endorsement agreement! She's the ultimate grifter.

    And where was she being filmed? In a parking lot? Her hair and wardrobe made me think that she'd given the slip to the nurses in the Day Ward, made a break for the Greyhound Station, and wrapped herself in an old raincoat she found in someone's unlocked car.

    Promoting Spudnuts!  That's IT!   She'll do anything for a buck.

    Win The Future

    If I'm not mistaken, the real cause of the USSR demise was the price of oil. They had become so dependent upon the price per barrel when the prices dropped in the late 80's, early 90's the bottom fell out of their fragile economy...it was what fueled their economy pretty much. By the way, the USSR has huge amounts of oil and gas...so much western Europe pretty much dances to whatever tune they play because of the close proximity. That Palin didn't have a clue is surprising after all the boasting about her in-depth knowledge of oil and gas...drill, baby, drill.

    If you think it's bad that Palin has no clue; how about the guy who chose her as his running mate?

    One heart beat away from the most powerful seat in Government.

    The man should have no credibilty left.  

    I'm waiting for an astute reporter to corner her when she boasts about drilling for oil. Specifically, since the US consumes 18.5 million barrels a day in oil, how much oil are in these reserves she claims we need to drill immediately, how long will it take to get the oil to market and how long will it last before it runs dry.

    In Alaska, elevated lead levels are found mostly in adults, usually as a result of mining occupations, casting of lead bullets or fishing weights, or exposure in shooting ranges.Present efforts are being directed towards targeted screening of populations potentially at risk for elevated lead exposures. These include occupational and non-occupational exposures."  


    Get help Sarah

    She brings a little bit of humor into every day.  Don't go away Sarah.  The world needs you. Just like the Three Stooges.


    By the normal rules, I think that should be the ball game.

    National politicians never, ever play down American acheivements. It's a basic expectation that they wave the big foam finger and cheerlead. No one in the United States is really allowed to admit that we didn't outright win the War of 1812; in fact, most of the population is entirely unaware that we didn't. Saying that we didn't win an international contest that we actually DID win is just not done.

    And Palin's a hypernationalist politician whose core claim is that she's more rah-rah than anyone else. If your big platform is that Obama is an unpatriotic pessimist, you don't go around making up phantom historical defeats for the US. Can you imagine Reagan doing that?

    So under the old rules Palin should be toast, and her supporters should be gone. If you start to see anyone circling the wagons on this one, it's a sign that the rules have changed, and that we've collpased into complete News Cycle Postmodernism, where you'll defend absolutely any position in order to win that day's cable debates.

    She's a rah rah nationalist whose husband belonged to a political party whose main purpose was to have Alaska secede from the Good Ol' US of A.  Has anyone ever asked her about that, or about the time that she as Governor, was the opening speaker for this same party?

    No?  Well, I guess one reason is that no one ever gets to "interview" her without giving her the questions first.

    In fact, it was the ARMS race that ruined the Soviet Union, with Afghanistan putting the icing on that cake.  She is so ignorant it is appalling!  

    SPUDNUTS my ass!  

    Oh, and BTW, Larry, Moe and Curly were actually very intelligent - oh --> and they were also TRYING  to be funny.

    What that stupid woman says each time I see her gets worse and worse. How stupid is she? She has enough money to pay someone to research facts for her so she doesn't say so much stupid stuff but I guess that would make sense. From what I hear of her, she won't except anyone telling her what to do - which is evidently the reason she had so much trouble with the McCain campaign staff- she didn't like them telling her what to do. She is used to being top dog and didn't like being behind the lead dog at all. Just like she had her own concession speech in 2008 and was so angry she wasn't allowed to give it. I'm sure it was no where near as gracious as John McCain's concession speech. I'm sure it was just the opposite. This creature is just unbelievable and she would do the US a huge favor to just go away and shut up. She is so stuck on stupid it is pathetic. I wonder how it is her handlers let her loose? 

    She's still a joke, even though she isn't funny.

    Her appalling lack of knowledge of how the Soviet Union disintegrated tells she should never, ever, ever be in a thousand mile radius of The Button.

    Could someone more talented that I am do a graphic referencing:




    The possibilities are endless!

    Ok, graphic requests being met with style.  That's just flat-out impressive.

    WOW! Just WOW! Mr Smith, you are amazing!

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