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    On Beck University, Unemployment Benefits, and the Chris Matthews Follow Up

    We are all so incredibly lucky to witness the inception of Beck University! Beck University has exactly two employees and Beck, the employese being a strange PhD named Dr. Stoner. His obvious profession is not Botany as one would expect if you were born with a name that made one think of 4/20, and another fellow by the name of David Barton, who is a the rights favorite pseudo-historian accoriding to People for the American Way. And all for the low price of $9.95 a month, you too can attend Beck University, and at this University there will be no music for Losers, just classes for Losers, and no real degree, except for maybe an ArtBell degree for conspiracy theorists.

    Certainly, those Beck University Students will learn very little about writing and critical thinking, but they will learn a good deal about conspiracies theories, Nazi's and DemocRats. Well I guess it sure is "Nice Work if You Can Get It"!

    As usual the Senate is the legislative branch where legislation goes to die! As Paul Krugman wrote on the Fourth of July, "Republicans are a Coalition of the heartless, clueless and confused". But it isn't just those Republicans, we hear time and time again that unemployment insurance keeps people from seeking jobs. Unemployment insurance  makes you rich, yahoo! Who knew!

    Nina Easton said Sunday that unemployed workers will refuse to get new jobs as long as they are receiving benefits.

    Yes of course Nina, this is true, 400.00 a week at best it such an awesome sum of money, most people can not only live on that, but they live like Kings!

    Let's get a brief follow up on my Chris Matthews video of last week. Well my god, my video was linked to by a right wing website, and before I knew it there were hundreds of comments by assholes.  I first noticed some "dude" name richard4president, making troll like comments.

    richard4president to another commenter: wow you are a retard.

    richard4president to yet another commenter: Good for you, learn proper English.

    richard4president to yet another commenter: Now go to bed mama's boy.

    The exchanges between richard4president and others continued like this, and it made me think he was possibly this guy, interviewed once by esteemed Dagblog Blogger, William Wolfram. Was it him Wolfy? I really think it was. But the last exchange was with me, I told him to l calm down and pull it back some, otherwise I would '86 him. So I decided to go to his profile on youtube, where he says he is going to school studying... wait for it.....

    I am being educated in Biblical Studies at Koinonia Institute. I love writing about and discussing the Bible and Jesus Christ.

    Wait, What? Well okay then,  I did chide him, right before blocking him, but, I also allowed his comments to stand, so everyone can see these guys exactly for what they are; bully boys. So whether or not you believe in this crazy "Fair Tax" BS, you have to admit the FairTax folks act just like all the other Beck, Hannity, jackass followers, they are bullies and hate it when people disagree with them. When folks do disagree with them, they go into complete bully meltdown mode. It is funny to read.  You can catch all the crazy postings here. The posting finally slowed when I began moderating comments.

    It was such a fun week for me, I'd never been linked to be a conservative website! They certainly gave me thousands of hits on my video, and I think that defeats their purpose.

    Have a great Tuesday

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