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    Wolfrum's Morning: Ma ma ma my Sharia

    Nope. No future Presidents here.


    Unemployment: That summer job just isn't there anymore.

    Now You See it ... : Ok, we lost $6 billion or so in cash in Iraq. Soon, this could really start adding up.

    Mexico: The Second Amendment means Mexico gets to have our guns as well.

    Iraq: Death.

    Yemen: Pre-death planning.

    Libya: Death. But not Gadhafi's yet.

    A Boot for Berlusconi: Silvio Berlusconi's reign of power is crumbling rapidly.

    Vaccines: Bill Gates and others put their money on the table to vaccinate poor children.


    "Tim Pawlenty is ready to take on ANYONE! Provided they aren't standing near him."


    AdamSmith.org: Happy birthday, Adam Smith.

    Steve Benen: The most egregious of claims at the GOP debate.

    David Mixner: Openly gay former NBA basketball player, entrepreneur and all around good guy John Amaechi has been awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.


    Here's hoping the great Clarence Clemons recovers from his recent stroke.


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               "You farted, didn't you?"

    Who farted?

    I did, dammit.

    Holy willikerfuck, John, I'm trying to focus here. And also.

    It was me! I farted! I can fart, too!

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