Being Bibi's Bitch

    Wow, simply wow. I was going to title this "The Founding Fathers on Israel" (and briefly "Bibi's Poodle"), since obviously those great men had to foresee the unbreakable bonds we would have with Israel, and recognize the already evident shared values and common ideals.

    And even though Herzl & Co. had courted the Ottomans, Brits and Russia/Soviet Union for this Big Brother role,  it's important that she finally settled on us, the U-S of effin' A. Let's not bicker over who she slept with on the way to the altar - the important thing is she settled on us - and for that reason, she's always been true.

    While I'm sure Churchill meant to include Israel in his "Sinews of Peace" (Iron Curtain) speech in Missouri, the ineluctable implication of Israel's foremost position in the Cold War is as inescapable as that land in Palestine's pivot point importance at the time of his "Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat" speech, and probably even moral support back when Churchill led the Allies to decimation at Gallipoli.

    And as for Israel being the "greatest political achievement of the 20th century", what could possible come close or surpass that enlightened moment of international cooperation and farsightedness? Certainly not the alliance to stop Hitler and Tojo on their way to world domination, or the mutual efforts to dig the world out of the Great Depression, or the creation of the United Nations as a counterpoint to parochial selfish national interests, or the rebuilding of Europe including Germany post-war as a sign of optimistic responsibility over foolish vengeance, or the isolation efforts leading to the fall of The Wall. All of these would be short-sighted, compared to that little oasis in the desert that's brought so much of value to us, in terms of cultural inspiration, and enlightened diplomacy, of human rights and cherished beliefs, of economic independence and market creativity? Certainly we owe much - even more - to the land we've been blessed to help out so deeply, to which we'll continue to give for the foreseeable future.

    While the Republicans have their obvious motives for playing up this connection, including pleasing the Sheldon Adelson-styled Conservative donors and relishing the coming rapture, and politicians like Diane Feinstein and Al Franken have obvious ethnic-religious ties to the Holy Land that go past religious jokes, one must admire those non-denominational devotees such as Nancy Pelosi and Dick Durbin who recognize the entrenched historical, bipartisan support for Israel (at least since Jews became accepted in the "Welcome Back Kotter"/"Taxi" period),

    And for those nay-sayers who wonder what a tiny monolithic single-culture country in the desert living off the subsistence of others could have in common with a huge, prosperous symbol of justice and the free market, a powerful melting pot that spans a continent of huge resources, the simple compelling answer is "Why not?". And don't forget Jesus and Moses and all that.

    So thanks to our Congressional leaders, especially those non-invested Democrats who found inspiration where there was none, for recognizing and further cementing our most exceptional relationship for our exceptionalist country, and making it clear for the sake of our dearest ally, in the opposition party there will be no opposition. This spirit of cooperation even with its most ardent, intractable and intolerant foes is what's made the Democratic Party what it is today.

    It would have been only fitting for Obama as leader of this great land to let Bibi sit in his chair for one day, just so this aspirational partner could know how it will one day feel. Because just as Haman (and his king Xerxes) became Esther's bitch, one day we too can all aspire to be Bibi's bitch. So come on, Bitchez - let's pitch in and Get Out That Israeli Vote!

    "America’s support for Israel has historically been bipartisan, forging the strongest of ties between our two nations. That is why I was deeply troubled by the manner in which Speaker Boehner invited the Prime Minister to address this joint session—without consultation with the White House or the Democratic leadership of the House or Senate," Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said in a press release. "I attended the session out of respect for Israel and our common purpose of denying nuclear arms to Iran." - Dick Durbin

    The unbreakable bonds between the United States and Israel are rooted in our shared values, our common ideals and mutual interests. Ours is a deep and abiding friendship that will always reach beyond party. Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with the Israeli people. The state of Israel stands as the greatest political achievement of the 20th century, and the United States will always have an unshakable commitment to Israel’s security.

    That is why, as one who values the U.S. – Israel relationship, and loves Israel, I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech.... - Nancy Pelosi

    Postlude: A little background info - far from being just the Knesset on the Potomac, our mutual bonds lie deeper - the ties that cut, whether Israel as the 14th Colony, Roanoke as The Lost Tribe, or in Laurie Anderson's extended version of USA I-IV, the Ark that landed in upstate New York, explaining much of the CatSkills Borscht Belt. Even Yahweh II harkens to our mix of old and new traditions and affinity for raspberry Koolaid - while some laugh at our self-styled evangelists in Congress, it's quite possible these conservatives see things we can't. Within the straight-jacket confines of American politics, they seem restrained, but perhaps it's just a matter of time and a little nudging from Bibi on a world stage that they'll finally realize their true potential, whatever that might be. One can only imagine the potential when the mobile GOP comes to a country near you - a paradise and reckoning not seen since the time of Eisenhower   The Prophet   The Messiah   The First Temple  The Shire  well, in a long time.


    In 2002, Bibi said that Israeli intelligence determined that Iraq had centrifuges the size of washing machines. Bibi was wrong.

    In 2012, Bibi said that Iran had a bomb ready nuclear program. Mossad disagreed.

    Why is Bibi taken seriously?

    It's not what he says - it's who he represents.

    Simply Wow. Who else could incorporate Bibi, bitches, the Founding Fathers, Ottomans, Brits, Herzl, Churchill, the Iron Curtain, the Cold War, decimation at Gallipoli, Hitler, Tojo, the Great Depression....and so effortlessly in one rant. In just the first 3 paragraphs. Well done.

    A pleasure to read such great prose.

    "the mobile GOP comes to a country near you....." truly a classic, Peracles. 

    I admit I don't know enough about the issues or the history to be able to comment with any kind of clarity, but I do know great writing and I don't have to know what the hell it all means to know that last paragraph/riff is dazzling

    I had a conversation with two different women, one an insurance agent and the other a scrub tech in a hospital that had no idea that Bibi was even in the country and made a speech in congress yesterday. They did know about the DHS shut down that was defeated.  They only knew about that because of TSA and traveling. 

    This was theater for the Jewish community and not many else noticed. 

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    Who the hell is Theodore Dryser? Anyway, doesn't matter, I'd already pegged you for Georges Simenon.

    Sister Carrie (not Carrie Nation) wasn't good enough? Would you settle for Boy Georges? or Georges Clemenceau? Or 3 Gorgeous Dames. (what? oh, 3 Gorges Dam, sorry)

    Okay, this paragraph needs work.  You can't win 'em all.  frown

    Price too high? Misspelled "subcutaneous"? Penalty points for riffing on Genghis?

    It didn't sing.  And your head is getting big.  I'm doing you a favor.

    Yep, fall from a small height is better than a leap from the 24th.

    Oh, I'm kidding!  But who is Dryser?

    Theodore Dreiser:  Sister Carrie, in which country girl goes to the big city to work in desperate conditions, leaves her man scandalously with no negative repercussions, instead sleeping her way to the top.- something like an early A Star is Born; also A Place in the Sun (An American Tragedy), etc.

    It would be way overdoing it to compare Bibi to a character in "Sister Carrie", but the demise of Hurstwood is still compelling. I tried to re-read the book a while back but couldn't finish it because the downward spiral of Hurstwood, even though he brought everything upon himself by monumentally impetuous and bad choices, was hard to experience.

    Maybe "Sister Bibi"? ;-)

    Yes, just wondered about the spelling.

    Alas, your sense of wonderment is abated - my cart got ahead of my horse - in the a.m. my eyse don't recogneise the surprize of like syllabise.

    Damn.  Even your mea culpa is something to admire. 

    I can't. . .

    You win.

    If you’ve included a few pages on the subject of Children of Reputed Gang Members,  that subject always attracts a lot of readers and might even get you nominated for The Pulitzer Prize..

    *convicted*, not "reputed", my friend, *convicted*

    I had to laugh when Bibi denounced the "Shiite militias rampaging through Iraq". His handlers forgot to tell him that the U.S. is on the same side as those people.

    continued ...

    .... saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P-5+1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation. - Nancy Pelosi

    It's all a political game. In many ways Israel and Cuba occupy the same, or maybe same difference, place in American politics. Both countries have a small but significant group of voters that vote almost solely on the associated issues. But the vast majority of the voters don't care much either way. So politicians can tumble over themselves to show their love for Israel/AIPAC and they can do the same hating Cuba for the Cuban voters in Florida. No matter how much crazy talk the politicians spew in their love for AIPAC or their hate for Cuba the voters won't punish them for it. So playing that game isn't so much a win/win but it's at least a win/no-lose.

    They can say all kinds of stupid and lying and sycophantic bullshit on these identity politics tidbits, but if someone says something about say UFOs like Dennis Kucinich, it's political suicide. Which kind of ridiculous behavior is most damaging?

    Yeah, our voters are rather too talented in tuning things out - which is how the Cuban embargo stretched out to some 50+ years. I think I can visit North Korea; Cuba no - which country terrorizes neighbors with nuclear weapons and missile tests? which one is a lockdown state for all civil rights and speech and starves its own people? doesn't make much sense.

    I have to say that I am sure that we would come out differently on the merits of the Iran negotiations, but having been fairly obsessed with the subject and having read quite a bit (including this when you first wrote it and just again now), this is brilliant, entertaining, and even fair.  Really nice work.  I've been trying to finish something on the subject, even tried out the Hive section over at TPM, and I'm going to try to finish something here.  But, I don't blow smoke, and certainly not with you :), but this is really nice work.  Hats off.

    Here's a link to what I posted over at the Hive.  You might notice from the comments that my piece was not so well-received!  Show business I guess.

    Thanks. Never been called "fair" before, but "unbalanced" a few times. Would have liked to read your piece on The Hive, but it's in the Premium seats, and I'm definitely a Bleachers kind-o-guy.

    I-ran, U-ran, He-Ran, Da Doo-Ran-Ran. Fuel me once, shame on them, fuel me twice... won't get fueled again.

    I wouldn't worry about missing anything in my thing.  It was more of a question with a link to one of the president's interviews on Iran from 2012.  Still hoping to elaborate on that here with time.  

    Give us the link so we too can ponder. 

    Faith gives us the strength to ponder without seeing.

    I believe in Bruce Almighty. That is enough. Others can cross that river - me, I'll just sit here and have a beer.

    But if you need a Link, you can do no better than this one.

    Dr Zaius. would question your lineage genetic pool. 

    Image result for pictures of Dr. Zaius

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